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Jimmy McNeil


Charles, theirs a reason every S1 driver at the ProTour will be on a 01 cylinder and its not to save money.  The 01’s are faster.

“For those on the fence whether or not to participate in SKUSA events, having to consider making an investment in a new cylinder (assuming most non-SKUSA participants run 99′s) doesn’t help.”

I agree 100%, problem is, the damage is done. Close to all Skusa drivers are on the 01 and im sure Skusa doesn’t want to piss off its base. They needed to make a decision over a year ago, if they did it now, people would be very upset. When I invite people to try out a SKUSA event, they don’t want to spend the $$$ to upgrade to the 01 cylinder, and feel they wont be competitive on the 99.

Higher octane fuel would help the 01’s, it prob wont help the 99’s, if anything it will be a wash or slow them down. Engines run best on the lowest octane fuel you can use without detonation, the 99’s don’t detonate with ms98 so 110 prob wont help performance. IMO 110 octane would be the last nail in the coffin for the 99,s.  Prob not a big deal, 99’s are all but extinct at any SKUSA event.

If SKUSA’s ok with having an all 01 cylinder series, then I agree, switch to 110 octane.