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Andy Seesemann

Hey Steve,

Now, you know that information, since you are a 4 cycle engine builder, right?

I know it was not your goal, but in some ways, your question (and the answer to it which you know, they don’t use 4 stroke engines on racing karts for the most part, only concession karts) helps to prove my point.   Obviously Swiss Auto, Vampire, Biland, etc all have high horsepower 4 cycle engines, but they are not used an any real quantities.

The CIK has supported 2 cycle karting for its entire existence, so there aren’t any 4 cycle engine tech specs on their site.  But, some  years ago, someone decided to go their own way and go away from the worldwide 2 cycle rules set and put a 4 cycle engine on a kart.  (good thing, since building those motors is your business).  So, even though there was a Worldwide body, with a Worldwide set of rules, someone decided to go their own way.

Wait?  Isn’t that Worldwide set of rules what was wanted?

Oddly enough, 10?  15? years ago the CIK put out a tender for a 4 cycle “World Formula” engine.  They thought that future was going to 4 cycles, so they thought that they would be ahead of the curve to actually create a Worldwide spec.  Remember that?  How many companies produced one per that spec?  One.  Briggs and Stratton, right here in the US.  When that happened, all the US sanctioning bodies kicked the CIK to the curb and created their own rules packages.  Here we go again…..

You might think that I am against this individualism and only want CIK rules followed.  If you do, you are mistaken.  I was simply pointing out that people ask for what already exists.  They just don’t like it when they don’t own something that falls within the guidelines.  If they really wanted a Worldwide spec set of rules, simply follow the existing programs.  We don’t need to add any more.  If you want to run tube bumpers, 4 cycle engines, open tires, so be it.  Go to your local track and go drive and enjoy yourself.  Just don’t blame the track a few hours away from being elitist or discriminatory when they actually follow a set of rules that exist beyond their own property.

Its what you just asked for……




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