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Austin Garrett

Well, im back for a update. As mentioned earlier i bought a “race ready” kart and had high hopes of racing it sooner than later. After $600 more spent it still is not race ready.

I have bought a second mychron 3 after the one that came with the kart didn’t work and wasn’t fixable. I was waiting on this to be installed before i took the kart back out.

So today i decided i was going to attempt to race the kart. I had 4 brand new MG yellow tires on new douglas wheels that came with the kart. I installed them and loaded up on my newly built harbor freight trailer and away i drove.

I get to the track and arrive to some impressive rigs. There was a toy hauler RV that probably has a nicer living room than my current living room. Numerous 20 ft+ enclosed trailers and expensive karts in them. I expected some of this but i was clearly outspent by everyone at the track. Most of the racers were in Denton preparing for next weeks Skusa race i was told so i thought i had gotten lucky and was going to get a nice practice night.

After filling the tires up with air i quickly found my RF tire had a small leak and would not hold air for much longer than 5 minutes.

I filled the tires up and put a little more air in the RF for a quick practice run. I zoomed off onto the track and quickly realized that my brakes were yet again soft. I decided to get onto the throttle any ways on the long back stretch to also find out my throttle cutting out under full throttle had not gone away.

I reverted to PRD recommended carb settings and it is still running pig rich, wet plug, oil out the exhaust and flooding when floored..

I limp my kart back to the pits and start tearing into the kart. I decided i would go through the carb to double check everything and spray it out. All looked well with the carb so i decided to lean it out via the needles.

I took of my leaky RF tire and replaced it with a worn out MG and figured i would run the rest of the night on that.

It is brutal hot in the Texas region right now so i took a break and sat and some cool AC when i heard my class was next on the grid.

I run to my rig and throw on my suit and rush to the grid.

I asked to tag the field since i had obvious issues and didn’t want to be in anyones path of rapid acceleration.

On the starting grid i had a bit of a time getting the kart started but managed to do so… This is it, im finally going to race this kart!


We take off for our one to two lap warm up before the heat starts. I take off and hit my freshly bled and working good brakes. They manage to slow me down in a appropriate way and im starting to think my luck is starting to turn. I hit the long back stretch and slowly get into the gas. Half throttle it is singing along beautifully so i go a little more….whooosh nothing but air flowing past my helmet and a cut out engine. I let the engine catch back up and get out of the throttle. Im not familiar enough to reach down to the carb by feel and adjust needles so im looking at the carb, trying to keep kart on track and look over my shoulder to get out of anyones way before i have more parts to replace..


I pass the start finish line and decide i would limp it in the first heat and just try to finish. As i pass the start finish line after the same symptoms persist on lap two im surprised to see the flagman give me the meatball flag. I pull to the side and ask what the problem was. The corner worker than bends over and pulls my dragging bumper off the ground. The bolt had come loose from the worn out bushings and now i have no bumper.

A $2 bolt has sent me home early. I figured it was time to pack up and try again for another test before i attempt another race day. As disappointing as it was i decided to take it back to the shop and try to work some bugs out of the engine.


I go to start the kart and a squeel from the clutch side when i hit the starter. The battery is low so i tried jumping it from a car battery. it turns over and the low pitch squeel is still there. I manually turn the crank and am relieved it isn’t a internal problem but more likely a clutch or starter gear problem. I pack up and go home, needless to say a very disappointing first outing.


In closing, im not surprised to run into road bumps as im starting out on a new path but didn’t expect these bumps. Murphys law will rear its ugly head but don’t get discouraged. I have been the new guy struggling at every turn and i have also been the experienced guy winning a lot of races. I can honestly say the guy running at the back of the field is usually working harder than the guy winning races. When you are winning things are going right. When losing you are chasing your tail wondering how to make things right. My saga will continue in a couple of weeks and i will be back with some more updates along the way.

As promised here a few photos i snapped of the kart and tow rig.  The highlight of my night was the trailer not falling apart (the wheel bearings did heat up pretty good however)




02 Birel PRD Fireball 125cc Tag Kart

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