eKartingNews.com http://ekartingnews.com The leading karting website in the world Sun, 29 May 2016 06:54:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 EKN One-on-One: Bernie Lacotta – IKF Governor Arizona http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/ekn-one-on-one-bernie-lacotta-ikf-governor-arizona/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/ekn-one-on-one-bernie-lacotta-ikf-governor-arizona/#respond Fri, 27 May 2016 15:42:45 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66509 Despite the current perception that kart racing is in a major national slump in terms of participation from coast-to-coast, the truth is that there are many clubs and regions that are enjoying a positive resurgence in numbers, many thanks to the growing Briggs 206 four-cycle program.  International Kart Federation (IKF) Arizona Governor Bernie Lacotta was instrumental in bringing the Briggs World Formula and 206 programs into the Phoenix Kart Racing Association, and the affordability of these packages have helped to revitalize the club, which also offers Rotax, IAME and Shifter classes.  Lacotta feels that the 206 will certainly be a key strategy in rebuilding the IKF, especially in Southern California, where affordable club karting is almost non-existent.

Bernie Lacotta

Bernie Lacotta

There has been much talk on social media and in our EKN forums in regards to the challenges that SoCal karting is currently facing, in terms of more affordable club level karting. Superkarts! USA’s travelling ProKart Challenge is extremely well-supported in SoCal, drawing 150+ drivers to their events, as is the Los Angeles Karting Championship (LAKC), which is based at CalSpeed Karting in Fontana.  While these organizations are strong, the collateral damage of their growth has been the other kart clubs in the state.  The once vibrant IKF Region 7 has withered away with the slow decline of clubs like the Tri-C Karters, and the closure of the So-Cal Sprinters group.  Tri-C is fighting back with Briggs and Yamaha competition, but the simple fact is that the remaining tracks in the state do not have club programs, which is crucial to the overall health of the sport.  While the numbers in the SKUSA and LAKC series are strong, they do not represent the total number of karters that once made California the hot bed of karting in the US.  Yes, regional racing is still healthy, but the foundation of the sport – club karting – is in real trouble in Southern California.

Along with many others, Lacotta has accepted this reality and has been vocal on his thoughts on how to rebuild IKF Region 7, and this approach includes a focus on the grassroots Briggs 206 program.  EKN took the time to speak with Bernie and discuss his ideas and to allow him to present the successes they were able to achieve putting the program into place with the PKRA.

eKartingNews.com: Bernie, we picked up your desire to help rebuild the IKF’s Region 7 program after you posted to the EKN forums. It’s true that the region has struggled over the past few years and is in truth absent, having been replaced by the SKUSA ProKart Challenge and the LAKC.  Rebuilding the local clubs with the Briggs 206 is working all over the country, but has not yet been fully embraced by the SoCal karting industry or community.  Please offer your thoughts on the situation.

Bernie Lacotta: A few years ago, So-Cal Sprinters and the Tri-C club had a healthy Briggs World Formula group. But today, So-Cal Sprinters has closed up operations and Tri-C is hanging on and still offering World Formula classes, and they’ve started an LO206 class, as well.  Part of the problem of getting four-cycle racing going there is that the kart shops regard it as a low-volume, low-profit program. Ironically, that is what is needed to keep tracks open and introduce new racers to the sport. If tracks close, shops close. Four-cycle racing in Arizona has kept the doors open for shops that have revised their business plan in accordance with the changing market. Someone or some group will have to take the lead in the area and educate the karting public on the grassroots aspect of the sport.  It’s pretty easy for new karters to be starry-eyed about the high-end classes without realizing the financial aspect.

World Formula and LO206 competition continues to grow along the west coast, including IKF Region 7 area

World Formula and LO206 competition continues to grow along the west coast, including IKF Region 7 area

EKN: Bernie, can you give us some insight into what the Briggs World Formula and 206 program did to help stabilize the PKRA?

BL: In 2010, two of us showed up at PKRA with World Formulas. We were allowed to run with the KT100s. The WF’s were quite the oddity, but as time went on, the racers realized I was racing in California on Saturdays and in Phoenix on Sunday. I had an engine that can do that! My idea of the WF class was to get new racers into the sport. Before long, the WF class was by far the biggest class at over 30 entries, where most classes would struggle to reach 10.  And it was mostly new kart racers. As time went on, the World Formula class found local national caliber racers entering it because of the fantastic racing and level of competition, not to mention the greatly reduced cost of racing.  World Formula expanded to three classes: WF Medium, WF Masters, and WF Junior. It is so competitive that it is now difficult to consider it a ‘beginners’ class, so the LO206 has been added to the mix and the club now has a very substantial base of consistent club racers.

EKN: You hit up the EKN forums to state your position on wanting to revitalize the IKF Region 7.  Do you have any solid plans or concepts on the table that you think could help?  I assume you’d like to suggest the further introduction of the World Formula and 206 programs to California.  Feel free to use this pulpit to get the word out.  What would you like to see happen in the immediate weeks ahead?

BL: IKF Region 7 (SoCal, Arizona and Southern Nevada) has seen regional championships go by the wayside. By far and away, travel costs are the biggest reason for this, along with the loss of tracks and clubs in the region. My thoughts were to address travel expense first. Using the Briggs Weekly Racing Series as a model, I propose to have clubs/tracks set eight dates in their annual schedule to be IKF regional points races of which the top-seven points races would count as the racers’ total. Each track enrolled in the series would then have a list of racers who would be ‘invited’ to compete in a Regional Championship race, requiring only one race in which to travel.

Hopefully, this concept would encourage more local participation at home tracks. It’s just an idea and there are much more details involved, but I believe it has merit. This is not meant to be exclusive to four-cycles. As far as immediate action, I would hope tracks would embrace the concept of getting racers on the track with classes based on local interests rather than classes based on the big national series. Certainly run those classes at your track if interest is there, but do not make those classes the only ones offered. The high dollar, high maintenance engines are not the mix you need to keep the club/track open.

The 206 Lounge by Full Throttle Karting was debut at the recent Tri-C Karters event

The 206 Lounge by Full Throttle Karting was debut at the recent Tri-C Karters event

Forever, I have heard that “youth is the future of our track”. Well, I somewhat disagree. While youth is the future, they are not who pays the bills. Karting is both a path to future racing endeavors (ie: Max Verstappen) or a destination, those of us racing for the sake of racing. I suggest that the latter is where a club’s attention should be on in order to keep its operation healthy. For clubs such as PKRA, that owns its own track, it is essential.

EKN: Bernie, we certainly agree that what works regional and nationally is certainly not the best approach for club level racing, where affordability is a key selling point.  The PKRA has put together a strong program and the Tri-C Karters in SoCal are working hard as well, coming off a strong event that included 11 drivers in World Formula and six in Briggs 206, which include the cool new ‘206 Lounge’ program by Full Throttle Karting, which is aimed at introducing new people to karting at a very affordable all-in price.  That said, let’s keep the discussion moving.  There is a thread in the EKN forums (CLICK HERE), and you can also provide your email if you like, so that people that contact you directly.  Is there anything else you’d like to add?

BL: Please do provide my e-mail (Bernie Lacotta – surflacotta@gmail.com) I’m looking forward to helping anyone bolster club karting anywhere.  This interview just allows me to touch on the highlights of the situation of club racing and I do appreciate the opportunity to do so. The message that I am trying to get across is that club racing, in order to stay alive, must concentrate on a high volume, low cost group of classes. Allow any and all classes that are feasible, but concentrate on low cost classes that offer stability and encourage long-time participation for all involved. The engine of the week, changing rules annually, the attempt to race high maintenance engines on a club level (more than once a month) is not a long-term answer.

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Parking Reservations Now Open for WKA Carolina Summer Nationals at Kershaw http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/parking-reservations-now-open-for-wka-carolina-summer-nationals-at-kershaw/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/parking-reservations-now-open-for-wka-carolina-summer-nationals-at-kershaw/#respond Fri, 27 May 2016 13:02:32 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66504 As entries begin to make their way into the WKA Office for the Carolina Nationals, the second event for the RLV Tuned Exhaust Products Gold Cup Series June 24-26 at Carolina Motorsports Park in Kershaw, South Carolina, competitors wishing to reserve parking can now finalize their reservations for the summer event.

Parking for the Carolina Nationals will begin Thursday June 23 for sponsors at 11am, with competitor parking following at noon. Cost for reserved parking is $50. Pre Entry Pickup will take place later in the day from 3-6pm.

On Friday, the track will entertain a full day of practice, beginning at 8:30am, running till 4:30pm. At 4:45, the Sportsman and Junior Pro Gas competitors will begin their qualifying runs for their respective 10 lap Shootout Races, sponsored by Brads Heating and Cooling. The winner of the 10 lap Shootouts will receive $200, with $100 going to second, and the third place finisher getting $50. Trophies will also be awarded to the top 3. Following the Shootout events, the Senior Pro Gas competitors will take to the track for their Money race, with drivers drawing for their initial starting positions. At the halfway mark, the leader will draw a pill to determine how many in the field fill be inverted. At Jacksonville, Jake Heavlow drew the #1 pill, maintaining his spot, and cruising on to the win. The event carries a $50 entry fee with 75% payback to the top 5, based on entry count.

