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Stephen Morris

Very interesting to read…
were in the process of setting up a new kart shop and race team…
I think an international sized track is needed and being run as a pro venue,
in the PA, NJ, NYS, CT areas.
Welcoming such a venue would obviously be of interest, but who would invest in the challenge, obviously costs are not like race car tracks, but still the track needs to be done properly and offer the best facilities around!
Some will remember NJMP holding a CIK event some years ago, why has that never happened in our areas again ;(
The obvious pay back to such a venue is a good corporate facility as a cash cow, but again needs doing properly and creating a real experience, not just arrive and drive junk karts! team building events, real corporate race events, product launches, training venue …
Securing a Rotax Challenge weekend and a Shifter Series weekend goes without saying to get it on the map.
Some of the big tracks in Europe do other things with the tracks in the dead periods…
Anyone wanting to chat about such a facility from Watkins – feel free to reach out to us at –
Lets hope we hear more about this ?