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Tim Koyen

Glad to hear there was some new blood.  Cole seems to have a good analysis of it.  There is no one problem.  Its a lot of things combined to work against it.  There is another reason that I believe is a big factor in all karting events, and it often gets overlooked.

So much of sprint karting is based on “Teams” of drivers/mechanics/shops, because so many people buy into karting instead of learning to wrench themselves.  There is nothing wrong with this, but teams and shops put together Programs based on following specific series, where they can attempt to make a profit.  Unless you can convince the big Teams to put RIGP (or any race) on their program, and get them to push racers into it, all you’ll get is the mom and pop guys.  Nothing against the mom and pop guys, I’m one of them, but we’re a dying breed.  Most people don’t want to take the time to learn all the BS in karting that you need to be a winner, they’d rather pay someone to do it for them.  Hence the big teams.  No big teams at your event and IMHO, its impossible to be really successful.

The series’ that I’ve been associated with, talk constantly about what it takes to keep the shops and teams wanting to participate, because they are the sellers of your event to a large market.  Teams bring racers.  Racers bring more racers.  You can’t have big events without big teams anymore.  I don’t have all the answers on how to keep the teams coming back, but they are the “recommenders” of the sport.  If they don’t recommend to their customers that they participate, and offer to support them, then its unlikely the racers will attend on their own.

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