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David Cole

With maybe 50-70 racers there, I believe there was about 10 new drivers that had never raced there before. Here are some factors that I think impacted the numbers this year:

1. Same racetrack – For the last few years now, people have wanted to see a change in the layout of the track. After they have raced the same circuit for 10 straight years, people are looking for a new challenge

2. No 6″ wheels – RIGP did not allow them this year, which I think impacted the Clone class heavily and a few for the LO206 categories.

3. Too many races already – Talking with a number of Midwest racers, Labor Day weekend was the only weekend not at the race track for the first time in anywhere from four to six or eight weeks. There is a lot of racing taking place during July and August, so people look forward to spending three days at home catching up, or sitting poolside or cruising in a boat. Plus, there was a NESKS and Gearup event in Pittsburgh that probably took a number of possible drivers away. Josh Lane drove overnight Saturday to race in Rock Island on Sunday. That’s why he’s called the ‘Wild Thing’.

4. Street Racing is not for everyone – Just like road racing, some people in the sport do not have the drive to take a chance at destroying a kart by racing on the city streets. Parents fear the worst for their children, thus on TaG Junior entries this year showed that. Open Sprint was a good attempt to bring anyone in, but that failed with zero this year. Did ‘hearing’ bad stories from Modesto keep a few people away, maybe.

David Cole - EKN Managing Editor