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Thank you all for your input, we’ve been working on different driving styles, and are fully awared of sensitivity steering, and we also know that OTK’s are very soft and sensitive.

All of you guys are right, we’re trying all we can, including different driving lines and styles

The rear width was at 45″ we brought it out to 55″

Front had big fat spacer and 2 small spacers ( we removed fat spacer, and placed it outside)

Front torsion bar is the oval shape tubing kind, not blade type ( it is horizontal, flat against floor pan)

Please note that all the adjustments we’ve done, like retightening of front torsion bar, front nerf bar, rear track to 55″ all remains to be tested, I still don’t know what the result will be till this weekend ( race day ) Not much time to test. Lol. I just wanna be able to glide smoothly, with out bouncing/hopping so much.

Do these karts like high air pressures?

Thank you all, again for your help.


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