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Andy Seesemann

Uh, we do have that.

Its called the CIK.  www.cikfia.com

Its the karting arm of the FIA.  Worldwide.  Exactly what you asked for.

Unfortunately, Americans have the attitude that we don’t want Europeans dictating our rules to us.  Odd, since in sprint karting, over 90% of the equipment we use comes from Europe.

How about this one?  www.rotax-kart.com

Another worldwide rules set, down the to the tires and motor specs.

Oh wait, you don’t like that one either.

Two examples of exactly what you state you want, but really don’t want.

What you really are asking for is “…If we only had an organization that could govern a set of rules for all the tracks, some kind of world karting organization, we could use the same equipment everywhere….”  “as long its exactly what I have sitting in my garage.”





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