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Kelly Read

THANKS to all those who attended and especially those NEW racers who came. Seems they had a blast and are coming back and including to HPT Oct. 3-5.

GREAT job to Nick Edgington on the main flagging.

As Linda stated, tracks like Afton and Garnett take a bunch of work before and after to make it safe and a good track to race on. I thank my family and friends who helped because without them, this could not happen.

As for the racing, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Freakn Animal race both days had to be one of the best in a long time!!!! Only thing better would have been THE MAN winning…….  But seeing both of my animal karts with other drivers in them and running up front, made my weekend. I just wish my kids did better at there own home track (15 minutes from home) as we seem to struggle here more then we should be!!!!! Even though they were quick, weren’t quick enough. Oh well maybe next time????

I do want to mention that I and all the KART directors appreciate very much of Lindsay spending the whole season testing for us in the piston port class with motors/pipes/weights to build this class up and done a superb job. Looks like we have found a good combination for this class which will be posted soon on the KART web then I will post it on the HPT national forum. If that’s not great sportsmanship, what is???