eKartingNews.com http://ekartingnews.com The leading karting website in the world Fri, 06 May 2016 05:56:27 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Todd Edgington Returns Home http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/todd-edgington-returns-home/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/todd-edgington-returns-home/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 17:44:46 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65461 On January 17, during a dream vacation, life changed forever for the Edgington family. Kart racer Todd Edgington had traveled with his family to Hawaii for some rest and relaxation, only to have tragedy strike on day one. Edgington was on one of the many Big Island beaches with his family when big waves hit hard, tossing him around in the surf. The rough water took Todd down, and he did not come back up. The family rushed to his aid and they were able to tend to him with the help of fellow beachgoers. They discovered Todd to be alert and awake, but he was unable to talk and having a hard time breathing.

Edgington can be seen wearing a number of his karting t-shirts, including those from Superkarts! USA

Edgington can be seen wearing a number of his karting t-shirts, including those from Superkarts! USA

After being rushed to the Honolulu Hospital Queens Medical Center, doctors determined that Edgington had broken the C2 vertebra in his neck and fractured his C3 vertebra, as well. Todd was placed on a breathing machine and communicated with doctors and family by blinking his eyes to answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to questions. His movement was limited to shrugging his shoulders and he had no other feeling in his extremities.

The karting community, friends and family all pulled together with the GoFundMe campaign to help the family pay for medical and living expenses – including the flight from Hawaii to their home town of Salt Lake City at the end of January. Once in SLC, doctors began planning procedures and surgeries to help repair and heal the injuries.

On February 4, Edgington had neck surgery to help stabilize the bones to allow the neck and spinal cord the best chance to heal. Super Bowl Sunday was the first time the family heard Todd’s voice as a speaking valve was placed in his tracheostomy. Day by day, Edgington has made little strides in terms of the health of his body, including eating real food. In mid-February, the family began the process of updating their home to welcome Todd when he left the hospital.

During that time, he began to work on his wheelchair training. Todd navigates the wheelchair with a mouth control, and was quickly up to speed, no doubt thanks to his kart racing. Physical and vocal therapy continued through March and April, preparing both Todd and the entire family for his return home. That day came on April 22, a total of 98 days after the accident. Therapy continues for Edgington, and a new way of life begins for the entire family.

The GoFundMe helped to raise over $100,000 and more fundraisers are scheduled to maintain support for the family. Please be sure to follow toddscheckeredflag.blogspot.com for updates from Todd’s family regarding the race to the checkered flag on their road to recovery. EKN and the entire karting community continues to keep the Edgington family in our thoughts as they lap their way to the finish line.

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Checkered Motorsports Demonstrates Perseverance at SpringNationals http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/checkered-motorsports-demonstrates-perseverance-at-springnationals/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/checkered-motorsports-demonstrates-perseverance-at-springnationals/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 13:03:33 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65455 The SuperKarts! USA ProTour kicked off its seventh annual SpringNationals event this past weekend. There were over 250 registered drivers in attendance at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association facility in Glendale, Arizona.

Checkered Motorsports arrived after rigorous preparation and concentration. The team knew that the competition would be the toughest to date and that every driver was racing with one goal in mind, to get to the front and claim victory.

With 6 drivers representing the black and yellow chassis on track, the weekend brought many successes but also challenges.  Micro Swift driver, Sophia D’Arrigo, competed in a class of 27 drivers. Throughout the weekend, D’Arrigo fought to showcase her athleticism and improving pace. D’Arrigo left the weekend with more experience and readiness heading in to the 2016 events. As the 2015 Vice-champion, Giumarra had his eyes set to kick off the ProTour with a top finish. Unfortunately, due to several on track incidences throughout the weekend, Giumarra retired from the weekend early.

S4 driver, Jeffrey Neubert, competed in the SpringNationals event for the first time. During Round 1, Neubert quickly shuffled his way towards the front, finishing 18 in the main. Showing a lot of promise for more advancement in Round 2 during the heat events, Neubert was forced to retire early from the main event. As one of the latest drivers to enter S1, Robert Bujdoso showed a lot of ability throughout the weekend. Graduating from S2, R. Bujdoso qualified in Round 1 at 17th.  After working all day to continue to move towards the front, R. Bujdoso finished the main event on Saturday in the Top 5.  Although Round 2 on Sunday brought some on-track challenges for the S1 driver, Bujdoso is ready to not only repeat his Top 5 finish but advance to the top for the next ProTour event.

Checkered Motorsports was represented by two drivers in the S2 class. Andrew Bujdoso and Kyle Smith. Bujdoso ran in the top 3 for most of the events in Round 1. However, a DNF on Saturday’s main event, A. Bujdoso was persistent and demonstrated the speed of the PCR Mxk8 125 chassis.  Pilot A. Bujdoso, qualified in the third spot; however, in the 16 lap main event the second year S2 pilot would finish in the 8th position. S2 driver, Kyle Smith was showing what was looking to be a podium finish for the start of the 2016 ProTour. With just Friday under his belt, Smith took the track on Saturday for warm-ups and during was involved in an unexpected on-track incident that sent him and a track worker to the hospital. Although under serious observation, Smith’s is prognosis is very positive.  Checkered Motorsports would like to extend their support to his family. The team wishes him and the track worker involved a full, speedy recovery and send well wishes their way.

The drivers all learned a lot this past weekend, making consistent progress. Looking forward, the team considers their efforts a success and look forward to continuing to prepare for the remainder of the ProTour events.

Checkered Motorsports will be supporting the F-series GearUp Challenge, World Karting Association (WKA), United States Pro Kart Series (USPKS), Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) ProTour and the Pittsburgh International Race Complex events for the 2016 series. Transportation, arrive and drive opportunities, driver coaching and tech support/data analysis are available. For questions and dealer inquiries please contact checkeredmotorsports@yahoo.com.

For more information about Checkered Motorsports PCR USA or Greyhound racing seats, visit our website at checkeredmotorsports.com.

About Checkered Motorsports

Checkered Motorsports was first formed in 2008 owned and operated by Csaba Bujdoso. As the official racing team and importer for PCR karts in addition to GreyHound Seats, they have proved themselves to be a high caliber racing team. Checkered Motorsports first encountered the PCR product line in 2009 and have gone to win countless championships.  Offering a variety of services from arrive and drive opportunities, kart rentals, and driving coaching; we understand the importance of effectively executing these duties/services. The team focuses to bring a family orientated atmosphere as well as maintaining unparalleled service to their customers.

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Michael D’Orlando with Birel ART http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/michael-dorlando-with-birel-art/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/michael-dorlando-with-birel-art/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:58:01 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65453 Birel ART is pleased to announce that Michael D’Orlando has joined Birel ART Racing: the American driver will take part in the European and World Championships in the OKJ class.

Born in White Plains (New York, USA) in 2002, D’Orlando has always been a front runner. In addition to having won the 2013 US Rotax Grand National in Mini MAX, Michael won the Florida Winter Tour (in TaG Cadet) and was runner-up in the SKUSA Pro Tour and US Rotax (Mini Max) in 2014. He made his debut in the Junior category last year, finishing among the top five in several races, as well as taking third place in the second round of the US Open. This season, D’Orlando won the Florida Winter Tour and was runner-up in the FWT ROK championship.

Michael D’Orlando: “I am excited to become part of the Birel ART factory team. It’s a great opportunity to continue to learn and to improve, as well as to build on the experience and knowledge already accumulated in competitions in North America. I’ll have to compete with different chassis and engine set-ups, but I am convinced that, through the tests and by accumulating experience, I will be able to adapt quickly. I know some of the drivers currently involved in the European Championships and I know that there is a high level of competitiveness. I’ll enjoy myself a lot and I know there is plenty of hard work ahead: I’m looking forward to continuing to develop my skills by competing with the best drivers and in one of the strongest teams in the world”.

Gianluca Beggio, Technical Director: “I am happy to welcome a young talent like Michael D’Orlando. In the USA he has shown us that he has the right characteristics to compete with the best, fighting to win in very competitive championships such as the Florida Winter Tour, the SKUSA Pro Tour and the US Open. Facing his debut in the European Championships, Michael will have to cope with technical situations that are entirely new for him, but with the support of the Team he will also be able to accumulate international experience”.

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Second and Fourth for JHM at Mayor’s Cup http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/second-and-fourth-for-jhm-at-mayors-cup/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/second-and-fourth-for-jhm-at-mayors-cup/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:54:56 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65449 Rain, shine, sickness, a loose kart, and clutch problems – Jim Howe Motorsports LLC saw it all at the 22nd Annual “Mayor’s Cup Grand Prix” and still posted two outstanding finishes with drivers Jordan Fresher (second) and Daniel Pearcy (fourth).

Fresher battled stomach flu Friday night and Saturday, forcing him to miss all of Saturday’s activities which were conducted in steady, if not heavy at times, rain. The 13-year-old driver of the Edwards-Rigdon Construction / JHM #62 Junior 1 Birel got one practice session in then started sixth in the seven-kart Junior 1 race through the streets of Anderson (IN).

He instantly jumped to third at the drop of the green and quickly caught up to Kylan McFall to battle for second. Fresher (Avon, IN) swapped the runner-up spot with McFall for several laps early before taking over when she lost it in the turn three chicane.

Fresher then set his sights on leader Carter McFall and went to his rear bumper before the turn three chicane and lapped traffic caused him to spin out about half-way through the 25-lap feature through the streets of Anderson (IN). He survived this and a second spin in the same turn to take P2 easily behind Carter McFall.

Team-mate Pearcy, just signed to the JHM team the previous week, found the rain somewhat to his liking in Saturday activities. Pearcy led ten of the 15 laps in the heat race before his wicked loose JHM Senior Yamaha Birel slipped in turn two, relegating him to third.

Sunday came out sunny and the team’s dry setup was even better as the kart performed flawlessly in the morning practice. Starting third in the ten-kart senior field, the clutch instantly mal-functioned at the start of the race (locking up at 8200 instead of 8600 RPM) for the 18-year-old Shelbyville (KY) ace, forcing him to fall to eighth. Despite this, he got the most out of his kart and used the superior power of his BBS Race Engine Development Yamaha to recover to fourth, turning the second fastest race lap in the process.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic with Jordan’s performance,” team general manager Jim Howe said, “He showed so much talent and great decision-making in that race. It’s hard to believe this was his first-ever street race.

“We’re disappointed with Daniel’s finish considering how stout we were in the practice Sunday morning and in the rain yesterday,” Howe added. “But it’s a long season with lots of racing left. We’ll get the clutch fixed and make other improvements. We’ll get ‘em!”

The “Mayor’s Cup Grand Prix” was the season-opener for the Southern Indiana Racing Association (SIRA) which races at street circuits throughout Indiana. The next SIRA race is June 4-5 “Mel Kenyon Classic” in the streets of Lebanon (IN).

