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Mark Erpelding

The Rock is my favorite race of the year!   It is late in the year when race budgets are diminished.   I am sure that is why some ppl. don’t come.   However they are missing the Best race of the year.    They need to save their budgets to be able to come to it.   They are missing the Indy 500 of karting…  Roger and his dedicated staff do an outstanding job!  The race is run with precision…   The whole town is behind it and make you feel welcome!   Thank you to the staff of The Rock Island Grand Prix for all of your hard work and efforts…  I realize how much it takes to put this on for “us”     Everything has a on and off year…  I think from talking to some other ppl. they were just not able to come this year due to lack of funds…  If you look at the core of karting ” KT 100 and L206 the numbers were there…   It was the expensive classes to run that were down in numbers.   A Big Thank You again to Roger and the entire staff who makes the “Rock” possible…   If some of the ppl that have never experienced it would come they would understand why it is on my all time favorite list!   Very tough competition!   Bring your “A” game or stay home!

We spend our money on Racin, Whiskey and Women.... The rest we waste....