Saturday and Sunday events will feature 11 classes both days, 6 of those classes running for an overall purse of $500 to the weekends overall best finisher, with $250 to second, and $150 to third. Those classes include the Brads Heating and Cooling Sportsman Pro Gas Heavy Class, Junior Pro Gas Lite, the Briggs & Stratton Racing Junior Pro Gas Heavy Class, Senior Pro Gas Medium, sponsored by Coyote Motorsports and Jims Marine, Senior Pro Gas Heavy, sponsored by Bordeaux Dyno Cams and Trackside Kart Supply, and Senior LO206, sponsored by Briggs & Stratton Racing and Inferno Racing Clutches.

Adding to the purses for the Kershaw event will be added laps for competitors as well. Drivers in the Sportsman, Junior, and Senior classes will run the same amount of laps in their heats as in the past, which has been 8, with the Sportsman and Junior drivers having their laps in the final extended from 12 to 15 laps, while the seniors will run 20 lap main events, up from 12 laps as well.

Recouping a large part of your entry money and additional track time, two of the major items competitors are looking for, are both on the menu at Kershaw.

Be sure and lock in your parking reservations today. Contact Buddy Long at the WKA Office at (704) 455-1606, ext. 112, or buddy@worldkarting.com.

To view the weekend schedule of events and finalize your details for the Carolina Summer Nationals, click here.

Remembering What is Most Important This Weekend

For many, this weekend is circled on the calendar every year as the greatest weekend in motorsports, a long 3-day weekend, a weekend of picnics, parties, concerts, and celebrations.

As we celebrate some, or all of those events, while you’re sitting at the race track, or at the picnic table, take a moment to reflect on the many people who fought, bled, perished, and are still fighting for the freedom you have to enjoy your family and friends, the events you have the great luxury to attend, the freedom to get in your car and go where you want, do what you want, and hang out with who you want.

We have true heroes in our military who are fighting to make sure you have that luxury, one that all too often is taken for granted, not purposely. But because we are so caught up in our own lives that truly pale in comparison to what our brothers and sisters in the military are going through each day.

When you sit at the track, consider the seat you are in. Your military isn’t fighting to join you in the seat next to you. They are fighting first and foremost to make sure you will always have the freedom to have the seat you are in, to continue to enjoy what you love the most in life, while hoping one day, they may have the same luxury, but only after they are comfortable in the fact that you are well protected.

And when the weekend concludes, and you head to your next weekend, albeit not as special as this past weekend, remember your service men and women, who are fighting to continue to provide you that same freedom, no matter how special or dull your weekends are. For them, there IS no dull weekend.

Forget the animosity, the complaining of long lines in airports and on the road, or at the grocery store, and remember the people who fight for you to have the freedoms we take for granted each day.

On this weekend, and each day, WE REMEMBER OUR MILITARY. God Bless you all, and God Bless America!!!!!

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Pre-Entry Discount Ends May 30 for Championship Enduro Series Blackhawk Event http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/pre-entry-discount-ends-may-30-for-championship-enduro-series-blackhawk-event/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/pre-entry-discount-ends-may-30-for-championship-enduro-series-blackhawk-event/#respond Fri, 27 May 2016 13:00:05 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66502 $20 DISCOUNT FOR PRE-ENTRY: —The Online pre-entry deadline for this event is May 30th.

On-Line entry’s available at www.motorsportreg.com/events/ces-2016-races-3-4-blackhawk-farms-raceway-championship-enduro-series-851353 And the Post mark pre-entry deadline for this event is May 28th.  Drivers opting to enter early will save $20 per entry.

DETAILS & INFORMATION: —Move in, Pre Tech, Registration & camping available Starting

Friday June 3rd — 6pm to 9pm — Saturday June 4th will start with 4-hours of practice prior to racing

With close racing, an abundance of track time, cool online features, a great atmosphere and a fantastic track offering modern facilities with camping there is no better time to come road racing.  Join in the discussion, ask questions and find all the forms or other information you might need on our Blackhawk Farms event discussion thread:  https://www.facebook.com/#!/CESkarting


The race at Blackhawk Farms Raceway will also see the continuation of our partnership with RACE HERO http://racehero.io/orgs/championship-enduro-series / We will be working to provide live, as it happens coverage of results. These live results will be available to view via the www.tagracing.net  and www.championshipenduro.com  websites as well as on your Smartphone.


www.redlinephoto.com  has signed on as the “Official Series photographers” and will be sending one of their photographers to the Blackhawk Farms Raceway event along with all other series events. Visit Redline’s website to see their work which is certainly top-level.


RA Adams Enterprises — Revely Racing — TW Metals – Lankenau Construction — 4-Cycle Central –

Red Line Photo – TAG Shipping.net — Azzurro Wheels – State Line Signs– GEM Promotions — KartPulse.com –– Kartgraphix.com – Mills Pallet — A I Satellite — Parker Power Equipment – Baltic Brands Briggs & Stratton – TAG Karting Insurance  – RLV —   Viking Kart Products – Go Racing Magazine –

Crockett Motorsports – Hoosier Tires –The Schatz Family –­­  Leatt Products — Gateway KartPlex –

Margay Racing Products — GPI Racing

Affiliate Clubs -–- Dart Kart Club — River Valley Kart Club –- Gateway Kartplex

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Rok Cup International Final – How to Prepare for Registration http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/rok-cup-international-final-how-to-prepare-for-registration/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/rok-cup-international-final-how-to-prepare-for-registration/#respond Fri, 27 May 2016 12:52:16 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66499 The ROK National Championships around the world are in full swing and Rokkers are giving the karting community the usual show at each and every level from Micro ROK to Shifter ROK. The ROK International Final still seems far away but time passes quickly and the event days of October 19th to 22nd will fast approach as drivers will prepare to compete at the South Garda Karting facility in Lonato, Italy.

To register for the ROK Final that will take place on the renewed South Garda track, it is necessary to remember two key points:

  1. Registration will open in mid-September and will remain open for one week.
  2. All Rokkers who attended at least 50% of the races of the respective national championship will have priority in registration.

Once the registration deadline expires, a list of entries will be done, giving priority to the drivers who competed in at least 50% of their respective regions events, subsequently the remaining free seats will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis to the International Final entries that did not complete the necessary number of events. The remaining places will be allocated on chronological order of registration.

All interested drivers are asked to please contact the ROK Cup USA office for more information.

Phone number: 407-476-5635


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New Auckland KartSport Track One Step Closer http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/new-auckland-kartsport-track-one-step-closer/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/new-auckland-kartsport-track-one-step-closer/#respond Fri, 27 May 2016 12:47:50 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66496 Auckland’s new international-spec KartSport track is one important step closer now that the venue – Colin Dale Park between Papatoetoe and Auckland International Airport – has been officially handed over to the six user groups by Auckland Council’s Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board.

The official ceremony was conducted on Wednesday afternoon, and spokesman for the KartSport user group, Bob Cunningham, said now that the roading and car parks have been completed at the venue, the track is next.

“Excavation work is due to start in September this year with the expectation that track work will be completed by the end of summer and the first scheduled race meetings will be held in September or October next year,” he said.

The KartSport complex will be built and managed by a trust and operated by one or more of the existing regional KartSport Clubs.  The trust will be one of six different user groups which will manage recreational activities at the expansive site between Prices Rd (the main arterial route between Manukau City and Auckland International Airport) and Puhinui Reserve.

The other groups represent BMX, off-road racing, jet sprint boating, supercross motorcycle racing, and radio controlled car racing interests.

Mr Cunningham says that the KartSport facility will be truly world-class with a multiple track layout built to full CIK-FIA (the world governing body of KartSport) specifications. The main track will be 1650 metres long and there will be two other slightly shorter ‘national’ and ‘club’ tracks plus the option to run as many as 20 different track configurations depending on need or demand.

“The plan,” he said on Wednesday, “is to make this New Zealand’s premier KartSport facility offering international meetings, national and club meetings, hire facilities and corporate events.

“It will be world class and will put New Zealand karting on the international map.”

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First Wednesday of Season Has Two First Time St. Catharines Discount Auto Parts Winners http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/first-wednesday-of-season-has-two-first-time-st-catharines-discount-auto-parts-winners/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/27/first-wednesday-of-season-has-two-first-time-st-catharines-discount-auto-parts-winners/#respond Fri, 27 May 2016 12:43:15 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66491 Longtime Merrittville Kart Club Sponsor KC Auto Parts is now St. Catharines Discount Auto Parts. On the first Wednesday Event of the 2016 Season – two karters would run to their first Feature Wins of 2016.

Spencer Maytum won his first RCM Racing Equipment Junior 1 Feature while Trevor Wright – a rookie Saturday Nights in the Yager Bros Trucking Sportsman Division won his first Superior PetroFuels Junior Restricted Feature.

Three drivers made their second visits to Victory Lane – Nigel Pendykoski, Donny Lampman and Paul Lindberg in the Vansickle Pet Valu Novice 1, Ed MacPherson Construction Junior 2 and Cassell Manufacturing Senior Fun Divisions.

All three drivers may be familiar to Saturday Night fans as Pendykoski is the grandson of former racer John Pendykoski, Lampman is the son of current Hoosier Stock racer Jim Lampman while Lindberg is crew chief for his brother Gary Lindberg – a rookie in the Pinty’s Delicious Foods 358 Modified Division.

In other Performance Manufacturing Divisional action, two drivers took home their third wins in four starts – Jackson Maytum and Travis Majuery in the Tim Phillips Garage St. Catharines Discount Auto Parts Novice 2 and Wilder Racing Engines Senior Animal Divisions.

