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Shawn Welte

From the outside looking in, I would like to be optimistic, but I am not so sure about the participation levels and numbers being decent in LO206 and some of the other classes.  Outside of vintage sprint track racing, I’ve not been a sprint track racer/road racer, but an oval racer with LO206 and Clones.  I’m soon going to be changing that as I bought a sprint to put a LO206 on.

This was the second year that I attended RIGP running the vintage exhibition race and spectating.  The staff run a fine program, and many tracks could learn from them on organizing things.  I know in the past some oval LTOs ran there (likely mostly for fun) and most of those karts were designed with 6-inch tires in mind.  My father and I run our own oval chassis design so 5 or 6-inch does not matter to us as we can make parts for either.  SIRA, I believe is open 5 or 6-inch tires.  Briggs stepped up and fronted some money towards entry fees for running additional classes.  How many were running multiple classes?  From the outside, did any of this make a difference in entries?  Maybe I’m off base…

Believe me, I want to see this succeed from a participant and spectator point of view.  I think its the coolest thing that I go to throughout the season.  I can only imagine how much work goes into this and leading up to it.  Roger and the crew ought to be commended for that effort.  I think some things could be tuned and hopefully increase the participation.  And for all I know it could have just been a down year.  I’ve gone to many modern and vintage events throughout the Midwest this season and most all of them have been down for whatever reason.

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