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Manny Dial

Thanks for the responses.  It currently has Maxima 927 mixed, so I will do the 24:1 suggestion next and keep the B10 and 100 oct.  It could very well be me being timid, not riding it hard enough.    I’m not use to hearing the rpms run up so high since I’m only accustom to car track racing (sub 8000rpms).   I’ll downshift thinking my rpms are high enough, apex, throttle out but it’ll feel flat and no response at all from the throttle for a few seconds before pulling hard.  So maybe on my next session I will really try winding it up and keeping it up there to see if I notice any change.  I’m thinking this might be the case since I notice no breakup at all when it pulls or while cruising around corners.  Will post again when I find out more.