Next up for the team is the May 7 Tony Stewart Racing Series club race at the historic Whiteland (IN) Raceway Park. Fresher will run the Junior Sportsman class for the team while Pearcy takes the night off.

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Braden Eves Takes MDD to the Top in Superkarts! USA Competition http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/braden-eves-takes-mdd-to-the-top-in-superkarts-usa-competition/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/braden-eves-takes-mdd-to-the-top-in-superkarts-usa-competition/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:51:50 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65446 Jay Howard’s Motorsports Driver Development program is making waves on the national karting scene as Braden Eves stole the show in the X30 Senior class at the Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) SpringNationals. Taking place at the Phoenix Kart Racing Association (PKRA) facility in Glendale, Arizona this past weekend, Eves drove to the front of the talent filled-field and never looked back to score one of the biggest victories for himself and Jay Howard’s Motorsport Driver Development program.

Improving throughout the weekend, Eves was close to the front of the X30 Senior field but was lacking a little speed throughout Saturday’s wheel-to-wheel competition. Working hard on his Kosmic chassis during every on track session and overnight on Saturday, Eves emerged Sunday morning as one of the drivers to beat. Fine tuning his equipment session after session and utilizing the driving experience, knowledge and advice from Driver Coach Jay Howard, Eves emerged victorious at the end of the weekend.

Saturday would see the young driver qualify in the fifth position before finishing fifth in the main event. Remaining consistent throughout the day, Braden had a hard fought battle at the front of the field leading multiple laps of Saturday’s final before eventually crossing the strip in P5 as rain effected the final outcome. Sunday would see Eves improve on his qualifying effort to the inside of row two. Once again, a hard fought fight at the front of the field would see Eves find his way to the point as he went on to take the win leading all sixteen laps of the main event en route to the fastest race lap and would stand atop the podium later that afternoon.

“Braden drove great all weekend,” explained Jay Howard. “We didn’t practice Thursday, but we were immediately fast the first session on Friday morning. Braden executed the final perfectly, couldn’t have done it any better myself. I am very proud of him and how much he has improved as a driver since joining the MDD program and I am looking forward to the rest of the year as he will be a contender everywhere we go.”

“I have to thank Jay and my Dad for all of their hard work throughout the weekend,” explained Braden Eves. “Without these two, I would not be where I am today.”

In the Micro Swift class, MDD driver Danny Dyszelski would consistently run inside the top ten throughout the weekend. A first lap incident would cause him to drop to the tail of the field but a strong drive forward would solidify a good finish as he shifts his focus to the SKUSA SummerNationals at New Castle Motorsports Park in July.

For more information on Jay Howard’s Motorsports Driver Development program, please contact him via e-mail to Jay@JayHoward.com or visit him online at www.JayHoward.com.

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Diego LaRoque Starts Season Strong and Leads Two National Champion Points Battles http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/diego-laroque-starts-season-strong-and-leads-two-national-champion-points-battles/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/diego-laroque-starts-season-strong-and-leads-two-national-champion-points-battles/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:48:59 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65443 Starting his season on a high note, BENIK Kart driver Diego LaRoque wasvictorious in the Rotax Micro MAX division at the first round of the MAXSpeed Entertainment promoted US Open series held April 21-24 at NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale, Louisiana. The following weekend, he topped the blocks in the IAME Mini Swift division at the opening round of the SuperKarts! USA (SKUSA) Pro Tour, held at the PKRA facility in Glendale, Arizona.

“Traveling back-to-back weekends for national events is a difficult task for every team that attempts it,” said Aaron LaRoque, Diego’s father. “I would like to thank both MAXSpeed and SKUSA for putting on the highest quality events in the country; it makes it easier for all of us.”

The wins put LaRoque in the championship lead in both series and gives him momentum to build upon for the rest of the season. Arguably one of the top Micro and Mini drivers in the country, LaRoque will contest the rest of the season in search for race wins and valuable points towards the end of the year championship chases.

“My mechanic Nick Strasbaugh and I have been working really well together so far this season,” explained Diego. “With his help and my BENIK chassis, it has been easy for me to be fast and competitive every session. I would like to thank Nick for all of his hard work and efforts.”

Building upon the Rotax Challenge of the Americas, where LaRoque claimed a victory in the final round of the series, the future motorsports star has put together a string of podium finishes including two victories and is one to watch for the remainder of the 2016 season.

Diego LaRoque would like to send an extra special thank you to Team BENIK for their top-notch teamwork and superior trackside support.

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Energy Kart USA Solid in New Orleans http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/energy-kart-usa-solid-in-new-orleans/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/energy-kart-usa-solid-in-new-orleans/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:46:43 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65441 In the first round of the MAXSpeed Entertainment US Open held April 21-24 at NOLA Motorsports Park in Avondale, Louisiana, Energy Kart USA drivers racked up several solid finishes on fast and challenging layout. With multiple drivers competing in the gearbox classes, Energy Kart USA continued to promote the Stock Honda shifterkart program and in the process, claimed a pair of podium finishes.

In the Senior Shifter class, Sabré Cook finished six of ten sessions on top of the leaderboard. The talented female won the weekend’s first heat race and set fast lap on the way to a second place finish in the final. Teammate Carson Mueller finished 11th in his second ever race in the senior class. Jeremy Lee, back in a kart after a two-year break, claimed the 13th position in the final while Ryan Lankenau finished 14th in the class and continues to make huge strides with each and every race weekend.

In the Shifter Masters class, Jerry Rhodes claimed the final step on the podium in third, despite developing motor issues in the final. Teammate Hugh Templeman crossed the line in fourth, getting his 2016 season off to a good start.

“Energy Kart USA drivers showed a lot of speed this weekend,” exclaimed Stacey Cook, team owner of Energy Kart USA and United States importer for the Energy Kart product line. “With such a strong driver lineup, I expect that as the season progresses and we turn more laps, each of our drivers will be even bigger threats each weekend.”

The team now turns its attention to the next two races: the US Open of Utah to be held June 23-26 in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) SummerNationals, which will be held July 23-25 at New Castle Motorsports Park in New Castle, Indiana.

Energy Kart USA would like to thank all of their partners for their continued support. A special thank you to WR International, AIM Sportsystems and New-Line Radiators.

For more information on Energy Kart USA please contact them at 970-256-0109 or via email to Stacey@EnergyKartUSA.com.

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Mach1 Motorsport on the top places in Wackersdorf http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/mach1-motorsport-on-the-top-places-in-wackersdorf/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/mach1-motorsport-on-the-top-places-in-wackersdorf/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:43:58 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65438 German kart manufacturer Mach1 kart met a strong field of participants at the kick-off to the German Kart Championship in Wackersdorf. Factory driver Douglas Lundberg drove among the forefront at the DSKM and is on third place on the overall list of rankings.

Only a week after the CIK-FIA KZ1 European Championship, the next highlight was waiting for Mach1 Motorsport. The kick-off to the German Kart Championship took place at the Prokart Raceland Wackersdorf. The highest German kart racing series impresses with strong fields of participants this year – 140 drivers from 23 nations started there.

Swede Douglas Lundberg was Mach1’s spearhead at the royal league DSKM. He was already able to underline his ambitions during qualifying with a fourth place and only three tenths of a second backlog to the first driver and was able to continue his performance during the heats. The vice champion of 2014 achieved second and fourth places. During the final races he even fought for victory and was able to keep up with the world’s best kart drivers. He collected championship points by coming in fourth and sixth and is currently on the overall third place. “We’re very content with Douglas’ performance. We’ve only been working together for a short time and are on the right track. He feels comfortable with us. If things continue like this we are going to be able to fight for victories”, praised team leader Martin Hetschel.

Next to Lundberg, Jordi van Moorsel from the Netherslands and Pole Pawel Myszkier also started. While the latter unfortunately had to bow out of both final races, van  Moorsel crossed the finish line on the 16th place after a great catching up race from way back and also collected championship points.

The DMSB Shifterkart Cup is a new part of the DKM and provides a good addition to the top league. Four ambitious drivers started there and showed their potential. Toni Greif led the internal ranking. Marco Forrer, Tim Schröder and Thomas Neumann showed solid performances as well and established themselves in midfield. “The new Championship is a great solution for the drivers who don’t drive karts every week. The standard is high too. Our drivers have presented themselves well and are going to drive even farther at the front throughout the course of the year”, added Hetschel.

Cameron Boedler started as a soloist. The German-Brazilian celebrated his debut at the German Junior Kart Championship and ended up behind his own expectations by coming in 28th at qualifying. During the course of the heats he was able to drive forward though and had a good starting position for the final races on 15th place. He lost some ground after the start of the first race though. During the 17 laps he fought his way forward again and ended up on 16th place. Unfortunately his weekend ended with a falling out during the second race. Nevertheless, Martin Hetschel wasn’t disappointed: “After a short break it’s great to have a junior at the start again. We had to learn a little in the beginning. Everything is new to Cameron but he did really well.”

The team is already going to travel to the next race in a couple of days. The kick-off to the ADAC Kart Masters is going to take place on the Hunsrückring/Hahn.

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Rotax Max Euro Challenge: Next Stop Italy http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/rotax-max-euro-challenge-next-stop-italy/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/rotax-max-euro-challenge-next-stop-italy/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:38:00 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65435 There are only a few days left until the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge goes for the second round of the year. From 9th to 15th of May 2016 Italy marks the next stop of Europe’s unique ROTAX series. The organising RGMMC Group expects full grids in the three categories of junior, senior and DD2.

Scene of action will be the beautiful karting circuit “7 Laghi” at Castelletto Di Branduzzo. As its name implies (seven lakes) the 1.256 metres long track is situated right within a lake district not too far away from Milan, providing a good opportunity to combine a few days of holiday with the racing weekend. Castelletto will not only be the second stop of the year, but marking the halftime race of the season. And there is another fact making the event outstanding: Italy is always a very special event since it represents the sporting and economical home of kart racing. All told the ROTAX MAX Euro Challenge will give its sixth appearance in the country of pasta, pizza and dolce vita. After the season opener at Genk revealed the first pacemakers of the year, everyone is excited if the favourites will confirm their performances, especially since one celebrated double winners in each category during the first round in Belgium.

Having a look at the upcoming competition of the juniors, Axel Charpentier (Strawberry Racing) is the hunted. After his double win at Flanders, he clearly leads the championship. Yet Dutchman Glenn van Berlo (Hugo Moorsport) is close at his heels missing only four points. But even the other chasers such as Finland’s Lauri Leppa (VRT) or the British duo Oli Caldwell (KR Sport) and Mark Kimber (Strawberry Racing) – not to forget ROTAX Winter Cup winner Adam Smalley (Coles Racing) already left a mark.