Kart Racing continues Tuesday May 31st. Pits Open at 5:30 and when the racing starts at 7 PM – Grandstand Admission is FREE.

Rookie Nigel Pendykoski in Victory Lane for the second timeHeat Results

Vansickle Pet Valu Performance Manufacturing Novice 1 Division – 6 laps – Heat 1 – Nigel Pendykoski, Jacob Mamo, Gavin Lavallee, Mason Richau, Scarlett Gaboury, Carly Breakspeare, Christopher Crowe.  Heat 2 – Nigel Pendykoski, Christopher Crowe, Jacob Mamo, Gavin Lavallee, Scarlett Gaboury, Carly Breakspeare, Mason Richau.

Tim Phillips Garage St. Catharines Discount Auto Parts Performance Manufacturing Novice 2 Division – 6 laps – Heat 1 – Trevor Evans, Amber White, Cohen Corbett, Jackson Maytum, Hayden Klager, Hana Rothwell, Madelyn Goulding. Heat 2 – Jackson Maytum, Hana Rothwell, Hayden Klager, Cohen Corbett, Madelyn Goulding, Amber White, Trevor Evans.

RCM Racing Equipment Performance Manufacturing Junior 1 Division – 8 laps – Heat 1 – Logan Illiffee, Owen Kaiser, Spencer Maytum, Aiden Lavallee, Zach Trotter. Heat 2 – Owen Kaiser, Logan Illiffe, Zach Trotter, Aiden Lavallee, Spencer Maytum.

Ed MacPherson Construction Performance Manufacturing Junior 2 Division – 8 laps – Heat 1 – Jaedon Lawson, Joey Priestley, Donny Lampman, Ali Harmoch, Davis Grocott. Heat 2 – Joey Priestley, Donny Lampman, Jaedon Lawson, Ali Harmoch, Davis Grocott.

Superior PetroFuels Performance Manufacturing Junior Restricted Heavy Division – 8 laps – Heat 1 – Kyle Phillips, Dalton Slack, Randy Giroux, Trevor Wright, Taylor White, Ryleigh Sliter, Noah Mamo, Aiden Speck. Heat 2 – Dalton Slack,Kyle Phillips, Trevor Wright, Randy Giroux, Ryleigh Sliter, Taylor White, Aiden Speck, Noah Mamo.

Cassell Manufacturing Performance Manufacturing Senior Fun Division – 10 laps – Heat 1 – Ed Crozier, Brandon Black, Matt Sharpe, Paul Lindberg, Brandon Guttin, Scott Andres, Ken McLennan, Steven Koop, Lenny Comeau, Jenny Andres. Heat 2 – Paul Lindberg, Ed Crozier, John Farnham, Brandon Black, Brandon Guttin, Matt Sharpe, Steven Koop, Ken McLennan, Scott Andres, Jenny Andres, Lenny Comeau.

Wilder Racing Engines Performance Manufacturing Senior Animal Division – 10 laps – Heat 1 – Travis Majuery, Daniel McKay, Ashley Moore, Dylan Culp, Nathan Boisvert, Kathleen Lampman. Heat 2 – Travis Majuery, Dylan Culp, Ashley Moore, Nathan Boisvert, Daniel McKay, Kathleen Lampman.

Donny Lampman in Victory Lane for the second time of 2016Burris Tire Feature Results

Vansickle Pet Valu Performance Manufacturing Novice 1 Division – 8 laps – Nigel Pendykoski, Christopher Crowe, Mason Richau, Jacob Mamo, William Younger, Scarlett Gaboury, Gavin Lavallee, Carly Breakspeare

Tim Phillips Garage St. Catharines Discount Auto Parts Performance Manufacturing Novice 2 Division – 8 laps – Jackson Maytum, Trevor Evans, Hana Rothwell, Madelyn Goulding, Amber White, Hayden Klager, Cohen Corbett.

RCM Racing Equipment Performance Manufacturing Junior 1 Division – 15 laps – Spencer Maytum, Zack Trotter, Logan Illiffe, Aiden Lavallee, Owen Kaiser.

Ed MacPherson Construction Performance Manufacturing Junior 2 Division – 15 laps – Donny Lampman, Jaedon Lawson, Joey Priestley, Ali Harmoch, Davis Grocott, Aiden Speck.

Superior PetroFuels Performance Manufacturing Junior Restricted Division First Feature  – 15 laps – Trevor Wright, Kyle Phillips, Dalton Slack, Randy Giroux, Ryleigh Sliter, Taylor White, Noah Mamo.

Cassell Manufacturing Performance Manufacturing Senior Fun Division – 20 laps – Paul Lindberg, Ed Crozier, John Farnham, Matt Sharpe, Brandon Guttin, Ken McLennan, Steven Koop, Brandon Black, Scott Andres, Lenny Comeau, Jenny Andres.

Wilder Racing Engines Performance Manufacturing Senior Animal Division – 20 laps – Travis Majuery, Ashley Moore, Dylan Culp, Daniel McKay, Nathan Boisvert, Kathleen Lampman.

For further information on Tuesday Night Kart Racing – contact the Speedway Office at 905-892-8266 or by contacting (General Manager) Erica Bicknell-Jones at ebicknell@cogeco.net or Race Director Jeff Riley at merrittvillekartclub@hotmail.com


The 2016 Lucas Oil Kart Weekly Racing Series for Merrittville Speedway’s 7 Divisions is brought to racers by partners including Performance Manufacturing, Vansickle Pet Valu, Tim Phillips Garage, Ed MacPherson Construction, RCM Racing Equipment, Cassell Manufacturing, Superior PetroFuels, Briggs & Stratton, St. Catharines Discount Auto Parts, Wilder Racing Engines and Burris Tire.

Lucas Oil Products is one of the fastest growing additive lines in the consumer automotive industry featuring a premium line of oils, greases and problem-solving additives. Through innovative product research and development, along with aggressive marketing programs, Lucas Oil Products has established itself as the top selling additive in the industry.

Look for Lucas Oil Products at their favorite automotive retailer or repair centre including St. Catharines Discount Auto Parts, Tim Phillips Garage, Kala’s Hardware and through RCM Racing Equipment.

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California ProKart Challenge Returns to Action in Sonoma http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/california-prokart-challenge-returns-to-action-in-sonoma/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/california-prokart-challenge-returns-to-action-in-sonoma/#respond Thu, 26 May 2016 19:07:05 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66466 The California ProKart Challenge returns to the track on June 3-4 after taking the month of May off for the Superkarts! USA Pro Tour SpringNationals. Competitors are set on traveling to Northern California to the Simraceway Performance Karting Center in Sonoma for the fourth round of the 2016 season. The incredible ‘National’ circuit in the reverse direction – same as the inaugural Pro Tour event in 2010 – will host what may be the largest event of the series this year with a large contingent of SKUSA racers in the area and the growing numbers that have joined the program already in the first half of the championship.

SKUSA Superkarts! USA logoGearing up for the event is KC Morrison, Simraceway Technical Director. “I would like to thank the Kutscher family, Superkarts! USA, and all the teams who make the trip year after year to come race at the Simraceway Performance Karting Center. We here at Simraceway cannot wait to see all the teams and drivers in action and are looking forward to yet another great event up here in Sonoma!”

Three different drivers have won in the first three rounds of the 2Wild Karting S1 Pro Stock Moto championship chase. Billy Musgrave was the first to reach the top of the podium in 2016, and remains the championship leader through the first half of the season. Two runner-up finishes put him 50 points ahead of Round Two winner Jimmy McNeil, another driver with three podium finishes. Jarred Campbell landed the victory in Monterey, entering Sonoma as the most recent winner and looking to close up in the championship chase with another victory. Musgrave has also taken over the lead in the Phil Giebler Racing X30 Senior standings. Pulling double duty in 2016, Musgrave has two runner-up finishes to put him at the front of the championship chase. Veteran Matt Johnson and Phillippe Denes are locked in the second position, 37 points back of Musgrave. Johnson is coming off of a victory in Monterey, while Denes has two straight third-place finishes.

Just five points separate Alan Michel and Robert Marks in the Nash Motorsportz S4 Master Stock Moto standings. Michel has yet to visit the top step of the podium in the series, placing third and second in the first two rounds. The Arizona driver won his first Pro Tour race at the SpringNationals, and is looking for his first at the California PKC. Marks won at Round Three, looking to move into the top position in the standings after Sonoma. John Crow has a stronghold in the Vemme Kart/Extreme Karting X30 Master class with two straight wins. Tim Meyer is 133 points back thanks to two runner-up finishes in the first three races. Ken Schilling has a stranglehold on the Mike Manning Karting S4 Super Master Stock Moto class, thanks to his two weekend sweeps and a runner-up last month. The gap between him and Darrell Tunnell is 140 points.

ProKart Challenge logoHunter Pickett extended his point lead in the Leading Edge Motorsport S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto division thanks to a victory at Round Three. His first series win puts him 110 points out front of the title chase ahead of Pro Tour SpringNationals winner and S2 rookie Hunter Kelly – while Robert Heck Jr. is a close third thanks to his consistency over the first half of the season. Four drivers currently sit within 90 points of each other in the Outsource Utility Contractor S3 Novice Stock Moto class. Garrett McKelvie leads the standings with a 1-2 finish in the opening rounds. Round Two winner Royal McKee sits second with Adrian Yong in third. Round Three victor Julian van der Steur rounds out the top four after his sweep in Monterey.

