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Bill Anderson

We will race on a wet/damp track.  No puddles, standing water, no rooster tails off tires.  We’ll adjust the schedule according to the weather which is common practice at most kart races.

Pit pass wrist bands will be for sale from 4 PM to 7 PM Friday night at US12 entrance and at that entrance from 7 am to 7 pm Saturday and 7am to 3 PM Sunday.  The gate staff may hold over for a few minutes on Friday if it looks like folks are still arriving.  The tunnel, (10 ft clearance) will be open all weekend for those having a pit pass.  No pit pass sales at the Tunnel entrance on Brooklyn Hwy.  There will be road signs pointing to correct entrances.  US12 entrance to paddock allows high profile vehicles to cross the racing surface so the gate entrance at that point when track is active will be limited.