With his double triumph at Genk Nicolas Schoell (Strawberry Racing) plays the leading role in the senior class. The youngster from Austria is only racing his first senior season and was able to stand up against the established and more experienced opponents immediately. Surely that was not a flash in the pan. But he will not be given a walkover either. His hardest opponent comes from the same team: Gary Donnelly (Strawberry Racing) was the only one at Genk who kept the winner’s pace. Let’s see if the Irishman is ready to hit the jackpot this time. Moreover Sam Marsh (Dan Holland Racing) from the UK and Belgium’s Glenn van Parijs (Bouvin Power) follow in the championship table right behind, both aiming for more than supporting roles. That applies to the reigning vice champion Rinus van Kalmthout (Daems Racing). The Dutchman is racing his last karting season and wants to take his leave victoriously.

Austria’s Constantin Schoell (Daems Racing), Denmark’s Martin Mortensen (RS Competition) and Switzerland’s Kevin Ludi (Spirit Racing) were the outstanding DD2 drivers of the opening event, taking the top in turns throughout the weekend. Yet Kevin Ludi did the best job, winning both the prefinal and the final, thus celebrating his first Euro Challenge win ever. Consequently that success will quicken him on Italian soil. Backlash will come from Poland’s Lukasz Bartoszuk (CRG S.P.A.) and Barrie Pullinger (Dan Holland Racing) from the UK, who are following in second and third place of the table.

When it comes to the special classification of the DD2 Masters Martin Pierce (Uniq Racing Team) is the prey. By his double win at Genk, the former Masters champion gained a lot of points, but it is nothing to rest on. His Irish fellow countryman Richard Faulkner (Coles Racing) is not too far behind and third placed Slawomir Muranski (Wyrzykowski Motorsport) mustn’t be underestimated, especially not after his great performance at the ROTAX Winter Cup.

All told the ingredients promise a very exciting show at “7Laghi”. Everybody is invited to join the race action as RGMMC offers a full range with live streaming, live timing and social media coverage. More information regarding reports, photos, results and live TV stream are available on the official websites www.rotaxmaxeurochallenge.com or www.telemundi.com.

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SWS World Final 2016: Exceptional Allocations for an Unforgettable Event http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/sws-world-final-2016-exceptional-allocations-for-an-unforgettable-event/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/05/sws-world-final-2016-exceptional-allocations-for-an-unforgettable-event/#respond Thu, 05 May 2016 12:35:02 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65432 The flagship event of the Sodi World Series will take place again this year on the prestigious site of the Racing Kart de Cormeilles near Paris, from 7th to 9th July 2016. 280 drivers from all five continents will compete in the 7th edition of the SWS World Finals at one of Europe’s finest karting circuits. The programme will be especially attractive with intense days of competition, along with exclusive entertainment and unique prizes.

In 2015, the Sodi World Series enabled 35,000 drivers compete at over 3,000 races all over the world with 220 partner circuits for the benchmark World Championship of leisure karting. Launched in 2009 by Sodikart, the world No. 1 in karting, the concept has continued to grow on every continent. The secret of such success is based on the unsurpassed quality of Sodi Rental karts, always at the forefront of innovation, as well as faultless joint organisation at all SWS certified circuits.

With driving pleasure the main objective in a unique sporting and festive atmosphere with a necessary dose of fair play, the 2016 SWS World Final is preparing to host the 280 qualified drivers from the Sodi World Series season from more than 30 countries. Several newcomers like China, Costa Rica, Slovakia, Lebanon and Morocco are entering drivers this year in addition to nations traditionally represented like France, Italy, Belgium, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. With the know-how of 3MK Events and RKC, the sporting schedule of the event will allow everyone to give free rein to their passion for karting simultaneously on the two tracks at Cormeilles, 1200m and 1000m long. The Sprint races will use the renowned Sodi RX 250, while the Juniors will compete at the wheel of the Sodi LR5. The 40 qualified teams in Endurance will benefit from practice sessions before starting off for the Endurance Cup, a great night race of 12 hours!

Exceptional allocations!
This year 3MK Events will offer prizes of exceptional quality. First, the winner of the 2016 Junior Cup will receive full equipment including an Alpinestars racesuit the same as that of the official drivers of the Sodi Racing Team, as well as boots, gloves and a Bell helmet.

The winning team in the Endurance Cup will form a competition team to participate in the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans Karting, the most legendary endurance race in the world, which will take place on 17th and 18th September.

The winner of the Sprint Cup will meanwhile be invited to spend two days in formal training with the Sodi Racing Team, a unique immersion in the world of high-level competition. The Sodikart factory will open its doors for a personalised discovery of its infrastructure and expertise. The 2016 SWS International champion then participate as a driver in a day’s testing alongside Anthony Abbasse and Bas Lammers, the Sodi factory drivers. An unforgettable experience with the Sodi Racing Team and its talented drivers who are used to international podiums!

Finally, all competitors of the SWS World Final will be invited to a extraordinary closing evening, on Saturday, July 9th, in the heart of Paris.

Planning for the 2016 SWS World Final

The meeting starts at Racing Kart de Cormeilles from 14 pm Thursday, July 7th. The presence of the teams and all of the drivers is mandatory for administrative control and briefing.
Friday and Saturday will be devoted to the many races of the Sprint Cup and the Junior Cup which will be completed on Saturday afternoon. The teams of the Endurance Cup will have more than two hours of running in free and timed practice before starting their 12 hours at night on Friday night.

To participate in the 2016 SWS World Final, drivers must be qualified, and the list is available on the website www.sodiwseries.com. (Http://www.sodiwseries.com/fr/sodi-world-finals/2016-paris.html)

For the lucky qualifiers, registration is done online without delay from the driver’s account.

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From the Tower: Superkarts! USA Pro Tour SpringNationals 2016 http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/from-the-tower-superkarts-usa-pro-tour-springnationals-2016/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/from-the-tower-superkarts-usa-pro-tour-springnationals-2016/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 18:12:41 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65403 SKUSA Pro Tour 2016-logoWe spend our entire raceday up in the tower, watching every on-track session while producing our EKN Trackside Live program, so not much time is spent roaming the paddock for the stories. The ‘From the Tower’ column is our chance to delve deeper into some of the accounts that develop over a race weekend, those that may or may not have been included in the daily race reports. For complete coverage of the SKUSA Pro Tour SpringNationals 2016, visit the EKN Event Page – DC

Record Weekend

The long line Thursday morning for registration (Photo: Scott Falcone)

The long line Thursday morning for registration (Photo: Scott Falcone)

The 2016 Superkarts! USA Pro Tour opened up to record numbers at the SpringNationals this past weekend. A total of 255 drivers took on the challenging Phoenix Kart Racing Association facility in Glendale, Arizona breaking all previous entry totals for a Spring or Summer Pro Tour event. With the large numbers came some issues, primarily Thursday morning when nearly everyone was trying to get into the paddock and prepare for the ‘unofficial’ practice day. Some waited over three hours to sign the insurance waivers and receive their packets as there was no registration desk Wednesday during the move-in. This was a minor setback to start the weekend, and officials moved the start of the practice rounds an hour to ensure everyone was entered into the paddock before track time began. Superkarts! USA is already looking to remedy the situation for New Castle, where the first ‘unofficial’ practice trial run took place last year. A new card system is also in the works to make the registration process much easier.

Every Track is a Challenge

For the first time in SKUSA history, the track was contested in the counter-clockwise direction. The 8/10-mile course is consistently utilized in the clockwise direction, including the two previous SpringNationals (2012 and 2014). Looking at it from the outside, and not driving it, I wasn’t impressed. I think for a driver, it was a great challenge, but for a great race track, it appeared the opposite way was the optimal choice. The feeling through the paddock was mixed, however, we were greeted to some close competition throughout the weekend in all the categories without a single double winner.

The starts for Junior, Mini and Micro were moved to the front straight toward the end of Saturday (Photo: EKN)

The starts for Junior, Mini and Micro were moved to the front straight toward the end of Saturday (Photo: EKN)

Walking around taking photos throughout the weekend, the counter-clockwise direction amped up the action through the kink section. In the ‘normal’ direction, it is a great set-up area before heading down the long straight and into the ‘Daytona’ corner – both in shifter and TaG competition. This weekend, it was a flat out, balls to wall, pedal to the metal, hang on corner. At 80mph, the ‘kink’ played a vital role in how some races were won and some were lost. It was especially tricky for the starts in all divisions, with the shifterkarts placed on the long straight for their standing start and the kink the first ‘corner’ after the launch. The single-speed categories filed into their lanes down the long straight, with the lights going out just before the kink and the field swarmed into the tricky left-hander. SKUSA officials elected to move the starting position for Junior, Mini and Micro Swift divisions up to the start/finish line, utilizing the cut-through straight to avoid the esses, and keep a slow pace toward the green flag. It helped to eliminate the high-speed wrecks, but not all could be avoided when you have over 40 young drivers all vying for the same piece of race track. Looking into the future, should Superkarts! USA return to the PKRA facility, I would assume the clockwise direction will return as the direction of the course.

Safety Always Needs to Come First

Corner workers demand our respect as their number one goal is the competitors safety (Photo: EKN)

Corner workers demand our respect as their number one goal is the competitors safety (Photo: EKN)

The kink was also the location of a very scary incident during the S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto warm-up session Saturday. The wreck involved a few drivers, along with Checkered Motorsports’ Kyle Smith and assistant race director Scott Clark. Hunter Pickett had spun and stalled the kart, and was attempting to restart with the assistance of Clark. As Pickett was about to pull away until he was run over by another driver, and Smith connected with Clark.

Smith suffered head trauma, and discharged from the Phoenix hospital on Tuesday. The prognoses is good, however, he is in a lot of pain and not permitted to fly as of yet. Smith along with his father Jeff are staying in the Phoenix area with friends, waiting until Kyle is given the go to fly back home to Pennsylvania. A GoFundMe account has been established for Kyle Smith. Clark suffered a number of broken bones from his shoulder down to his feet along the left side of his body. Scott also suffered head trauma, and remains in a Phoenix hospital after completing pelvis and ankle surgeries on Monday. His wife has traveled to be with him as we continue to receive updates on his healing process. Please keep both families in your thoughts as they begin the path to recovery.

The situation brings about a call for change in the way we conduct ourselves on the track. Restarting a kart, including a shifterkart, is allowed by Superkarts! USA and other organizations. International Kart Federation is one organization that prohibits drivers from exiting their kart and restarting. It was a situation we saw unfold in front of us in 2014 during a street race in Texas. A driver stalled on the start, got out, waited for the field to leave and then restarted his kart. He went on to win the race until officials disqualified him for exiting the kart and restarting.

Drivers stalled on the course throughout the weekend in Phoenix and attempted to restart and rejoin the action. Some did it in a safe matter, while others did with no sense or care how they did it. Restarting of karts not only puts drivers in a dangerous position, it also puts the track workers in a vulnerable spot when attempting to help or assist.