It’s a close fight in the Ryan Perry Motorsport X30 Junior category as well, featuring four drivers within 100 points. Oliver Calvo won in Monterey, helping him to surpass previous point leader Tomas Mejia. Round One victor Dante Yu and Arizona pilot Jagger Jones are within reach to battle for the top spot in the championship. Dean Heldt remains the driver to beat in the RPG S5 Junior Stock Moto division, ripping off three straight victories to hold control of the title chase over Ricco Shlaimoun and Kent Hatada.

Defending Professional Kart Support Mini Swift champion Anthony Willis holds the top spot in the standings. The Round Two winner enjoys a 117-point advantage heading into the Sonoma weekend over Buttonwillow victor Dominic Gorden. Jace Jones and Jace Denmark-Gessel are looking to break into the battle heading into the second half of the season. Kai Sorensen remains the driver to beat in the Top Kart USA Micro Swift class. Two straight wins put him 175 points out front of Cooper Hunt and Round One winner Kailey Meris.

Race pre-entry remains open until Tuesday, May 31 at the online registration section of the Superkarts! USA website – offering the discounted price of $325 for entry and stamped race tires. Move-in begins on Thursday, June 2 at 7am, with the track hosting a half-day of practice beginning at noon. On Friday, the California PKC registration desk opens at 7:00am, with the official practice day beginning on track at 9:00am and running until 5:00pm. Pit spots cannot be reserved prior to this event; however, class and event sponsors will receive priority parking, with the rest of the paddock set up on a first-come, first-served basis. A variety of hotels are in the area, with two offering special pricing for California PKC competitors. Additional event and track information is available at the California PKC Event Page.

Superkarts! USA would like to remind racers that no motors may be run at this track before 8am or after 6pm. Stock Honda engines MUST have an airbox. Spec fuel and oil is not provided by PKC, so please plan accordingly to pre-order from your local kart shop or by bringing a sufficient supply of both for the weekend. This is the last event for drivers who competed at the first three rounds of the series to complete their path to qualifying for the Priority Pre-Entry Program for the SKUSA SuperNationals XX by entering and competing at the first four California PKC races in 2016. Don’t forget to stick around after all the on-track activities have completed for the post-podium raffle drawings. Superkarts! USA handed out more than $3,000 in prizes at the first three events.

For more info on anything related to Superkarts! USA, please visit the website – www.superkartsusa.com and be sure to follow the Superkarts! USA Facebook page and Twitter account – or call the SKUSA head office at 951-491-0808.

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Can-Am Karting Challenge Opens 2016 at Horn Rapids Kart Track http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/can-am-karting-challenge-opens-2016-at-horn-rapids-kart-track/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/can-am-karting-challenge-opens-2016-at-horn-rapids-kart-track/#respond Thu, 26 May 2016 13:11:19 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66452 The Can-Am Karting Challenge opened up its 2016, welcoming just over 80 racers ranging from young and old, new to veteran, taking on the Horn Rapids Kart Track in Richland, Washington. Site of the Tri-Cities Kart Club program, the Can-Am racers called it home over the May 20-22 weekend. The 2016 Can-Am program is filled with Rotax Max Challenge and Superkarts! USA regional categories, as well as many options for club racers with the three age groups in the Briggs & Stratton 206 program, and the new TaG Senior and Open Shifter categories. This year is about welcoming everyone to come and enjoy the ‘Can-Am’ experience first-hand. Promoter Mike Rolison wanted to make sure all the families and racers were thanked for coming to the opening event and a special thank you to the Can-Am ‘A Team’ staff and all of the sponsors, as the series would not be possible without them.

Coltin McCaughan dominated the Senior Max field to begin as the championship leader (Photo: Dalton Egger - CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

Coltin McCaughan dominated the Senior Max field to begin as the championship leader (Photo: Dalton Egger – CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

Many took the opportunity to begin their chase for the Can-Am championships at the end of the year, featuring a number of multiple winners over the weekend. It was a picture perfect weekend for Coltin McCaughan in the Senior Max division. The Canadian driver led every lap, every session to score maximum points to begin the chase to the series championship and the 2016 Rotax Grand Finals ticket for the driver who finishes the year on top. Saturday’s triumph was completed with a two-second victory over Walker Hess and Adam Smalley. Derek Wang and fellow Canadian Kellen Ritter completed the top-five. McCaughan nearly lost the perfect weekend in Sunday qualifying as Wang came 47 thousandths short of stealing fast time in the session. McCaughan remained perfect throughout the day, pulling out a four-second margin in the main event for his second victory on the weekend. Ritter beat Wang for the second position as Bradley Dezall and Ryan Martin advanced up to fourth and fifth.

Mason Buck and Matthew Taskinen split the wins in the 20-driver field of Junior Max. Buck emerged as the driver to beat in the opening round on Saturday, coming from third on the grid after qualifying to win the Prefinal. Mason led all 20 laps of the main event, pulling away to a 4.3-second advantage for his first victory in the series. Ellie Musgrave won the battle for runner-up ahead of Carter Herrera, Austin Torgerson and Matthew Morgan. Taskinen would not falter as he did Saturday after earning fast time in qualifying, dominating Sunday’s round of racing. Taskinen cleared the field by two tenths of a second in the morning timed session before leading wire-to-wire in the Prefinal and Final for the victory. Edward Portz drove to second over Buck with Herrera and Morgan just missing out on the podium.

Kyle Wick completed the weekend as the big winner, picking up four victories, two in S2 and two in Briggs 206 Senior (Photo: Dalton Egger - CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

Kyle Wick completed the weekend as the big winner, picking up four victories, two in S2 and two in Briggs 206 Senior (Photo: Dalton Egger – CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

The Masters Max presented by Rolison Performance Group field were all chasing Billy Cleavelin on the weekend. A racer with decades of experience, Cleavelin swept the weekend to earn maximum points. Cleavelin drove to a five-second advantage on Saturday, beating Michael Groff and Jerry Pitts. Sunday, the margin of victory grew to nearly seven seconds with Groff and Pitts once again finishing behind Cleavelin. A TaG Senior category, presented by Smak Plastics, was added for 2016, open to all brands and types of engines to welcome the local drivers across the region. Andrew Wilson and Kevin Janders each took home a victory. Wilson swept the action on Saturday, beating out Chris Eagles and Amanda Smalley. Janders joined Sunday, and emerged the victory just beating out Wilson at the line with Eagles completing the podium. An Open Shifter class was also provided for the weekend with Andrew Wilson adding two more wins on the weekend.

Kyle Wick was the big winner overall, taking home a total of four victories. Wick swept the S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto category, a Superkarts! USA regional category. Kyle earned the full amount of points toward the championship chase, beating out Brennan Peters and Cole Franchini by five seconds on Saturday, and extending it to a 15-second margin of victory on Sunday with the same two drivers joining him on the podium.

Ashton Torgerson won three of his four races, including two in Micro Max (Photo: Dalton Egger - CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

Ashton Torgerson won three of his four races, including two in Micro Max (Photo: Dalton Egger – CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

Wick also came away with the wins in the popular LO206 Senior division, presented by Briggs & Stratton. Derek Wang battled Wick for the top spot throughout Saturday, with qualifying going to Kyle and the Prefinal to DW. Spencer Kunz joined the party, fighting Derek for the top spot while Wick charged from starting the main event outside the top-five. Wick was able to lead at the checkered flag, beating out Kunz and Wang for the victory. Brady Egger was fourth with Christopher Mann in fifth. Kunz was the driver to beat on Sunday, topping the charts in qualifying and beating the field to the checkered in the Prefinal. Once again, Wick came charging through the field to steal the lead from Kunz in the final stages of the race, notching a fourth victory on the weekend. Wang, Egger and Mann repeated as top-five finishers.
Ashton Torgerson nearly made it four wins on the weekend as he pulled double duty in the Micro Max presented by Go Kart Hero and Mini Max presented by Monster X. Torgerson was untouchable in the Micro division, going on to sweep the weekend with victories of 20 and 29 seconds. Shawn Kozma and Isabella Jaime joined him on the podium Saturday and Sunday in the same positions both days. Ashton scored maximum points in Round One for Mini, sweeping the day and capping it off with a half-second advantage over Jonathan Portz and Josh Pierson. Sunday was much of the same, leading qualifying and winning the Prefinal. Ryan Dezall gave him a run, leading a majority of the race. Torgerson regained the top spot on lap 11, and two laps later he retired due to a broken chain. Dezall took back the lead, but only for a lap as Portz continued charging forward after starting seventh and assumed the top spot with two laps remaining. Jonathan drove away to the victory, his first in the series. Pierson crossed the line in second but was handed a two position penalty for contact, advancing Dezall to second and Jason Leung to third.

Mason Buck landed the victory in the opening round of the Junior Max category (Photo: Dalton Egger - CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

Mason Buck landed the victory in the opening round of the Junior Max category (Photo: Dalton Egger – CanAmKartingChallenge.com)

Austin Torgerson and Carsen Kunz became first-time winners in the LO206 Junior division presented by Briggs & Stratton. Torgerson won a close battle in the Round One Final, beating out top qualifier and Prefinal winner Mason Buck and Kunz. On Sunday, Buck was the top qualifier with Torgerson winning in the Prefinal. Kunz stepped up for the big show, driving away to a 1.7-second advantage in the Final for the victory over Torgerson and Buck. The LO206 Masters presented by Briggs & Stratton were split by defending series champ Bryan Green and Tim Doyon. Much of the weekend was in the favor of Doyon, who came out as the top qualifier and Prefinal winner. Tim was shuffled to the tail of the entire LO206 field, allowing Green to score the first round victory. Doyon finished second with Joe Young in third. Sunday was all Doyon as he swept Round Two, finishing it with a six-second victory in the Final over Green and Young.

