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Troy Berry

Hi Dan,

All kart shops are small, and most struggle to make any real money. Most just keep it barely going because they love the sport.  It’s just a lower volume thing than say a motorcycle shop. Some are more organized than others, it mostly depends on the volume of customers for your area. A shop like Comet or Stu’s shop in so Cal has a larger amount of people racing in their area, so the shops are going to be nicer for the most part. Talking to the other racers on a race day will be way more valuable to you that the kart shop to begin with. Go to a race and ask a bunch of questions. When you decide to buy a kart and get out to the track, the other guys in your class will be the best place to get help for the most part. You may end up buying a used set up to get started anyway, many do. It is easier for most to start with a complete package and add or change things as you learn. Some of it depends on your mechanical abilities. Even if you have the money for new,  you are still going to want to get a test ride or two from some of the guys who race at the track. When it come to getting what you need from the shop(karts, motors or parts) it’s simple.  Money talks. Karts and parts cost money, and time is money when your doors are open.  As long as you are being a reasonable customer and not asking for anyone’s valuable time in their shop working on you kart for free, then you will likely get all the help you need.  If you are at the shop and spending cash, then some added questions and advice is usually a part of the deal.  Welcome to the sport.


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