I would like to see all organizations update their rules that anytime a driver stalls AND exits the kart, they are not allowed to restart their machine. Too many times have the corner workers put themselves in danger in order to restart a kart, with a field of 40 metal machines closing in and coming just inches away from striking them both. Too many times do we see driver walk away from their karts, never lending a hand to remove their damaged or stalled kart out of the way of danger. Drivers need to have a responsibility when involved in an accident or suffering from a mechanical issue. Get your kart and yourself out of any dangerous situation. Otherwise, there needs to be stiff penalties for ignoring safe entry or exit from the track.

Where are All the Penalties?

Penalties were the biggest complaint I heard throughout the paddock. Following a blunt and to the point driver’s meeting, many felt a number of penalties were left out on the track and nothing was handed out throughout the weekend. Sitting in the scoring tower, we hear and listen to all of the radio chatter. I can tell you there was rarely a session that the radio was silent. Large fields leads to a number of drivers close together, running in larger than normal race packs. Not all contact is deemed to be ‘avoidable’ and equate into a penalty. Contact is a part of racing and with the tight confines of PKRA circuit, it was part of racing throughout the weekend.

One thing that is lacking at the SKUSA events with the penalties is the public posting of those. At the Challenge of the Americas for example, each and every penalty is on display near the results postings to let the entire paddock know just who is penalized and for what. Part of that problem is the officials structure of the event. There needs to be more staff watching over what is happening on-track, and someone connecting with the paddock and the on-track staff. There also needs to be more corner workers to help with the safety factor. Five or six karts jammed up on the track together need more than just one corner worker there helping to pull apart the machines, especially for the younger categories that continue to increase in participation.

Large Fields and Long Days

The 44-driver field of X30 Senior gearing up for a start (Photo: EKN)

The 44-driver field of X30 Senior gearing up for a start (Photo: EKN)

The average number for entries per class was 31 on the weekend. The lowest (S1) brought in a higher number than last year’s totals with three categories reaching the 40-mark (X30 Senior, X30 Junior, Mini Swift). Larger fields tend to amp up the madness on-track. The incident Saturday morning delayed things roughly about an hour, making the event a ‘ready-racing’ push to get things completed. That leaves little time for the track workers to take breaks, thanks to the two-heat and a Final format. Thankfully, there was only two red flags – one for a blocked track and one for a flip in the Mini Swift, with all drivers able to leave uninjured.

By the time the main events began, there was a risk of severe weather approaching. The X30 Junior Final was on-track when a light sprinkle fell. At lap eight, officials called for the checkered flag, ending the race four laps early from the rescheduled 12 laps. It was one of the worst calls I had seen involving precipitation since the Rotax Grand Nationals in 2007. The rain didn’t come down strong enough until the X30 Master group was on track, following a windy and yet still dry S2 main event, as their final few laps were during a steady rain. The remaining categories moved to the wet MG Tires until the last group – S1 hit the track. The track was beginning to take a dry line, and it quickly dried up when the Pros hit the track. Billy Musgrave, Nic LeDuc, Joey Wimsett, and Luke Shanahan were among those taking the gamble for slick Evinco tires. It paid off for Musgrave, Wimsett and LeDuc, placing on the podium 1-2-3.

The day completed roughly an hour behind the printed schedule, where the day began just before qualifying following the warm-up incident. Each category saw four race laps removed, except for the X30 Junior which had eight taken away with the ‘rain’ and the shortening of the main events. This type of schedule is what kills events. We saw it in Daytona, as daylight is premium during the late December time slot. Here in Phoenix, the track lighting could have been utilized as it was during the ‘unofficial’ practice day on Thursday. However, officials were already on-track for nearly 12 hours with little to no break.

To me, a Prefinal-Final format each day allows you the opportunity to end the day at a reasonable time, while also providing more down time to give workers a much needed rest, and offer some buffer minutes incase things are delayed for any reason – incident or weather related.

Benik led the chassis win list with four, including a sweep of Mini and Micro (Photo: EKN)

Benik led the chassis win list with four, including a sweep of Mini and Micro (Photo: EKN)

On the flip side, if people love the heat format, why not do like they used to in the old ProMoto Tour days or run a CIK-style format with qualifying, two heats, Prefinal and Final over two days of competition. This would crown just one winner on the weekend – just like the SuperNationals – rather than a ‘Day 1 Winner’ or a ‘Day 2 Winner’ of the SpringNationals or SummerNationals. Give the competitors two sets of tires to use throughout the two days at any time. Bring back the open hot pit for qualifying to extend that session more, and a driver could use BOTH sets of tires to try and set their fast time. Or, I just may be talking out of my ass and the racers don’t mind what we have now.

Parity Amongst the Event

For the first time in SKUSA Pro Tour seven-year history, there was no driver who scored two main event wins on the weekend. The previous six SpringNationals and six SummerNationals had at least one driver triumph both days. This goes to show how close the competition was all weekend. Along with driver parity, there was also chassis parity with 12 different brands scoring victory in the 18 different main events. The most wins went to Benik which swept the Mini and Micro Swift divisions. The big three – OTK, CRG, and Birel ART – only scored four wins total with many of the smaller, yet successful and popular models earning victories. Praga continues to expand across North America, taking home three victories in three different divisions. GP remains its winning streak, dating back to the opening year of the SKUSA Pro Tour thanks to a big victory by former S1 champion Daniel Bray. Intrepid, Italkart, DR Kart and Merlin all added to their win total in the series with COMPKART taking home its first SKUSA Pro Tour victory thanks to the win by Dante Yu in the competitive X30 Junior division.

Breakthrough Weekend for Many

Yu was among the long list of drivers scoring their first SKUSA Pro Tour victory. Ryan Norberg and Braden Eves, each beginning their second season in the Senior ranks, were among the top drivers all weekend long. Norberg (Orlando Kart Center / Tony Kart) was fast in the dry and the wet, sweeping the opening round. It appeared to be another sweep in the making Sunday until contact at the kink with Matteo Vigano ended his race. This opened the door for Eves (MDD / Kosmic) to land his first SKUSA victory, and the two now enter the SummerNationals as the drivers to beat. It is a young look at the front with top rookies Brandon Lemke (Franklin Motorsports / Merlin) and Zach Holden (Koene USA / Tony Kart) standing on the podium as well during the weekend.

Alan Michel was among the many drivers to earn a breakthrough victory at the SpringNationals (Photo: EKN)

Alan Michel was among the many drivers to earn a breakthrough victory at the SpringNationals (Photo: EKN)

The S2 category is perfect for molding rising talent, and we continue to see future S1 star shine. Austin Wilkins showed us a glimpse at the SuperNationals in November, and followed through with his first ever SKUSA victory on Saturday. The Dallas Karting Complex / SodiKart shifterkart program has continued to evolve, and Wilkins is the latest product with a holeshot win in the tough conditions of Saturday’s main event. Sunday was another holeshot victory, this time for Leading Edge Motorsprots’ Hunter Kelly. The S5 graduate won at the SuperNationals in his Junior finale, and shown well at the regional level. Kelly continued to get better and better, with former SKUSA race winner Trevor McAlister guiding him throughout the weekend. It all came together with a masterful drive in Sunday’s Final.

Local drivers always dream of racing against the best in the country, and for Alan Michel, that wish came true. Moving up to the S4 division this season, the PKRA regular took on four former national champions in Darren Elliott, Jordon Musser, Ryan Kinnear and Gian Cavaciuti. The rain slowed his pace on Saturday with Musser coming through for his first win since his championship season in 2013. Michel fought off all of them Sunday, as the Praga driver earned his first SKUSA Pro Tour triumph.

The top of the Junior field was left open heading into the SpringNationals with the graduation of the last two champions David Malukas and Brandon Lemke. Lance Fenderson (VSR / Tony Kart) and Dante Yu (J3 Competition / COMPKART) are holding the top of the mountain after their victories on the weekend. Jagger Jones (Ryan Perry Motorsport / Tony Kart) led a number of the sessions throughout the weekend as did British driver and TaG Cadet SuperNationals winner Jonny Edgar (Team Benik / Kosmic). When the SummerNationals hit, don’t be surprised to see the Merlin Nation drivers of Alex Bertagnoli and Sam Mayer in the hunt. Diego LaRoque and Tyler Maxson became first time winners in the Mini Swift division while their Team Benik British counterparts Oliver Denny and Brandon Carr became the inaugural winners of the Micro Swift division on the SKUSA Pro Tour.

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Sanzaru Games Race #2 Featured Great Weather and Great Racing http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/sanzaru-games-race-2-featured-great-weather-and-great-racing/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/sanzaru-games-race-2-featured-great-weather-and-great-racing/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 13:16:31 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65384 After and wet start to the season at Race #1, Race #2 was blessed with great 80 degree days. The tight Sprint track made for a grueling challenge for the drivers. The GoPro feature 80 Masters class had a strong turnout of 10 karts. Kid Karts ran for the first time in series history as part of the Saturday practice program and all had a good day.

GoPro 80 Masters

Sanzaru-Roger CornwallWith 10 karts, 80 Masters had a strong turnout. Charles Hastings took his now customary position on pole with John Collins 2nd in his new kart with Tom Nelson 3rd. In the first Pre-Main, Nelson had troubles on the second lap and pulled off. Hastings took the win closely followed by Collins and Roger Cornwall with last month’s winner Dave Holstein in 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Collins got the lead and Hastings had to chase. In the end, Collins took a 1 second win, Hastings 2nd, Cornwall 3rd and Allen Miller 4th. In the Main, Hastings lead Cornwall until his kart came to a stop on lap 11. Cornwall then drove on to a 3 second win with Collins and Nelson in their own duel for the runner up spot. In the end, Nelson got by and took 2nd, Collins 3rd, Dave Holstein came home 4th with Geoff Provo 5th. For the win, Roger took home the GoPro Hero4 Camera.

Kid Kart

4 kid karts, 2 Hondas and 2 Comers, took to the track on Saturday running the North loop of the Simraceway kart track. The Kid Karts ran for 6 sessions with the 5th session being an 8 lap Pre-Main followed by a 10 lap Main. Kid Karts will be a participation only class this year with awards at the end of the day by no official championship. In the Qualifying session, Nigel Wildt (Comer) took the pole ahead of Christian Cameron (Honda), Andrew Freire (Comer) and Sasha Ryabov (Honda). In the Pre-Main, Christian made the pass for the lead and drove on to the win, Andrew 2nd and Nigel 3rd. In the Main, Andrew took the lead out of turn one with Christian challenging for the lead entering turn two. The two karts touched and Christian had to drive over the corner rumble strip and threw his chain. Andrew continued on but a few laps later had his fuel line come off and had to park his kart. It was now Nigel and Sasha in a close battle for the lead and the two crossed the finish line almost side up side with Sasha edging out Nigel for the win. Sasha took the Sanzaru Series’ first ever Kid Kart win (as well as first in the Honda class), Nigel 2nd (first in the Comer class), Andrew 3rd (2nd in the Comer class) and Christian 4th (2nd in the Honda class. 1st and 2nd place Medals were awarded to the drivers.