Next on the calendar for the Can-Am Karting Challenge is a trip north of the border to British Columbia, Canada and the Greg Moore Raceway in Chilliwack on July 8-10. More information regarding the 2016 season can be found at www.canamkartingchallenge.com or on their Facebook page, including videos and photos from the Tri-Cities Kart Club weekend.

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New Jersey Sprint Series ‘KROC’ Event Set for June 10-12 at New Jersey Motorsports Park http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/new-jersey-sprint-series-kroc-event-set-for-june-10-12-at-new-jersey-motorsports-park/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/new-jersey-sprint-series-kroc-event-set-for-june-10-12-at-new-jersey-motorsports-park/#respond Thu, 26 May 2016 12:56:40 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66450 New Jersey Sprint Series is proud to present the first event of the Orgain Kart Race of Champions (K.R.O.C.) Join us on Friday, June 10 thru Sunday, June 12 as we invade the 18 turn, 1 mile Tempest track at New Jersey Motorsports Park of Millville, New Jersey.  Friday will be a practice day for all to find their kart set-up in order to triumph over the full days of racing on Saturday and Sunday.

The class structure includes eight trophy classes and three Pro classes (Pro TAG Cadet, Pro TAG Junior, and Pro TAG Senior.)  Pro classes will be competing for a prize money purse.  Additionally, an entry into the Atlantic IAME Challenge courtesy of IAME USA East will be awarded to the overall event winner of each Pro class who is racing with an IAME engine.

As sponsors continue to come on board for this event, New Jersey Sprint Series would like to thank Briggs & Stratton for their support of the LO206 classes, IAME USA East, RLV, PRD-USA, FASTECH Racing, Grand Products, Bridgestone, and Fast Kart Supply.

Racers may find pre-registration forms, event information, and race schedules on the website www.NJSprintSeries.com and/or contact us via email: info@NJSprintSeries.com. For most up to date information be sure to like/follow us on Facebook as New Jersey Sprint Series.

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Two Sodis on the 2016 WSK Super Master Podium http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/two-sodis-on-the-2016-wsk-super-master-podium/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/two-sodis-on-the-2016-wsk-super-master-podium/#respond Thu, 26 May 2016 12:44:24 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66447 For those who thought that Sodi chassis performance of the early season wouldn’t last, the French brand has proven them spectacularly wrong by taking the 2nd and 3rd positions in the final standings of the 2016 WSK Super Master Series in KZ with Anthony Abbasse and Jérémy Iglesias.

WSK 2016 Objective: consistency and the championship

The competitiveness of their equipment, the work done and the fitness level of the drivers achieved the main goal that was set at the start, namely to regularly be at the forefront and get a good result at the end of championship. Mission accomplished, as Sodi put three drivers in the top seven, and two on the podium; Anthony Abbasse the vice-champion and Jérémy Iglesias in 3rd position.

The WSK: the benchmark championship in the karting world

The 2016 WSK Super Master Series took place over four events on Italian soil with the presence of the cream of the KZ category. After a double in the opening race at Castelletto, 1st for Anthony Abbasse, 2nd for Bas Lammers, as well as 4th position with the fastest lap in the race for Jérémy Iglesias, the Sodi drivers kept their consistency  for all three following rounds of the championship, keeping in sight the end result.

In this conclusion of the WSK Super Master in the Veneto, Bas Lammers multiplied strokes of brilliance, pulling out all the stops with the fastest time in his two heats and in the Prefinal. This exceptional performance allowed him to make impressive rises and reach 5th place in the Final.

The CPB Sport driver Jeremy Iglesias progressed inexorably in the heats before taking 3rd places in the finals. His rise allowed him to finish 3rd in the championship.

Anthony, meanwhile, kept in mind the main objective which was to get a great result in the championship. Setting the second fastest time in the Prefinal and Final, Anthony ensured a 6th place in the Final. Solid on all occasions and consistently in the lead pack throughout the championship, Anthony kept his 2nd place overall in the championship.

With the competition intensifying race after race, Sodi is, without doubt, a major player in the premier class of karting this season, on any terrain and under the most diverse weather conditions. The excellent work of the team in the field and the ongoing developments carried out by the factory allow the Sodi chassis to compete for victory in each event. Effective collaboration with its engine partner TM Racing is also to be credited for this strong overall result, while the contribution of CPB Sport through the excellent results of Jérémy Iglesias vindicate Sodi’s strategy at the highest level of international competition.

After a very positive start to the season, two major events remain, not to be missed. These will first be the conclusion of the European Championship at Genk in late July with the aim of winning the title, and the World Championship at Kristianstad in early September where everyone at Sodi will aim to win the supreme title.

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Ricciardo Kart Competitive in the Last Round of the WSK Super Master http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/ricciardo-kart-competitive-in-the-last-round-of-the-wsk-super-master/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/ricciardo-kart-competitive-in-the-last-round-of-the-wsk-super-master/#respond Thu, 26 May 2016 12:39:00 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66445 In the fourth and final round of the WSK Super Master Series, Ricciardo Kart Racing competed for the top positions throughout the weekend.

Christian Lundgaard finished in the top 8 in the OK class. “It was a difficult weekend. We improved during the various sessions, but we lacked a little speed in the Final. The whole week was a test both for me and for the team, with the goal of preparing for the second round of the European Championships that will be held here at Adria next week. We have learnt a lot and will continue to improve during the two practice days preceding the race weekend”, said Christian.

Thirty-third at the start of the OKJ Final, due to a ten-second penalty in the Pre-final due to the front bumper came off, Rasmus Lindh managed to overtake several drivers, allowing him to cross the finish line in fifteenth place: “It was a fantastic weekend. I was unlucky in the Pre-final with the front spoiler incident, but we recovered impressively in the Final. I’d like to thank my team and everyone involved. Congratulations to Caio Collet and Birel ART Racing for the win. Well done!

Rick Dreezen retired in the KZ class Final. “It was an interesting weekend. It was the first time this year in which we had high temperatures and this made our work easier. The beginning of the week was very positive, but on Sunday we struggled a little to find the right speed. It’s a pity that we had a technical problem in the Final because it affected my chances of getting a good result. We will continue to compete and work hard in the next races”, said Rick.

Rickard Kaell, Sporting Director: “It was a positive weekend, considering the speed shown by Rasmus Lindh in the OKJ class. Seventh overall after qualifying, he was always involved in the fight for the top four positions in the heats and, given the results achieved by Collet and De Pauw for Birel ART, he had the necessary speed to compete for the top 5.

Christian Lundgaard’s performances in the Pre-Final and the Final were influenced by blister issues on the tyres. After a difficult qualifying session, due to the very small margins between the various drivers, Rick Dreezen managed to recover in the heats and across the finish line in fourth place in the Pre-final. Unfortunately, a technical problem in the Final affected both his performance and the final result. This weekend we did a lot of testing to develop the material and prepare ourselves as best we could for the second round of the European Championships that will take place at this very circuit on the first weekend of June.”

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Birel ART Won the Final Round of the WSK Super Master http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/birel-art-won-the-final-round-of-the-wsk-super-master/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/26/birel-art-won-the-final-round-of-the-wsk-super-master/#respond Thu, 26 May 2016 12:37:15 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66443 Caio Collet scored his first victory in the OKJ class for Birel ART Racing at the end of a weekend on which he dominated thanks to the victory in his RY30S8 in Pre-final 1 and the wins in three heats. “It was a great weekend. We were very quick throughout, in qualifying, in the heats and especially in the Pre-final. In the Final, I started on the outside and was fifth at the first corner. After taking back the lead during the initial laps, I managed to keep it until the checkered flag, recording a great victory and confirming our competitiveness after the excellent result at the European Championships. I’d like to thank Birel ART, IAME and my sponsors“, said Caio.

After the victory in Pre-final 2 and in three heats, Ulysse De Pauw achieved the seventh place in the Final. Ulysse said: “I’m a little disappointed with the result. We were quick throughout the weekend, so I don’t know what happened in the Final. It is a shame because we could have won the championship. We still finished third overall and I will do my best to improve in the second round of the European Championships which will be held at the same circuit.”

In the OK class, Martijn van Leeuwen crossed the finish line in thirteenth place: “The weekend started very well. We posted the third fastest time in qualifying and the first heat was excellent: the chassis and the engine were perfect. In the Pre-Final and Final I made some mistakes and I lost some time. I can’t wait to get back out on the track in the next race“, said Martijn.

17th place finish for Lucas Légeret. The Swiss driver said: “Problems with the tyres affected our performance. However, I’m confident that we can achieve better results in the next races.”

Taymour Kermanshahchi finished the Final in twenty-third place. Taymour said: “We learnt a lot over the weekend at Adria. We need to be quicker, but given the improvements in recent weeks, I am optimistic for the upcoming events of the season.”

