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Manny Dial

Thanks for the reply.  K&N style filter with a Flat Slide type Mikuni Carb.  I went out to Prairie City today which is a tighter course and it was VERY apparent around all lefts.  I’ll post vid on it soon.  I just got done taking apart the carb. Pics below of the setup.  Can anyone help verify the lines and if this is truly a pump around setup?  The pilot jet looks semi clogged as the light passing through the main hole is barely a hair size.  Can’t tell the size but I’ll double check to see if anything is written on it.  Any other tips are appreciated.

This pic shows the carb.  It looks like the fuel pump line goes up into this cylinder regulator (?) then down into the carb.  The cylinder also has a nipple facing outward that goes to the bottom of the tank.

Picture of the nipple going to the bottom of the tank

Fuel tank.  Didn’t notice any vent line?

The carb has a vacuum line that loops back to the other side of the carb?  Bottom line just vents to the ground.