Molecule Senior Rotax

Sanzaru-Zach PettinicchiZach Pettinicchi took the pole ahead of Enzo Prevost and Kyle Loh. In the first Pre-Main, Enzo passed into the lead and held on to take the win, Zach 2nd, Kyle 3rd and Zia Harvey 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Zach took the early lead and held off Enzo to take the win, Enzo 2nd, with Kyle and Zia a repeat in 3rd and 4th. In the Main, it was the same top three karts battling up front with Zach taking the early lead and not giving Enzo any look to make a pass. In the end, Zach, who turned 18 on Saturday) took the win, Enzo 2nd, Kyle a well-deserved 3rd, new comer Dominic Giansiracusa 4th, Brendan Fabular 5th and Zia 6th. This was Dominic’s first outdoor karting race as he previously only had indoor karting experience.

Honda CRF 250 Shifter and Molecule Rotax DD2

The 250 karts took to the track with the DD2 class. In Qualifying , Jim Inglebright took the pole ahead of Richard Stock and Ori Della Penna. This was Inglebright’s first 250 race having spent several years driving in the 125 Stock Honda Masters class. In the first Pre-Main, Inglebright took the lead off the start with Stock staying close but not seeing a chance for the pass. Inglebright took the win, Stock 2nd, Della Penna 3rd and the DD2 of Michael Ostrowski in 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Hilleman took the lead at the green but things got all mixed up going into turn two and the top three drivers all touched sending Hilleman spinning off. Inglebright recovered to take the win, Stock 2nd, Ostrowski 3rd and Della Penna 4th. In the Main, Stock took the lead early with Della Penna close behind. Inglebright fell back and was not able to recover. Ostrowski was looking to have fun dicing with the 250 karts again when he had problems on the 2nd lap and had to pit. In the end, Stock took the win, Della Penna 2nd, Inglebright 3rd and Hilleman 4th.

Molecule Micro Max

Sanzaru-Sebastiaan MulderThe Micro class had another large field of drivers. Christian Legaspi took the pole just ahead of Sebastiaan Mulder but Christian had problems in post Qualifying tech and was moved to the back. Thus Sebastiaan took the pole ahead of Skyler Geczi and Ayrton Tyler. In the first Pre-Main, Sebastiaan drove on to a convincing win ahead of Skyler, Christian driving through the field to finish 3rd with Adam Freire 4th. In the second Pre-Main, the result was the same as in the first race with Sebastiaan taking a second convincing win, Skyler 2nd, Christian 3rd and Adam 4th. In the Main, Sebastiaan took the lead out of turn one followed by Christian and Skyler and a 4 kart battle for 4th. Christian started third in the Main, but was not able to challenge Sebastiaan in speed. At the flag, Sebastiaan took the win, Christian drove a solid day of racing to take 2nd, Skyler 3rd. The 4 kart battle for 4th was won by Adam Freire followed closely by Ryan Persing, Andrew Rivera and Ayrton Tyler.

Molecule Junior Rotax

The Junior Rotax class looks to be the strongest class in the series from top to bottom. Bryson Lew took the pole ahead of Colin Mullan and Brennan Stammer. In the first Pre-Main, Bryson took the lead at the drop of the green followed closely by Colin with Nick Persing battling with Brennan for the 3rd spot. In the end, Bryson did not make any mistakes and did not give Colin a good look for a pass, so Bryson took the win, Colin 2nd, Nick held off Brennan to take 3rd. In the second Pre-Main, Bryson took the early lead again followed closely by Nick and Brennan. Colin fell back early and could not make up the lost ground. In the end, Bryson took the win, Nick 2nd, Brennan 3rd and Ryan Tate 4th. In the Main, Bryson again took the early lead again followed by Nick and Colin with Brennan falling off the pace a bit. Going into the last lap, Byson made one mistake exiting the bottom turn and this allowed Colin to drive deep into the sweeper that leads into the infield portion of the track. Colin now had the lead followed by Bryson. Going into the last turn, Colin got through the turn clean but Nick banged into the side of Bryson to overtake Bryson for 2nd. The officials ruled the contact that Nick put on Bryson was too rough and awarded 2nd to Bryson with Nick taking the 3rd, Brennan 4th and Ryan 5th.

HPD Stock Honda Masters and HPD Pro Stock Honda

Pro Stock driver Jacob Neal took the pole ahead of Masters Eric Molinatti and Patrick O’Neill. In the first Pre-Main, Jacob moved to the back of the pack thus Molinatti was on the pole. On the start, Molinatti got off the line slow with O’Neill leading the field through turn one. Molinatti recovered to work his way back to 2nd. In the end, O’Neill took the win, Jacob Neil worked his way past Molinatti to take 2nd, Molinatti 3rd and Travis Bowles 4th and Nick Major 5th. In the second Pre-Main Molinatti took the early lead and was never headed followed by O’Neill, Kevin Woods and Justin Bennett and that is how they finished. In the Main, Molinatti took the lead at the drop of the green and was never seriously pressured. O’Neill held a close 2nd but could not pick up the extra speed to make a challenge. The best race on the track was for 3rd with Bowles getting strong challenges from Woods and David Arnstein. In the end, Molinatti took the win, O’Neill 2nd, Bowles 3rd for his first podium finish in the series, Woods 4th and Arnstein 5th. Pro Stock Jacob Neil started the race way back from the Masters and worked his way to 7th overall recording a fast lap of 48.873 seconds.

Molecule Mini Max

Sanzaru-Matteo SandovalA big field of karts took the track to equal the largest class of the day. Aiden O’Neill took the pole followed by Dustin Salaverria and Matteo Sandoval 3rd. Matteo had a tech issue and was placed in the 10th position with Jovy Levin moving up to the 3rd spot. In the first Pre-Main, Dustin was able to get in front of Aiden early in the race and handled the pressure from Aiden to take the win. Matteo quickly worked his way through the field to take 3rd with Aiden Piggott 4th. The second heat was a repeat of the first with Dustin getting ahead of Aiden O’Neill and taking a 2 second win, Sandoval again worked his way from 10th to 3rd with Aiden Piggott 4th. In the Main, Dustin took the early lead closely followed by O’Neill with Matteo 3rd. On lap two, the two leaders touched and both spun with O’Neill getting stuck on a curb and was out of the race. Matteo took over the lead and proceeded to open up a sizable gap on the rest of the field. Dustin was able to return to the race but some positions behind. Dustin worked his way into 2nd and started the chase for the lead. Going into the last lap, Dustin was a few kart lengths back and had a chance to close the gap but Matteo drove a strong clean lap and the gap did not shrink that much. Going into the last two corners, Matteo had a gap that appeared to assure the win but Dustin made a late attempt for a pass on the last corner that resulted in hard contact with Matteo, the hit resulted in Matteo flipping. A red flag was displayed to stop the race and the rest of the field being stopped before the incident. The race was called complete at that point, Dustin being issued a DQ for the causing the incident on Matteo and the finishing order was as determined by the last completed green lap at lap 14. Matteo was awarded the win, Aiden Piggott 2nd, Jovy Levin 3rd, Nolan Siegal 3rd and William Ferguson 5th. This was the first series podium finishes for Piggott and Levin.

EVO Electrics

Enzo Prevost took the pole in this field ahead of Matt Cresci and Richard Hilleman. In the first 8 lap Pre-Main, Cresci took over the lead from Prevost and drove onto the win, Jimmy Casey 2nd and Enzo 3rd. In the second heat, Enzo held off the challenges from Cresci and took the win, Cresci 2nd and Casey 3rd. In the 12 lap Main, the same top three drivers from the Pre-Mains ran nose to tail in the Main each trying to determine when was the best time to make the final attack. In the end, Casey took the win with Cresci and Enzo just a half second back with Hilleman in 4th.

Molecule Rotax Masters

Sanzaru-Roman AlekseenkovNine drives took the track with Roman Alekseenkov taking the pole ahead of Kelly Heil and Vijay Nagarajan 3rd. In the first Pre-Main Roman took the lead out of turn one and was never headed. Kelly was close but could not muster the speed to challenge for the lead. These two finished 1-2 with Roman the winner, Kelly 2nd, Vijay 3rd, and Tom Fallon 4th. In the second Pre-Main, Roman and Kelly again lead the field with Roman taking the win, Kelly close behind with Bob Olson coming in 3rd and Vijay 4th. In the Main, Roman controlled the field from the front again and drove on with no errors to take the win. Kelly stayed close but could not match Roman’s speed and settled for a solid 2nd. Vijay came home 3rd, Olson 4th and Aaron Farris 5th.

The next race will be May 15 where the track configuration will be the Pro National Track and the GoPro Feature class will be Senior Rotax.

All results and points can be seen on the series website at www.sanzarukarting.com.

Follow Sanzaru Karting on Twitter and Facebook for the latest series announcements

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WKA Gold Cup Points from Jacksonville Now Available http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/wka-gold-cup-points-from-jacksonville-now-available/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/wka-gold-cup-points-from-jacksonville-now-available/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 13:05:55 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65382 With 1 race in the books for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series, the official 2016 points following the season opening event at 103rd Street Sports Complex in Jacksonville, Florida are now available.

Leading the way by virtue of his sweep in the Boon and Sons LO206 Kid Kart Class is Brently Miller, holding the edge over Gold Cup newcomer Rachel Richter.

After sweeping the entire weekend in Sportsman competition, defending champion Aiden Baker Crouse is atop the standings in 3 classes. Crouse leads Cale Hall in the Sportsman Gas Lite class, with Landen Lewis, former Kid Kart competitor Blake Boon, and Elmer Edmonson completing the top 5. In the Brads Heating and Cooling Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy class, Crouse leads Lewis in the standings, with Tanner Carter, Cale Hall, and Elmer Edmonson completing the top 5, while Crouse completes the trifecta in Race #1, leading former Kid Kart competitor Caleb Gafrarar, Edmonson, Kevin Lanyi, and Blake Boon in the LA South Tire Sportsman LO206 class.

In Junior competition, Matt Miller, a 2-time champion in 2015, again leads 2 of the 3 Junior categories, holding the edge over Brian Van Cleve and Jimmy Cole Jackson, who are currently tied for second in the Junior Pro Gas Lite class, while Miller leads Cade Frazier, Jackson, Hunter Fox, and Andrew Willis in the Water Medic Junior LO206 group. Cody Hall holds the edge over Miller in the Briggs & Stratton Racing Junior Pro Gas Heavy class, with Van Cleve, Jackson, and Alex Vrabel completing the top 5.

Jacob Heavlow has broken out of the gate in both the Senior Pro Gas Medium class, sponsored by Coyote Motorsports and Jims Marine, as well as the Senior Pro Gas Heavy class, sponsored respectively by Briggs & Stratton Racing and Inferno Racing Clutches. Heavlow leads older brother Jimmy, along with Sean Meier, Mike Greiner, and Matthew Lewis in the Medium category, while the Heavlow brother tandem also leads the Senior Pro Gas Heavy class, sponsored by Bordeaux Dyno Cams and Trackside Kart Supply. Matt Mayes, Matt Travis, and Matthew Lewis complete the top 5 in the standings.