Jordon Lennox-Lamb was forced to retire in the KZ class. Jordon said: “The weekend did not end the way I wanted it to. Right from the first practice sessions, we tried to understand the track conditions, which changed continuously due to the high temperatures. On Saturday, we felt very positive about the chassis, the engine and even the drivability. Unfortunately, the last day didn’t go as expected and I even got a puncture in the Final. We have already planned a series of practice sessions to improve and be more competitive in the coming races.”

Gianluca Beggio, Technical Director: “Considering the technical situation after the second place at the European Championships achieved by Caio Collet, our goal at Adria was to win. Saturday was an outstanding day for all classes: the three Birel ART and Ricciardo Kart junior drivers finished the heats in the top four places, we won a heat in the OK class with Martin van Leeuwen, finishing in second place overall -, and both factory teams got into the top 6 in the KZ class. In general, on the final day we had the potential to achieve a better result, but we still managed a place in the front row in the OKJ Final, we won with Collet and we finished third in the standing with De Pauw. In the OK Final, Van Leeuwen’s performance was compromised by some uncertainty when overtaking. Lucas Légeret’s performance was good, considering it is his debut season in a very competitive class such as OK. He is building up experience, especially in how to manage a race in the Final and this is a very important aspect for the rest of the season.

Based on the data analysed, Taymour Kermanshahchi’s lap times are improving noticeably since the first races and he is getting closer and closer to the top ten. Finally, Jordon in the KZ class proved he was competitive throughout the weekend: he always managed to compete in the top 4 in the heats and was very fast in the Pre-final, although a too conservative tyre strategy and a puncture compromised his performance and the result in the Final.”

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Wild, Last-Lap Pass Earns Darrell Wallace, Jr. 3rd Annual ENEOS Little 600 Victory at GoPro Motorplex http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/wild-last-lap-pass-earns-darrell-wallace-jr-3rd-annual-eneos-little-600-victory-at-gopro-motorplex/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/wild-last-lap-pass-earns-darrell-wallace-jr-3rd-annual-eneos-little-600-victory-at-gopro-motorplex/#respond Wed, 25 May 2016 12:40:00 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66418 ENEOSLittle600-GoPro Motorplex-logoThe 3rd Annual ENEOS Little 600 at GoPro Motorplex was once again a hit among hundreds of NASCAR fans who are in town for May race weeks at Charlotte Motor Speedway. However, tonight, the racing action took place just 20 miles from the Speedway in Mooresville, NC at GoPro Motorplex karting facility. The annual fan-favorite event boasted a star-studded entry list of NASCAR drivers, including Ryan Blaney, Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. and Kyle Larson all racing the facility’s fleet of rental go-karts; a race in which NASCAR XFINITY Series driver, Darrell Wallace, Jr. took home the victory and most importantly the bragging rights.

“Thanks to everyone here at GoPro Motorplex, ENEOS Motor Oil and all of their partners,” said Wallace. “This is such a great facility to come out to whether you are driving or just watching. Thanks to all of the fans who came out. I might have roughed up Larson for the win there in the last corner, but it’s my first win in two years, so I’ll take it how I can get it!”

The ENEOS Little 600 featured free spectator admission and a format that allowed fans to watch their favorite NASCAR drivers compete in three heat races that set the grid for the final, 15-lap main event under the lights. Other entertainment during the evening included a race among NASCAR Spotters as well as a Future Stars race with karters as young as eight competing for their chance in the spotlight.

During Heat One, it appeared that defending Little 600 winner and NASCAR Sprint Cup series driver, Ryan Blaney, was once again going to be hard to beat. Blaney scored the win in Heat One, while Ryan Truex won Heat Two and Kyle Larson rallied to win Heat Three.

The field of 12 NASCAR drivers were gridded based on a how they finished in their heat races for the race hundreds of race fans in attendance were anxiously waiting for, the 15-Lap main event.


After the green flag flew, Blaney established his lead over the field quickly. Blaney definitely wasn’t scared, but certainly worried as Wallace hung close onto Blaney’s bumper. After a wild few opening laps, the top-three drivers, Blaney, Wallace and Justin Allgaier, had broken away from the field. With just five laps remaining in the race, Wallace continued to lead, but it was Larson and Josh Wise who were on a charge. Larson and Wise teamed up as drafting partners in an effort to run down the leaders.

Drivers certainly had an all-out mentality following a late-race caution that eliminated any lead Wallace had over the field, creating an exciting race to the finish. With two laps to go, Larson made his move from third to second position, setting his sights on leader, Wallace. On the final lap, the running order was Wallace, Larson and Blaney. In a wild “pass in the grass” exciting Turn Seven, Larson was able to take the lead. On the final corner coming to the checkered flag, Wallace moved Larson, creating a five-wide drag race to the line. When it was all said and done, Wallace captured the win, followed by Allgaier and Wise.

ENEOS Little 600 Results>> (http://www.gopromotorplex.com/files/3814/6413/9086/Little600Final.pdf)

Spotters’ Race:
In a race that arguably “stole the show” during last year’s Little 600 event, there is no doubt that the Spotters’ race always has big-deal bragging rights on the line for the close-knit group of NASCAR spotters. Usually stuck atop the track for the weekend, the Spotters’ Race is a way for them to be in the spotlight, and for many, get back to their racing roots. After a wreck took many of the Spotters out of contention on the first lap, Dale Earnhardt, Jr’s Spotter, TJ Majors, took control of the top spot early in the race. Majors had Jamie McMurray’s Spotter, Tyler Green, right on his bumper. Green would close the gap completely on Majors in Turn Six nearly every lap, but Majors was fast down the straightaways. When Green made a slight error on the final lap, Majors was able to stroll to victory, followed by Green in second and Ben Rhodes’ Spotter, Ford Martin, in third.

Spotters’ Race Results>> (http://www.gopromotorplex.com/files/6214/6413/9092/SpotterFinal.pdf)

Future Stars Race:
Although most of the drivers were just eight years old, the IAME Swift Future Stars race didn’t disappoint with 8-year-old Brent Crews scoring the victory. The field truly proved they were talented well beyond their years with Devin Gomez, Aiden Baker-Crouse and Crews all leading laps. Rounding out the Future Stars podium was Aiden Baker-Crouse in second and William Robusto in third.

Future Stars Results>> (http://www.gopromotorplex.com/files/8014/6413/9074/IAMESwiftfinal.pdf)

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0728.GoPro Motorplex encourages NASCAR fans in town for the Coca-Cola 600 to visit their complex to race the same 55 mph Adult Rental Karts (Ages 16+) that the NASCAR drivers enjoyed racing tonight. For Rental Kart Pricing and more information, please visit their website gopromotorplex.com. Be sure to check back next May for the 4th Annual Little 600.

ENEOS Little 600 Photo Gallery>> (http://www.gopromotorplex.com/gallery/3rd-annual-eneos-little-600)

About ENEOS:
ENEOS is the brand name for premium synthetic oil products manufactured and sold by JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corp., the largest oil company in Japan. ENEOS obsession with quality is the reason they are the OE lubricant supplier of choice for Japanese and Korean auto makers. ENEOS products include proprietary formulations for proper lubrication, enhancing engine and transmission performance, lowering fuel consumption, reducing wear and extending life of components. To learn more about ENEOS and JX Nippon Oil & Energy, please visit www.eneos.us.

About 600 Festival Association:

The 600 Festival Association is a nonprofit that has been commemorating the May races at Charlotte Motor Speedway with spectacular, family-oriented events for more than 31 years. This year’s lineup of events includes Movies on the Campus in conjunction with Jiggy with the Piggy in Kannapolis (May 6); Haulers on Union in Concord (May 19); ENEOS Little 600 at GoPro Motorplex in Mooresville (May 24); the PNC Speed Street 5K and Kids 600 Yard Fun Run (May 28); and Circle K and Kangaroo Speed Street presented by Coca-Cola in uptown Charlotte (May 26-28). For more information on the five 2016 600 Festival Association events, visit www.600festival.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter @600festival and Instagram @600festival.

About GoPro Motorplex:
Let’s go karting! Located in Mooresville, NC, GoPro Motorplex is an outdoor, 0.7-mile, 11-turn karting facility open to the public seven days a week, year-round featuring Adult Karts (Ages 16+) available for rent that reach speeds up to 55 mph. GoPro Motorplex can also accommodate group events and corporate team building outings. Additionally, the facility hosts some of the largest professional touring karting series races in the country, making GoPro Motorplex the premier source for all things karting at every level of the sport. For more information on GoPro Motorplex, please visit gopromotorplex.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter @GoProMotorplex and Instagram @GoProMotorplex. Join the conversation by using #Letsgokarting.

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Racing the F-Series Made Easy http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/racing-the-f-series-made-easy/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/racing-the-f-series-made-easy/#respond Wed, 25 May 2016 12:34:26 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66416 With the multitude of engines found in karting today it is very easy to find yourself on the outside looking in when it comes to attending a particular event. With huge interest and many questions surrounding this topic we thought it would be informative for racers to know there are options. We have compiled a list of professional vendors and contacts that can make it very simple and possible to join any of our races with just a call. The shops and builders listed are F-Series endorsed and have what you need for sale or just do an arrive and drive to come and enjoy any of our events.

Just as a reminder Round #2 of the Gearup Challenge is just days away and pre registration discounts expire 5/25 make sure to use the link to make the race a little more affordable.


