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Matt Dixon

Welcome to the beginning of a great Father/son experience. After 10 years of doing what you are beginning I would have to say, love every min it goes by fast. I started Garrett at the same age, growing up at the track has molded my son into a great young man and taught him so many life lessons.

Advice, keep it fun. If your yelling at your kid, take a break. If your yelling at another Dad, take a breath remember things happen in racing. If your yelling at your wife, take her on vacation she can only go to the track so many weekends a year.

Don’t keep buying motors thinking your out powered, most likely that kid will be faster then yours in your kart. Buy track time, coaching and tuning help.

Keep it fun and he will love it forever, if you do it right racing is a great carrot to dangle to make parenting a little easier…