In the Senior LO206 Heavy class, sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Racing and Inferno Racing Clutches, Michael Clark has bolted out to the early lead, with the slightest of leads over Jax weekend winner Corey Towles. While just 5 points separate the top 2, Jason Yarbrough, Patrick O’Neal, and Sean Meier are in the hunt.

And finally in the Briggs & Stratton Racing Masters Senior LO206, a new class for 2016, Joey Miller also holds a slim 5-point advantage over Brad Farmer, with Tim Stiefel, Jerry Yarbrough, and Vernon Sparks making up the top 5.

Whether the points see a shakeup, or they get extended by the current points leaders will be determined June 24-26 when the series hits the track at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina for the Series second stop, the Carolina Summer Nationals.

To view the current series points standings, click here.

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Spectacular CRG at the Opener of the German Championship in Wackersdorf http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/spectacular-crg-at-the-opener-of-the-german-championship-in-wackersdorf/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/spectacular-crg-at-the-opener-of-the-german-championship-in-wackersdorf/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 13:03:20 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65379 The drivers competing on CRG chassis have been great protagonists at the circuit of Wackersdorf (Germany) in the first round of the German Championship. Jorrit Pex in KZ2, Max Tubben in Shifterckart Cup, Paavo Tonteri in OK and Dennis Hauger in OK Junior.

Spectacle did not go missing in the opener of the DMK in Germany at Wackersdorf. Four categories made it to the track, as alongside KZ2 the new KZ2 Shifterkart Cup took also place for semi-professional drivers. A lot of strong names of international karting came to the fore, including a big number of CRG drivers in a kind of festival of the Italian chassis that has been absolute protagonist of the first round of the German Championship.


CRG driver Jorrit Pex, who is the reigning world champion and winner of four German championships in a row from 2011 to 2014 was again in his place in KZ2. Jorrit Pex and CRG Holland won in fact the first of the two Finals of Wackersdorf after scoring the pole position, 11 thousands of a second clear of his brother Stan, and after winning both qualifying heats. His victory in Race-1 has been absolutely spectacular: he managed to win his campaign at the end of a good duel involving him, Hajek, Forè and Ardigò, as the third step of the podium went to another CRG driver, Simo Puhakka, on track with CRG Racing Germany. Paolo De Conto has also shown a great competitiveness on CRG run by Renda Motorsport. He was fifth at the flag after a good comeback race, while Fabian Federer was eighth on CRG run by SRP Racing Team and has been among the quickest of the first part of the race.

Simo Puhakka stalled at the start of race-2, which caused a multiple incident involving also Paolo De Conto who started right behind his team mate: this event put off two of the absolute protagonists on CRG. Jorrit Pex has been again among the quickest and was second behind Forè, scoring another podium that launched the CRG Holland driver on top of the classification. The podium was rounded up by another CRG driver, Daniel Stell, of Team SRP. Fabian Federer was eighth again, while Stan Pex was 13th after the DNF in Race-1. Dylan Davies of CRG Keijzer Racing was 19th in race-1 and 15th in race-2.


In KZ2 of DMSB Shifterkart Cup the two finals were won by the Dutch driver of CRG Holland Max Tubben. On the podium of race-1 also two other drivers of Tinini Group: the Austrian Christoph Hold on Maranello and the German Maximilian Paul on DR. Among CRG drivers, a great fourth place was obtained by the Spanish driver of Renda Motorsport Enrico Prosperi as the Swede Andreas Johansson and the Dutch Symen Wiggers of CRG Holland ended respectively in sixth and seventh place. As said, Max Tubben won also race-2, while Christoph Hold was second on Maranello and Maximilian Paul fourth on DR. The fifth and eighth place went to Symen Wiggers and Max Weering, both on CRG Holland. Max Tubben is currently leading the championship, with Christoph Hold second and Maximilian Paul third.


The new OK category had 18 drivers at the start. The ruler in this case has been another CRG driver: the Finn Paavo Tonteri, who made it to the track with CRG TB Racing Team. Quickest in qualifying, Tonteri won both heats and then the first of the two Finals. In race-2 the CRG driver managed to get on the podium in P3, which earned him the classification lead, one point clear of race-2 winner Basz. A good race in OK was also put in by the German Tim Troger of CRG TB Racing Team. He was ninth in Race-1 and 12th in Race-2, as in the second Final he was proceeded by the Russian of  CRG Keijzer Racing Ivan Nosov.


The young Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger has been shining among the protagonists of OK Junior. In Wackersdorf he confirmed his speed, fighting always on top. Hauger, on track with CRG Holland, started on a high with the sixth time in qualifying at only 42 thousands from the pole position, keeping his momentum in the heats claiming two victories, one of which was turned later on into a P21 due to a time penalty. This also forced him to the eleventh time of the provisional classification after heats. The young driver of CRG was not upbeat and counter-charged in Race-1 scoring a good podium in P3. He later on confirmed his place among the quickest of race-2, ending with a spectacular P2, even if then he was relegated to the eighth place by a 5 seconds time penalty. Thanks to these two results, Hauger is currently holding a promising fourth place of the classification.

Among the quickest on CRG also Tara Eichenberber of X-Rei Motorsport, who was seventh in qualifying and tenth in Race-1, while the Russian Lev Golovin of CRG Keijzer Racing was eighth in race-1 and sixth in race-2 and  Luca Maisch of CRG TB Racing Team was fifth in race-2.

The next rounds of the German Championship:

12.06.2016 – Ampfing (D)

17.07.2016 – Genk (B)

11.09.2016 – Oschersleben (D)

25.09.2016 – Kerpen (D)

All results available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/

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Maranello Kart and Hold Get a Double Podium in the German Championship http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/maranello-kart-and-hold-get-a-double-podium-in-the-german-championship/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/maranello-kart-and-hold-get-a-double-podium-in-the-german-championship/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 12:59:40 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65376 Christoph Hold has been among the quickest and an absolute protagonist of the first round of the German Championship in the DMSB Shifterkart Cup KZ2, scoring two second places in the exciting Finals of Wackersdorf.

Maranello Kart put in an excellent performance in the opener of the German Championship held at the circuit of Wackersdorf, as the Austrian driver Christoph Hold scored two podiums on Maranello-Modena in as many exciting finals of the DMSB Shifterkart Cup KZ2.

The Maranello Kart driver has been an absolute protagonist since the beginning of the first event of the German season: he set the pole position and hauled a victory and a second place in the heats, that earned him a pole position start in the first of the two finals.

Hold took an early lead in Race-1, keeping it for most of the race. He then engaged in a great duel for the victory with CRG driver Max Tubben and eventually ended second.

Another great duel for P1 characterized Race-2. Christoph Hold managed in fact to find his way past poleman and Race-1 winner Tubben after a few laps. Hold authoritatively led the second final up to the 14th of the 21 scheduled laps, when he was overtaken by Tubben, but managed to stay very close to his rival all the way to the flag. Thanks to these two second places, Hold and Maranello Kart confirmed to be among the main protagonists of the German championship and currently hold the second place of the classification 7 points short of Tubben.

The American Jason Alden has also been competing on Maranello Kart in Wackersdorf, but a retirement in Race-1 compromised his final result and relegated him to the 26th place in Race-2.

The next rounds of the German Championship:

12.06.2016 – Ampfing (D)

17.07.2016 – Genk (B)

11.09.2016 – Oschersleben (D)

25.09.2016 – Kerpen (D)

All results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/

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Special Programs Announced for Rotax Racers in the Northeast Region http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/special-programs-announced-for-rotax-racers-in-the-northeast-region/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/special-programs-announced-for-rotax-racers-in-the-northeast-region/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 12:40:19 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65373 Known for cultivating some of the top karting talent around, Oakland Valley Race Park (OVRP) and the NEKC series announce today several special programs aimed at Rotax racers in the Northeast region. Through associations with the MAXSpeed Group and the Diversified Private Wealth Advisors Driver Promotion program, in honor of the late Peter Hannen, Rotaxians will benefit from engine programs and Sofina Foods US Open Presented by Fikse Wheels series finale entries.

Honoring the late Peter Hannen, a beloved fixture at OVRP and in the Northeast karting region, the Diversified Private Wealth Advisors Driver Promotion program will award Sofina Foods US Open of Las Vegas entries to NEKC champions in Rotax Micro MAX, Mini MAX, Junior MAX, Senior MAX, and Masters MAX. With the entries awarded in Hannen’s name, who was known to say, “get your helmet on and drive,” top drivers from the area will get to do just that and showcase their talents in Las Vegas this November. The free entry package will include race tires, fuel, oil and entry fee, with winners required to be a Rotax MAX Challenge (RMC) member as well as an active OVRP/NEKC member.

Additionally, OVRP/NEKC members will also be offered Rotax 125 MAX evo engine upgrade kits at a special fixed price. Drivers must be RMC members and who commit to one round of the NEKC series will be eligible to purchase one upgrade kit per customer, directly through MAXSpeed Group, for $750.00, not including pipe.

OVRP/NEKC members in the Rotax Micro and Mini MAX classes will also be able to purchase new engine packages at greatly reduced prices. Complete engines packages will be offered at $1995.00 for Micro and at $2495.00 for Mini. Additional details on both the evo upgrade pricing and reduced Micro and Mini engines are available through MAXSpeed’s network of Northeast based dealers and authorized service centers. With Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals tickets now offered in these two classes, now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of these special offers.

For more information on Oakland Valley Race Park, visit www.ovrp.net. For more information on the NEKC, visit www.northeastrotax.com

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AKRA and Racers Enjoy Great Weekend at Barnesville http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/akra-and-racers-enjoy-great-weekend-at-barnesville/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/akra-and-racers-enjoy-great-weekend-at-barnesville/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 12:35:58 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65368 AKRA logoThe American Kart Racing Association and Georgia Sprint Karting Association joined this past weekend to put on a successful and fun weekend at the historic Lamar County Speedway in Barnesville, Georgia, where racers, fans and officials enjoyed the second round of the Vega USA American Sprint Cup Series presented by TSRacing.com.

Teams from five different states – Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana and North Carolina – made the trip to Barnesville the regional event, and they were greeted by hot temperatures near 90 degrees throughout the three-day event.

Over 30 racers took part in a smooth Friday practice day that included seven complete rounds of practice with 10-minute sessions for every session from 11am to 6pm.

Saturday Racing

Florida’s Colin Warren won 206 Medium both days (Photo: Carl Barnes)

Florida’s Colin Warren won 206 Medium both days (Photo: Carl Barnes)

Several more teams joined the Lamar County Speedway pit area Saturday morning to start a day that saw Colin Warren (x2), Peyton Bridges, Cade Frazier, Tanner Carter, Mateo Rubio-Luengo, Haley Kummer, Joey Miller, Alex Giles and Steve Roberts raced to victory.