Checkered Motorsports
Csaba Bujdoso
2501 W.Liberty St Girard, OH 44420

KartWorkz, Inc.
278 Mizdale Road
Hunlock Creek, PA. 18621
Phone: (570)-237-1095

Allison Racing Engines
Brandon Jenkins

Creative Products Inc,
13503 Little Cove Road
Mercersburg, PA 17236
Phone Number: (301) 667-1320

DRT Racing
Don Guilbeault
17 Park Avenue
Hudson, NH 03051

Kaos Kart Shop
56 Main St
Bloomingburg, New York
Phone Numbers (845) 597-6497 (845) 551-0572

Fast Kart Supply
325 Cleat St
Stevensville, MD 21666
Tel: 410-212-2258

Italian Motors USA
529 West Front Street
Sumas, WA 98295
Tel:  604.253.4248
Contact Link: X125T

Kompetitive Kartsport

55 Woodrock Road
East Weymouth, MA 02189
Phone 866-720-4080

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Walker Hess Joins Team Koene USA for Rotax Competition http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/walker-hess-joins-team-koene-usa-for-rotax-competition/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/walker-hess-joins-team-koene-usa-for-rotax-competition/#respond Wed, 25 May 2016 12:29:34 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66413 Heading to the second round of the Sofina Foods US Open, Team Koene USA has added Utah resident Walker Hess to their Rotax Senior lineup. Competing at the Rotax Challenge of the Americas earlier this season as well as the opening round of the US Open in New Orleans, Hess joins Team Koene USA for the remaining Rotax events on the 2016 calendar that will include the remaining US Open events and the United States Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Nationals.

“I’m excited to be joining Team Koene USA for the remaining 2016 US Open races and the US Grand Nationals,” explained Walker Hess. “I admire their teamwork and look forward to working with everyone under the tent. I’d like to thank Mike Rolison and everyone at Rolison Performance Group for helping me the past couple of years and giving me a strong foundation to build off of.”

“We are very happy to welcome Walker to the squad,” explained Team Principal Mike Maurini. “He and his father have been a family operation that have worked together under the big team atmosphere but kept to themselves. Looking to take advantage of our driver coaching and data program, we are hoping to improve his already good results and have him on the podium and challenging for race wins for the remainder of the season.”

Walker Hess has been a fixture in the top-ten in the Rotax Senior ranks finishing sixth overall in 2016 Challenge of the Americas. Hess also enters Team Koene USA on the strength of solid top-ten finishes at the 2015 United States Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Nationals and US Open finale in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hess added, “I’ll be aiming for race wins, podium results and top-five finishes for the remainder of the 2016 season and I feel it is attainable with Team Koene USA.”

Hess, a resident of Park City, Utah and a karting veteran of seven years, comes with a wealth of experience and will fill be a driver that fills the voids left by some other Senior competitors in the Koene USA program.

For more information on Koene USA and their online store, please visit www.TeamKoeneUSA.com or contact company representatives at 317.270.8723 or via e-mail to Info@KoeneUSA.com. Team Koene USA is also very active in social media and can be found on Twitter at @KoeneUSA or on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/KoeneUSA.

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Number of Sweeps to Begin 2016 Texas ProKart Challenge http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/number-of-sweeps-to-begin-2016-texas-prokart-challenge/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/25/number-of-sweeps-to-begin-2016-texas-prokart-challenge/#respond Wed, 25 May 2016 12:23:04 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66404 The 2016 season is underway for the Texas ProKart Challenge, hosting the opening event of year at the North Texas Karters facility. The Denton, Texas circuit welcomed racers of the P1 Promotions Superkarts! USA and Texas Barge & Boat Inc. Rotax Max Challenge programs to begin their championship chases. Racers battled around the 1/2-mile course in six race groups, featuring qualifying, two heat races and a final for each round following a full day of practice on Friday. Rain Saturday morning made things interesting prior to qualifying, but the weather turned around and was perfect for racing. The Friday night series kick-off dinner welcomed all the competitors, team members and racing families to begin the new era of the Texas ProKart Challenge, building a sense of community off-track in the hopes of making a positive impact on-track.

Jordon Musser bested the S2 Semi-Pro field in both days of action (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

Jordon Musser bested the S2 Semi-Pro field in both days of action (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

A few drivers earned perfect scores on the weekend to start off the 2016 Texas PKC season at the top.  The weekend was a near sweep in the S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto category with Jordon Musser leading much of the weekend while Austin Wilkins stole one of the feature wins. Musser, a former S4 Pro Tour champion, set fast time in the overall qualifying session Saturday, including edging out S1 Pro Stock Moto driver Jake French by 35 thousandths of a second. French won the two heat races over Musser and was leading the main event until the bumper bolt broke, ending his race prematurely. This handed the overall lead to Austin Wilkins after Musser drove off-track earlier in the race. Wilkins led the remainder of the laps to score the victory over Lawson Nagel. Musser fought his way back up to the third position over Hannah Williams and Erin Sims. Both French and Musser bounced back Sunday. Musser set fast time once again in qualifying, with French advancing to the top position in both heat races with Jordon running second overall. They went 1-2 for the entire 20 laps of the Final, each earning the victory in their respective categories. Wilkins was second behind Musser with Nagel crossing in third. Colin Long and Williams completed the top-five. French swept the S1 division as the lone competitor, as did Rod Clinard in the S4 Master Stock Moto category.

Caiden Mitchell swept the opening round of the new Mini Swift division (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

Caiden Mitchell swept the opening round of the new Mini Swift division (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

The largest category of the weekend was the new Mini Swift division, featuring 18 drivers. Saturday belonged to Caiden Mitchell while Sunday was a juggling act at the front until Branyon Tiner triumphed in the Final. Mitchell was untouchable for Round One, setting the pace in qualifying before leading each of the 12-lap heat races. Caiden led all 16 laps of the main event to a 4.9-second advantage for the victory. Tiner was second with John Burke completing the podium. Chase Gardner and Aden Rudolph finished fourth and fifth. Gardner set the tone Sunday as top qualifier, edging out Destin Shields for the fast time. Tiner worked by both in the opening heat for the win as Shields bounced back to P1 in Heat #2. Shields set the pace in the Final until spinning on lap nine, shuffling up the order at the front. Tiner took control of the lead and drove to a five-second victory. Ayrton Hernandez and Burke joined him on the podium with Gardner and Mitchell rounding out the top-five. Tiner had two more victories on the weekend, sweeping the two rounds in the Mini Max division. The advantage was 11 seconds in the first main event of the weekend, beating Kaden Gray and Tristen Hanway. Sunday was similar with the same order on the podium, featuring Tiner as the victor.

Branyon Tiner won three times on the weekend, including two round sweeps in the Mini Max class (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

Branyon Tiner won three times on the weekend, including two round sweeps in the Mini Max class (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

Rotax Junior featured 13 drivers, and all were chasing Maxwell Waithman. After securing fast time in qualifying, Waithman was shuffled back at the start of Heat #1. He rebounded to score the win and drove another win in Heat #2 before leading all 16 laps of the main event. Marcelo Garcia drove to second over Brandin Warwas. Alejandro Jaramillo and Cade McKee made up the top-five. Sunday was even better for Maxwell, as he led every single lap of competition and recorded the fast lap of the main event to earn a perfect score for Round Two. Jaramillo improved to second, with Cash Tiner beating out Warwas and Landen Wilkins for the third position of the podium.

Two different drivers swept the eight-driver Rotax Senior category with Brett Mitchell in control Saturday and Gabe Bargas at the top of the order on Sunday. Mitchell led all on-track sessions for Round One, pulling out to a 3.1-second advantage in the main event. Nathan Ratton and Miguel Mier joined him on the podium. Sunday was Bargas’ turn, setting the pace throughout the day, concluding with a 2.6-second margin of victory in the main event. Mitchell settled for the runner-up position with Thomas Beaudoin in the third spot.

Brett Mitchell kicked off the year with a sweep of Round One in Rotax Senior (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

Brett Mitchell kicked off the year with a sweep of Round One in Rotax Senior (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

The X30 Senior division saw two different winners as well, with Max Hewitt and Nathan Adds on the P1 step of the podium. Round One began with Lane Vacala at the front of the field with fast time in qualifying and the Heat #1 win. Hewitt took over the point at the halfway mark of Heat #2, going on to score the race win. Hewitt led all 20 laps of the main event, stretching out to a 4.3-second advantage over Vacala. Last year’s vice-champion Nick Martin completed the podium in third, making a return to the seat after six months. Adds found speed overnight and never relinquished the top spot in Round Two. Nathan set a blistering lap in qualifying and drove unchallenged to the heat race wins. Hewitt closed up in the Final, coming up just short as Adds took the checkered flag first. Vacala added another podium finish on the weekend in third.

Matt Stretch earned the victory both days in the X30 Junior class after a hard-fought two rounds of competition. Stretch set fast time in qualifying but came three laps short of the checkered flag in Heat #1, giving the win to Preston Perlmutter. Matt fought his way back to the front of the field in Heat #2, only to be disqualified for an ignition issue. He overcame the penalty, driving himself to the point and going on to earn the victory in Round One by four-seconds. Cooper Heffley ended up second with Perlmutter in third. Taylor Zander stepped up and was the quickest in qualifying to begin Sunday’s round of racing. Stretch retook the top spot in Heat #1, going on to win the second heat, and drove to a seven-second advantage in Final for the second victory. Zander beat out Perlmutter by just 39 thousandths of a second at the stripe.

