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Ted Hamilton

Finch — yes, probably the rich ones will.  There’s no way to stop that.  But us cheapskates will buy older used tires and prep them back to competitive or buy take-offs from the big races, or plenty of other more affordable options.  By having less rules, you create less hassle and more options.  Especially for club racing where costs dictate turnout (The National level drivers already know and pay the costs…)  That’s all IMO, of course.

As to various tracks with different rules, I don’t think there’s a good solutions short of a monopoly on tracks, or more forward-thinking promoters.  If I was going to build / run a track, I’d actually try to copy my competition (if they were doing well,) so that our businesses would build each other.  It’s like fast food and coffeeshops — they’re all in the same area because that’s where people go for that commodity — you can be different, at least for a while, but you’d better be prepared to expend more effort, and possibly fail.



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