Peyton Bridges dominated the Saturday’s Boon & Sons 206 Kid Kart action. Bridges won the pole award, 10-lap heat and 15-lap feature over Rachel Richter, Round 1 Kershaw winner Brently Miller and AKRA newcomer Brock Mathis. Bridges held a solid advantage in each round of competition and was never seriously challenged.

The Kart City Performance 206 Cadet division saw Georgia’s Tanner Carterdrive his Razor chassis to the win over IONIC Edge Chassis driver Elijah Skaggs. Carter and Skaggs were the class of the 5-kart field with Owen Lloyd, Kelly Puckett and Louisiana’s Camryn Reed just a few tenths of a second off the leaders and finishing third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

While Puckett wasn’t able to run with Carter and E. Skaggs in the main event, he did score the Pole Award with a fast lap of 26.052. It marked Puckett’s first Pole Award of the 2016 season.

TS Racing factory driver Colin Warren won his first race of the weekend in Razor Chassis / Roberts Kart Shop 206 Senior Medium. Warren, who also scored the Pole Award, outdrove Georgia’s Haley Kummer to the victory. Aren Smith, AKRA newcomer Morgan Harbin and Tyler Smith rounded out the top five.

Mateo Rubio-Luengo dominated Saturday’s Target Distributing TaG Cadet Restricted competition. Rubio won each round of competition over Bryce Sanders and Lennox Roock.

Colin Warren won his second race of the day over Matt Michel in TaG Senior. Alex Giles scored the TaG Junior victory and Haley Kummer won her first of two races over Aly Antley in Michigan Kart Supply Pro Gas Animal.

Joey Miller, Bob Barthelemy and Matt Skaggs waged a close battle throughout the day in IONIC Edge Chassis 206 Masters. After winning the pole, Miller had just enough to stay in front of Barthelemy and Skaggs in the 12-lap heat.

Come feature time, many thought local veteran Barthelemy would give Miller all he could handle, but Miller made some adjustments before the main and was able to keep several kart-lengths between him and Barthelemy. Miller would drive his Razor to his third 206 Masters win of the AKRA season. Barthelemy was second, Skaggs third, Jody Covington fourth and Andy Jones fifth.

The Briggs & Stratton Racing 206 Junior main saw North Carolina’s Cade Frazier race his MGM to the victory over Louisiana’s Macon Moore.

Razor Chassis / Roberts Kart Shop owner Stevie Roberts joined the on-track action at his home track. Roberts, who now only races a handful of times each year, showed the TSRacing.com 206 Senior Heavy field he’s still got what it takes to win, scoring a clean sweep of the day’s competition highlighted by a 0.479-second win in the 18-lap feature over Colin Warren.

Warren kept his TS Racing Eagle chassis within striking distance of Roberts throughout the main event, but would never get within two kart-lengths of Roberts’ rear bumper, allowing Stevie to lead wire to wire for the victory. Joseph Skaggs finished 4 seconds back in third with Barthelemy and Ryan Taylor rounding out the top five.

Sunday Racing

Close racing in TaG Cadet Restricted (Photo: Double Vision)

Close racing in TaG Cadet Restricted (Photo: Double Vision)

A few more teams entered the gate Sunday morning for the final day of the American Sprint Cup Series’ second-ever event.

Peyton Bridges once again was the class of the field in Boon & Sons 206 Kid Kart. Bridges drove his Razor to the Pole Award – including a $50 bonus posted by AKRA – but made a mistake in the heat race, spinning out in the “esses” and allowing Brently Miller to race ahead for his first win of the weekend in a great race with Peyton and Rachel Richter.

Bridges would return strong in the 15-lap feature and lead wire to wire for the win. Miller would settle for second and Richter third. Brock Mathis drove his #88 to the fourth finishing position.

Tanner Carter made it two for two in Kart City Performance 206 Cadet with a close win over Elijah Skaggs in Sunday’s 18-lap weekend capper. Skaggs stayed glued to Carter’s rear bumper throughout the race as the two drivers put on a good show out front. Cody Hall joined the action Sunday after competing with is U.S. Legends car Saturday. Hall would settle for third, Owen Lloyd fourth, Kelly Puckett fifth and Camryn Reed sixth.

Carter also pocketed the $100 bonus for winning the 206 Cadet pole.

Colin Warren made it two for two in Sunday’s Razor Chassis / Roberts Kart Shop 206 Senior Medium contest. The Florida shoe won by 3.4 seconds over Tyler Smith, whose twin brother Aren Smith crossed the stripe just behind in P3. Haley Kummer finished P4, Cody Hall P5 and Jim Fry P6.

Warren won the $50 AKRA Pole Award bonus for 206 Medium.

Mateo Rubio-Luengo won the fourth main event Sunday afternoon at B’ville. Rubio and his Darrin Tebbe-prepared Kosmic chassis scored the Target Distributing TaG Cadet Restricted triumph over a hard-charging Bryce Sanders.

The TaG Cadet 12-lap heat race was one of the best of the weekend. Rubio, Sanders and Tanner Carter battled it out throughout the race with Sanders taking a brief mid-race lead before Rubio shot back to the inside to retake the lead and eventually score the victory. Carter rode a close third during the battle and nearly moved his FA Kart into the lead at one point of the contest.

The 18-lap feature was clean and green with Rubio leading wire to wire to win over Sanders by a several-kart-length advantage. Carter settled for third, Peyton Bridges fourth and Lennox Roock fifth. Sanders won the $50 Pole Award on his Atlanta Karting built Maverick chassis.

Sunday’s IONIC Edge Chassis 206 Masters was another great contest. Tennessee IONIC Edge pilot Matt Skaggs found more speed Sunday and won the $50 Pole Award over Saturday Masters winner Joey Miller. Skaggs also won the heat by a close margin over Miller.

Things became more interesting during the 18-lap main with Miller trying everything to overtake Skaggs. On lap 10, Miller would shoot to the inside of Skaggs into the hard left-hander at the end of the backstretch. Contact sent Skaggs through the grass with Miller taking the lead.

Two laps later Skaggs moved back to the inside of Miller to retake the lead and drive his #11 to his first AKRA win of the season. Tennessee’s Jody Covington finished a close third with Andy Jones P4.

Skaggs’ victory also put an end to Miller’s three-race win streak dating back to Round 1 at Kershaw, S.C.

Macon Moore and Cade Frazier swapped positions from the Saturday Briggs Racing 206 Junior finish. On Sunday, Moore rode his IONIC Edge to the win over Frazier’s MGM. Moore won the AKRA $50 Pole Award bonus.

Haley Kummer once again scored the Pro Gas Animal victory over Aly Antley. Kummer also won a $100 bonus sponsored by Antley Racing for winning both day’s Pole Awards.

The weekend’s final race saw Joseph Skaggs score his first AKRA win of the year in TSRacing.com 206 Senior Heavy. Skaggs drove his Arrow to an impressive win over Colin Warren, who would settle for P2 both days in 206 Heavy. Ryan Taylor drove well to a P3 finish with Aren Smith P4 and Ron Mathis rounding out the top five.

Warren won the $100 Pole Award bonus.

Joseph Skaggs’ fine weekend wasn’t just sucessful on the track. At Sunday morning’s Drivers Meeting, Joseph won the drawing for the Brute by Briggs generator, which retails at around $450. Thanks to Briggs Racing for posting the Brute by Briggs Inverter for a random drawing at every AKRA American Sprint Cup Series event in 2016!

Busted Knuckle Racing will have plenty of Vega FH front tires after Sunday’s Drivers Meeting. Bustle Knuckle / Miller Racing drivers Andy Jones, Joey Miller and his son, Brently, won three of the four Vega tire giveaways, each winning a pair of fronts! Ryan Taylor won the other pair. Thanks to Vega USA for sponsoring the tire giveaways at all American Sprint Cup Series races this year!

Click here to view MYLAPS results from AKRA at Barnesville.

Many thanks and appreciation to all racers, families and teams for their attendance at Barnesville. Thanks to the GSKA and their fine officials for helping accomplish a great weekend.

Also a great thanks to our series sponsor Vega USA, AKRA racing programs sponsor RockAuto.com, class sponsors Kart City Performance, Briggs & Stratton Racing, Razor Chassis, Roberts Kart Shop, IONIC Edge Chassis, TSRacing.com, Michigan Kart Supply, Target Distributing and Boon & Sons, and associate sponsor S&M Kart Supply.

Next up for the American Sprint Cup Series is Round 1 of the “Northern Tour” presented by Boon & Sons June 3-5 at the Genesee Valley Kart Club in Avon, N.Y.

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Picture Perfect Weekend in New Orleans for PSL http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/picture-perfect-weekend-in-new-orleans-for-psl/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/picture-perfect-weekend-in-new-orleans-for-psl/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 12:29:25 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65364 After competing for the Rotax Pan-American Championship in 2013, PSL returned to New Orleans, LA to take home three wins in a clean sweep at the opening round of the US Open.

“We’ve been working on every aspect of our program since the end of last season”, commented Team Manager Coy Arbour, “Birel ART has been a massive support in building our product to the level it is at now, and I think the results speak for themselves.”

Oliver Askew did just that this weekend, taking the pole, 3 heat wins and clearing the field in the final with a decent margin of victory in the competitive Rotax Senior category.   The 2016 Birel ART RY-30 is proving to be versatile in all situations and conditions.  Gianfranco Mazzaferro was on the gas all weekend, out pacing Oliver Askew in some sessions.  A popped chain ended Gianfranco’s final while cruising comfortably in P2.

DD2, for PSL, has been a staple category for the North American Birel ART importer, as again, they proved the PSL engine program combined with Birel ART’s CRY-30-RX, is the chassis to own in the two speed class.  Jeffrey Kingsley (DD2) and Nathan Mauel (DD2-Masters) laid down identical performances all week, both earning pole, 4 heat wins and a comfortable margin of victory in the final.  Luis Zervigon (DD2-M) finished P2 just behind Nathan after making his first national calendar appearance since the US Open Las Vegas in 2015.

Thomas Nepveu, PSL’s sole Mini-Max driver this weekend, was able to secure P5 while still keeping pace with the leaders in the final on the long NOLA Motorsports circuit.

Aden Rudolph (Micro Max), the youngest member of the roster at US Open, battled in by far the most competitive category this weekend taking home a solid P9 while cruising the nearly 1 minute 10 second circuit.

“We’re happy about the results for the team, however, the championship has only begun.  We need to keep this momentum going for Utah, but now we must focus our energy on this weekend in Phoenix for the opening round of SKUSA Pro-Tour.”

