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Daryle Redlin

Just wanted to add to the conversation. My son is Jordan Redlin, his video can be see a few posts above. If you watch carefully at about the 2min mark you will notice that he gets a slight push from behind and it pushes him off line, the driver behind gets by. Jordan does not try to then take him out, he puts his head down and drives clean and makes a lot of passes without touching anything. At the 4:58 mark you will see the problem with the chicane. A driver in front clips it and Jordan has to make a big move to avoid him and the barrier, about 5 karts get by. He then picks up the pace and re-passes about three of them. I only put it out there that its not all the Tag Sr. drivers that drive poorly, many of them drive very clean and with a high level of control. My son did contact the wall a couple of times but never touched a kart the entire weekend and drove from last to 4th in the final on Sunday. It can be done with proper technique and not rushing up onto the bumper of the kart in front. More time has to be spent with the younger drivers to teach them the right way to race and pass. Once this happens the racing will be awesome to watch. I think Skusa needs to spend some time developing a crew of officials that can make calls when they see bad driving. They should wear brightly colored vests or something and they need to be visible on the track so that drivers know they are being watched. I doubt it would take more than a couple of races to settle all this down if there were some consequences for some of the more aggressive drivers. With a better schedule and a revised layout the Grand Prix could be a great race.

Daryle Redlin