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Ted Hamilton

Andy —

I presume that WKA could choose the CIK/FIA spec and make it mandatory, as WKA is the ACCUS rep for CIK/FIA in the US for karting…  But……the KF package wasn’t received well, even by the Euro’s, and particularly not here except for the FWT participation.

I have learned from running several orgs that whenever ANY change is made, people will complain and some will walk.  Doesn’t matter what the change is.  So, that being the case, it’s wise to make decisions that benefit the org, explain the road map so those with no axe to grind can follow along, and simply ignore the axe grinders (or if they get too bad, file for slander or issue a cease and desist order.)

I’m no so sure that the powers-that-be are making decisions for the good of karting so much as for the good of their pocketbook.  Some may mean well but be too insulated from kartings’ history or national conditions to make a well-informed decision.  Or perhaps they have a different goal in mind than maximum participation…

Anyhow, this thread has evolved into more than a discussion about GoPro, so perhaps it’s better to start a new thread about what the populace want from karting orgs…

Good luck with your racing, whatever type and organization it may be… ~Ted

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