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Robert Lawson

What a great weekend of racing!

The storm Friday evening and forecast for Saturday may have keep some from attending but once again…..if you don’t come you won’t know!

The paddock was wet in the AM but the track dried very rapidly and the program started on time and ran without being condensed. The day got better and better weather wise and Sunday was beautiful!!!!

My races did not produce the results of the past 2 years but it was still a great way to spend my Anniversary with the Wife.

Thought the F-125 video was lost to an “unformatted” card but it was all there. WOW…..what an exciting handful of laps with Brian and Jeremy!!!!!! Using all the track surface, the curbs, and yes…..even the grass! You would have thought we were at the local rental kart track the way we went at each other. As happens in most cases, traffic was the factor that separated us….but THAT is what racing is about! Jeremy and I hurt our chance of closing up by fighting each other but…..THAT is racing too!!!! Trying too hard is very easy at this track, it “invites you” to try harder and convinces you that you can! Then you over shoot the infield, totally miss an apex, run into the grass or have to take an escape road and turn around…..take your pick…..everyone “listening” was doing it.

A broken pipe resulted in a DNF but it was the most satisfying failure I have ever encountered.

Thanks to a bunch of good friends we found a pipe that would fit the kart and got it all prepped, it wasn’t the right pipe but it did get us out in the last race and we did the best we could. THAT is also what racing is all about…..the friends coming together to help out. You guys are awesome, thanks so much for the help!!!!

Jeremy, always good to race with you. Your ambition behind the wheel is infectious and sometimes hilarious! :)

Brian, was good fun finally getting up to you….if only briefly! You make the rest of us want to work that much harder.

Thanks to both of you for the sportsmanship!

Anyone whom claims an Oval is no challenge has not tried this place. I hope this wasn’t the end of MIS. The turn out was not what we wanted to see. You had better try it, it will not disappoint!

Thanks MKC and volunteers for providing us the opportunity!