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Manny Dial

Ah thanks William.  Here’s some progress info & pics.

Main Jet: 180

Pilot Jet: 30 (?? Impossible for me to read and thats a guess with the jet pointing down)

Visual Plug: Dark Brown/Black (Rich)

Cleaned the heck out of the carb.  I can see better through the Pilot, and the float seems to move freely.  The needle tab seems ok as well.  I notice that it seems like the Pilot is too fat / rich?  I start the kart and rev it to keep the idle up for about 5 mins, then let it choke itself out.  I can’t restart it without a few wheel pulls and the throttle has to be about 15% down.  I also notice fuel is coming out of the drain nipple at the bottom of the carb while I’m having difficulty starting.  Once it fires up it sounds good though.  I plan on taking the Kart out this week to see if cleaning it helped any.  I’m really hoping it was just a sticky float on high G corners.  What would you guys recommend for a Pilot at this point?  With a black plug sounds like I might have some room to lean.

I took your advice and cut/routed the loop line.  This is how i’ve seen it on 125 shifters

Bottom all cleaned out

Float looks to be parallel

The bowl was about this clean before washing it out

Jets cleared out