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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Joe, our local sprint track is just starting a 206 class, but it’s been a bit slow getting folks interested.  It’s also a very small track with only about 50 or so entries per week for ALL classes.  And right now there are only two 206’s.

As a note, my son and I come from a road race Stock Honda and Leopard background (and still do), and by comparison, the LO206 is SOOOO incredibly SIMPLE!!!!  And inexpensive!  I mean, why everyone doesn’t have one is beyond me.

My question is, for those with successful 206 programs, what tends to be the most popular chassis type?  The one other competitor runs a typical narrow American made chassis with the semi reclining seat.  Where we run an old 07′ Intrepid Explorer Pro shifter chassis (had one sitting around)!  It’s 32 mm, so it’s WAY too much chassis for 9 HP, considering it was made for 40!!!

Anyway, what chassis’ do you folks find to be popular for your sprint programs?

Have a good day folks,

Clark Sr.