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F-Series & Racers Presented Special Opportunity to Fight Alongside of American Cancer Society http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/f-series-racers-presented-special-opportunity-to-fight-alongside-of-american-cancer-society/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/f-series-racers-presented-special-opportunity-to-fight-alongside-of-american-cancer-society/#respond Wed, 04 May 2016 12:26:14 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65362 Over this F-Series season you can be a part of a special program that has more benefits than we could ever imagine. Represent yourself to your fans, supporters and community as not just a racer but as a spokesman for a truly great cause. We have created a program that should give you the tool to promote your 2016 season while contributing to a cause that will have endless positive results.

Our season has 200 miles of fierce green flag racing. If every racer could collect just $1 for each mile raced this season the effect and combined donation will be truly exciting.  Of course we have combined such a great cause with a perfect way to promote yourself and our sport. With every donation no matter how large or small give your individual supporters an option to be added to your own fan base. The opportunity to request anyone from family to big business owners to be involved in your racing for a little as $1 will create a fantastic program to show yourself to the world! Every contributor no matter how large or small will receive monthly updates on your progress, results and racing schedule. Benefits also include a VIP invite to a special event planned at the final round of the 2016 Season.

Easy to use contributor forms will be available at all F-Series events and or our website at American Cancer Society

Please feel free to forward any questions to info@f1series.com

F-Series Racers Now Support the American Cancer Society

All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society

Special thank you goes out to Robert Rivers for making such a great program possible!

http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/04/f-series-racers-presented-special-opportunity-to-fight-alongside-of-american-cancer-society/feed/ 0
EKN Trackside: Superkarts! USA Pro Tour SpringNationals 2016 – Sunday Report http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/01/ekn-trackside-superkarts-usa-pro-tour-springnationals-2016-sunday-report/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/01/ekn-trackside-superkarts-usa-pro-tour-springnationals-2016-sunday-report/#respond Mon, 02 May 2016 05:00:48 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=65302 SKUSA Pro Tour 2016-logoAfter another warm day in the Phoenix desert, the 2016 Superkarts! USA Pro Tour is off and running with new winners, exciting stories, and loads of momentum.  The first two races of this five-race national championship program are now in the books and SKUSA enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate 16 different winners in eight classes during the second day of the seventh annual SpringNationals, as there weren’t any repeat victors on Sunday.  The level of competition has rose to a new level, following the trend of the overall entry numbers, hitting record heights.  Winning in this program carries significant weight, and the breakthrough victories of pilots like Braden Eves (X30 Senior), Alan Michel (S4 Master), Dante Yu (X30 Junior) and Hunter Kelly (S2) have turned things upside down. Veterans rose to the occasion as well, as former Pro Tour champ Daniel Bray handled the day to score the S1 win, Jamie Sieracki was flawless in second X30 Master race, and Nick Firestone posted his first S4 Super Master victory. The young drivers in the program also impressed, with British talent Brandon Carr winning in Micro Swift while Tyler Maxson made a veteran-like last lap overtaking maneuver in Mini Swift to steal the win.  In a simple statement, the competition in this year’s Pro Tour is stout.


Heat 2

Heat 1


It was the first S1 victory for Kiwi Daniel Bray since 2013

It was the first S1 victory for Kiwi Daniel Bray since 2013

It was thought to be another sweep in the making for Florida driver Ryan Norberg in the Nash Motorsports / CRG Nordam X30 Senior. The Orlando Kart Center / Tony Kart driver was quickest in qualifying, and held off challenging through the two heat races from Braden Eves and Brandon Lemke. The fight continued on in the main event, with more players coming into the mix, and early. Eves jumped out into the lead with Norberg right there in second. The two went back and forth, with Zach Holden and Matteo Vigano. On lap three, fighting for position in the tricky kink in the middle of the long back straight equated into contact of Vigano (Top Kart USA) and Norberg. The two went deep off the track, and the two saw their race end just like that. Eves continued to lead with Holden (Koene USA / Tony Kart) now the top challenger. Just as he took over the lead the following lap into the hairpin, his engine shut off thanks to a broken coil wire. This left Eves (MDD / Kosmic) once again out front, now under attack from 2014 SKUSA Pro Tour champion Jake Craig (Praga North America). Their pace was very similar, as Craig could not close up enough to make anything happen, leaving Eves alone as he lead all 16-laps at the strip to claim his first SKUSA Pro Tour victory. Last year’s Junior champion Brandon Lemke (Franklin Motorsports / Merlin) took third with Phillipe Denes (Birel ART) fourth and defending champion Louie Pagano (2Wild Karting / Tony Kart) improving all weekend long to end in the fifth position.

Former champion Daniel Bray (GP VCI Mexico) had not won at the SKUSA Pro Tour since 2013 in the PSL Karting S1 Pro Stock Moto category. Bray set the pace in qualifying with a 44.444-lap time before going on to win Heat #1 over SuperNationals winner Daniel Formal (DRT Racing / DR Kart). Formal was able to work around Bray for the lead and the win in Heat #2. The start of the main event saw contact with Formal and Luca Tilloca (GP VCI Mexico) after Bray grabbed the holeshot. Tilloca spun sideways in the opening corner hairpin, luckily with the rest of the field able to avoid him. Up front, Bray established himself as the leader, and led all 16 laps for the victory. Formal settled for second with Jake French (Dallas Karting Complex / SodiKart) charging from a Heat #1 DNF to the third step on the podium. Saturday winner Billy Musgrave (MRC / Praga) and Kolton Griffin (Pure Karting / Tony Kart) completed the top-five.

Hunter Kelly took the S2 victory with a holeshot win

Hunter Kelly took the S2 victory with a holeshot win

The 3G Kart Racing S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto category appeared to belong to Can-Am driver Kyle Wick (Rolison Performance Group / Kosmic) following the two heat races. A holeshot win over top qualifier Sting Ray Robb (Nash Motorsportz / CRG) was followed by a wire-to-wire win in the second heat race. The start of the main event saw S2 rookie Hunter Kelly (Leading Edge Motorsports / Praga) grabbed the holeshot over Wick as the top two drove away from the field. Wick challenge early but Kelly responded with quick laps to maintain a gap over the California ProKart Challenge race winner. Kelly drove to a 1.1-second advantage for his first SKUSA Pro Tour victory in the S2 division. Wick settled for runner-up with Jamaican Collin Daley winning the third position in his S2 debut with the DRT Racing / DR Kart entry. Kol Bailey (Pure Karting / Tony Kart) finished fourth with Kyle Kalish (Franklin Motorsports / Merlin) charging his way to fifth.

The ‘young guns’ played a major role in the outcome of the Master divisions on Sunday. Veteran driver John Crow (MRC / Praga) showed the way through Parolin Racing Kart X30 Master qualifying and the two heat races, setting the pace in all three on-track sessions. During that time, Merlin Nation leader Jamie Sieracki (Franklin Motorsport / Merlin) closed up and starting P2 for the main event. The Wisconsin driver got the jump when the lights went out for the main event, and paced the field. Lap after lap, the top-five kept it close with defending champion Nick Tucker (Rolison Performance Group / Tony Kart) right there. On the final lap Tucker tried to put his nose inside, but Sieracki held strong and fought off the challenge. At the line, it was a Merlin Nation victory for Sieracki in his Master debut. Tucker dropped after climbing the bumper of Sieracki, allowing Jim Russell Jr. to move up into the second position. Replacing Scott Falcone after an incident on Saturday, the SuperNationals winner came from last on the grid for Heat #1 to end up runner-up after not hitting the track until Sunday morning. Derek Wang (BBR Karting / FA Kart) slid though for the final step on the podium over Tucker with Crow falling back to fifth.

Merlin Nation leader Jamie Sieracki won in his Master debut on the Pro Tour

Merlin Nation leader Jamie Sieracki won in his Master debut on the Pro Tour

Rain took away a possible victory for first year S4 driver Alan Michel on Saturday, as the PKRA regular could not handle the wet conditions. Sunday was a chance for redemption, with the Praga driver sweeping the day to secure his first SKUSA Pro Tour victory in the Rolison Performance Group S4 Master Stock Moto class. After qualifying P1, Heat #1 was a wire-to-wire win. Veteran driver Darren Elliott (Nash Motorsporz / CRG) grabbed the holeshot in Heat #2, but Michel responded to take back the lead and score the win. Michel was able to keep four different national champions at bay during the 16-lap main event, scoring his first ever SKUSA Pro Tour victory. Ryan Kinnear (Champion Racing / Intrepid) drove to second with Elliott in third. Saturday winner Jordon Musser (3G Kart Racing / Intrepid) and 2014 Pro Tour champion Gian Cavaciuti (GP VCI Mexico) completed the top-five.

Sunday was a solid day for local driver and former S4 front runner Nick Firestone, sweeping the second round of the Ruthless Karting S4 Super Master division. Missing out on the victory on Saturday, the DRT Racing / DR Kart driver drove to a 3.5-second advantage in the main event for his first Pro Tour victory. Rod Clinard (CRG) drove to second with Saturday winner Robert Marks (CRG) placing third.

Alan Michel fought off former national champions to claim his first S4 triumph

Alan Michel fought off former national champions to claim his first S4 triumph

History was made in the Ryan Perry Motorsport X30 Junior division as Dante Yu secured his first Pro Tour victory along with the first for the CompKart chassis. Top qualifier Nicholas d’Orlando (Koene USA / Tony Kart) was never a factor with British driver and SuperNationals TaG Cadet 2015 winner Jonny Edgar (Kosmic) winning both heat races. The second moto saw Yu closing in and challenge Edgar late in the race. Edgar was hounded by Yu and Jagger Jones (Ryan Perry Motorsport / Tony Kart) early on, with Jones taking over the point on lap five. He led the next five circuits until Yu secured the top spot with three laps remaining. The SoCal driver held on through the remaining laps, pulling out to nearly a one-second advantage at the checkered flag. Jones settled for second over Edgar with Oliver Calvo (PKS / Top Kart) in fourth and Zoey Edenholm (Koene USA / Tony Kart) in fifth.

It was a wild one throughout the day in the Top Kart USA Mini Swift as Georgia driver Tyler Maxson was able to escape with this first ever SKUSA Pro Tour win. Franklin Motorsports / Merlin driver Kyle Thome came through in the final seconds to earn the fast lap honors in the qualifying session. Maxson came through with a last lap pass to secure the win the opening heat race. Thome responed with this own late race maneuver to secure the win in Heat #2. That was followed by another late run, securing the lead on the final lap of the main event, crossing the line first by over a tenth of a second over Thome with Diego LaRoque (Benik) in third. Enrico de Lucca (Benik) was fourth with Devin Gomez (Benik) in fifth.

Saturday was all Oliver Denny (Benik) in the Benik Kart Micro Swift division while Sunday was his fellow Great Britian’s Brandon Carr (Benik). Denny set the pace in qualifying while the top two broke away from the field in every race session. Carr took the opening heat while Denny secured the win in Heat #2. They both pulled away again in the main event, with Carr beating Denny to the line by 85 thousandths of a second. Frankie Mossman (Benik) took the third position over Eli Trull (Fullerton) with Kai Sorensen (Praga) coming from the tail of the field to fifth.

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