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Chris McGinley

I have to agree with Andy on this one … people ask for things, but the actual turnout doesn’t change much. Ted, I see your point that racing at various tracks in your region becomes problematic due to the unique classes, rules, etc. that each have. I see that here in the northeast where the lines are drawn based on engine package. But, egos and opinions are hard to change.

I think the challenge we face is bringing new blood to the sport of karting, not necessarily finding a way to get those already in karting to attend a new track. We need to advertise what we do and be able to educate people to help them get into the sport. I’ve seen too many people get bitten by a bad used kart deal or buying an engine that can’t be used where they plan to run (bought it because someone convinced them it was a good choice, when in fact that someone just wanted to sell it).

If you’re not getting feedback from others in the same situation it is because they’d rather complain about the problem instead of help solve it – my $0.02.

Last thought from me – how do we find new people that are interested in karting but don’t know about it or how to get in? If we can solve that, I think we’ll grow the sport.