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Michael Zahorski

I’ve been reading the posts here and understand some of what is being said. I am new to karting, so my comments are going to be based on someone new to the sport of karting. With regards to the number of classes and being different at each track, I can understand why there is so many classes, there are just that many variations. However, what is more difficult to understand is the different rules for the same class depending on which associations rules you use. If you’re running a TaG class, and are legal, you should be legal in all associations without having to make changes to your kart. That to me is the hardest part of it.

As far as the original question of reducing the restrictiveness of the specs at a local track, the local track that I will be running at has what they call a bracket class. It is effectively a run what you brung type of class/catch all. The have an open tire rule and very little tech specs because of the class format. However, because it is a bracket class, after qualifying you are grouped together with other drivers that are turning similar lap times to what you are running. In the Heat races they do have a breakout time that if you go faster than, you are DQ’d, which is an effort to reduce sandbagging. The nice thing about this class as well, is as a beginner, you can run with people that turn similar laps times and hopefully improve in a crowd rather than get discouraged because the experienced good drivers and leaving you behind. If someone wants to spend big money to run fast, they can without the expense of hurting the “slower” budget racer.