Rotax Junior was dominated by Maxwell Waithman all weekend (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

Rotax Junior was dominated by Maxwell Waithman all weekend (Photo: DreamsCapturedPhoto.net)

The new Micro Swift division made its Texas ProKart Challenge debut with a total of six drivers taking part, two of them holding the distinct pleasure of having their names in the history books as the first two winners. Juan Pablo Cepeda swept Round One to become the inaugural Texas ProKart Challenge Micro Swift winner. He edged out Noah Baker for the victory with Davis Cunningham placing third. Sunday was another fight between the top-two. Baker got the edge in qualifying while Cepeda won both heat races. They went back and forth for the lead in the 16-lap Final, with Cepeda reaching the checkered flag first by just under two tenths. Cepeda had the win taken away for no carburetor filter, giving Baker the top step of the podium. Gabby Selden was awarded second with Miles Preston Hewitt in third.

Next month, the program heads north to the famous Oklahoma Motorsports Complex in Norman, Oklahoma on June 10-12 with registration opening very soon. Additional updates are available texasprokartchallenge.com and be sure to find Texas ProKart Challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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Jerry Henderson – In Memoriam http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/jerry-henderson-in-memoriam/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/jerry-henderson-in-memoriam/#respond Tue, 24 May 2016 15:20:25 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66357 The beginning of 2016 has been rough on the karting community, losing Pacific Northwest legend Danny Hodapp in January, SKUSA visionary Jim Murley in February, SKUSA’s founder Don Janowski in April and then, during the week before the SpringNationals, SoCal karting ambassador Jerry Henderson.   Jerry was a tremendously talented driver and a tireless ambassador of the sport.  He coached the next generation and had a special way with the youngest members of the paddock, guiding them to strive for proper race lines and even better racecraft.  In the days that followed the news of Jerry’s passing, we reached out to a handful of veteran karters who knew him well.  Here are their thoughts:

Mike Manning – Owner – Mike Manning Karting

Jerry Henderson-SKUSA SuperNatsRacing friends are the best friends one can ever have in life. The competitive spirit in all of us is so contagious. It drives us to achieve. Whether it’s in line at the grocery store or on the grid, it’s what we racers call ‘game on’. We just can’t help it.

I, and we, just lost one of the best in Jerry Henderson. His battle with cancer was tough for me to watch. He took on this fight the same way he raced. The same way he drove for me.  There was never any quit in him. His love for racing carried over into his love for teaching drivers of all ages. He was a Champion at this as well. For me, personally, the fun we had together racing is what I will remember the most. I will cherish those two SuperNats first place TaG Masters trophies that Jerry won for me, that are still in my shop…and will be, forever. RIP Jerry Henderson

Mike Burris – Owner – Burris Racing

Jerry lived in Oregon and raced flat track bikes up there. When he moved here to So Cal he wanted to race but there wasn’t much of that going on. He drove for Consolidated Freight and delivered to our business and started asking about karts and one day he came in and asked if we’d sell him one of ours and as they say, the rest is history. Good guy and a personal friend.

Kurt Burris – Owner – Burris Racing

Too many stories to tell and too many good times to share….Jerry was certainly a one of a kind who you couldn’t help but like no matter how mad he may have made you. I could share the stories of going jet skiing in Blythe or when Jerry, My dad and I went to Cabo and after putting my dad to bed (nobody will believe that) Jerry and I went back out and somehow knocked the transmission out of the rental car but I guess the best story of all would be just to recap how many lives Jerry touched and in a positive way.

Jerry with Dane Idelson

Jerry with Dane Idelson

We met Jerry in the early 1980’s when he drove delivery for Consolidated Freight. CF handled the delivery of our tires coming from the factory in PA to our warehouse in CA. Jerry ended up on our route and became fast friends with everyone at the shop– I don’t think he ever knew a stranger. He had racing experience in the past before moving to CA and took a quick interest in Karts. We sold him a Yamaha chassis with a KT100 that was one of our shop Karts that we had been running on the dirt at ASCOT and he took to it like a duck to water. He soon discovered Adams Kart Track and because the dirt races weren’t often enough and he wanted to race more regularly, not knowing any better, he took his Kart out on the dirt tires and all to give it a shot…..the soft dirt tires only lasted about 30-40 laps but he was hooked on turning left and right.

He took his love of Karting, his gift of gab and his easy going ways and packaged them into his Kart Racing school that I have to believe he enjoyed as much as his students (both kids and adults). As they say – they definitely broke the mold when they made Jerry. His outgoing personality along with his love of the sport was truly a gift to all in Karting whether you were a competitor on the track or one of his students.

We will miss ya, Hendrix, but I can promise you will never be forgotten.

Howie Idelson – Veteran Karter

If you ask me, Jerry Henderson was wrong. He had a saying, and I heard him say it lots of times; “you don’t make friends in this sport”. Jerry was one of my longest and best friends in karting. He had other friends like me too, lots of them. He got a lot of stuff right, but this is one he was dead wrong about. Not many have done what he’s done in karting. Besides winning everything and being one of the fiercest and feared competitors, as his results show, he sat on club boards, volunteered for several organizations and race directed. But, his most cherished role was coaching kids. And, of course, he coached my son. He had a certain magic about him when he worked with the little ones. Sometimes it sounded like he was talking to a grown adult rather than a 6-year-old, but it was a connection deeper than his words that got through to them. He told me several times how he wished he had kids of his own and I always told him that he’d be a great dad. I think he took each one of his students to a place in his heart where there was a special spot that had been left available. He was one of those guys who wasn’t afraid to say how he felt about you to your face, good or bad. Luckily for me, it was good. When I told my son that Jerry died, he said nothing and just cried. He’s nine. Not too many non-relatives passing can evoke such an emotion from a little boy. I cried too and it was the first time he’s ever seen me cry.  We lost someone very special in Jerry Henderson, but I still say he was wrong.

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GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Presented by Hoosier Racing Tire – Round Four Report http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/gopro-motorplex-karting-challenge-presented-by-hoosier-racing-tire-round-four-report/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/gopro-motorplex-karting-challenge-presented-by-hoosier-racing-tire-round-four-report/#respond Tue, 24 May 2016 13:05:43 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66349 Sunny skies were a pleasant surprise to begin Saturday’s Round Four of the GoPro Motorplex Karting Challenge Presented by Hoosier Racing Tire after thunderstorms and heavy rain were forecasted. A total of 87 entries competed within nine divisions of the 10-round championship club series.

Congrats to all Round Four winners: Ian Habiuk (Briggs LO206 Junior), Danny Dyszelski (IAME Mini Swift), Bree Miller (Briggs LO206 Cadet), Drew Lindley (Yamaha Junior), Brent Crews (IAME Swift), Nick Tucker (IAME Heavy), Luke Wallace (IAME Junior), Nick Tucker (Briggs LO206 Senior), Nick Losito (IAME Senior).

Briggs LO206 Cadet Division Sponsored by EnforcerOne powered by FireAid:

In the Briggs LO206 Cadet Division 12-lap final, Aiden Baker Crouse led a train of three karts in the lead pack that included drivers, Bree Miller and Alex Delemo. After just two quick laps, Delemo found a way around Miller for second position and continued his charge to take the top spot from Crouse as well. As the halfway flags were displayed, Delemo was giving it everything he had to hold on to the lead and hold off Crouse. The pack of three leaders were all bumper-to-bumper with three laps to go. In a last-lap move in the Hoosier Hairpin, Miller took advantage of contact between Delemo and Crouse to score her first-ever win. Crouse settled for second and Delemo finished third.

Yamaha Junior Division:

In the Yamaha Junior 14-lap final, cloud cover and rain drops moved into the area slickening the racing surface. However, it didn’t dampen the racing action on track with a tight battle ensuing between Emory Lyda and Drew Lindley. As laps wound down, Lyda and Lindley took turns leading the race. With one lap remaining to settle it, Lindley and Lyda battled through a series of cross-over moves in the final corners. With impressive race craft, Lindley controlled the top spot when it mattered to score the final win, followed by Lyda and Taylor Stanford.

IAME Swift Division Sponsored by HMS Motorsport:

As the sun returned over the track, 11 IAME Swift drivers took the green for their 14-lap final. Aiden Baker Crouse led the charge with Brent Crews hot on his heels. After just four laps, Crews took the top spot from Crouse with a flawless move into Turn Four. Just before halfway, Crouse stole the lead back from Crews and the rest of the four-kart train followed, sending Crews to fourth. Leaders, Crouse, Isabella Robusto, Devin Gomez and Crews, ran nose-to-tail as laps closed. On the final lap, Crews earned himself a well-deserved win with a move into Turn Four to take the lead and final win. Rounding out the podium was Robusto in second and Gomez in third.

IAME Heavy Division Sponsored by Stitch 98:

After suffering a disqualification following the pre-final, Nick Tucker started shotgun on the field in the final. However, in just one lap Tucker had maneuvered his way into the top position. Steve Frank and John Wehrheim chased from the second and third positions. Tucker scored the win, followed by Frank and Wehrheim.

IAME Junior Division:

In the IAME Junior Division 15-lap final, Luke Wallace looked to finish off a perfect day with a final win after winning the pole in qualifying and the pre-final. Wallace controlled the lead for the opening laps with a four-kart-length lead on second place of Pauly Massimino. As laps wound down, Wallace’s lead improved to over two seconds on Massimino. Earning himself a first-ever win in the IAME Junior division, Wallace took the checkered flag in first, followed by Massimino and Mark Manno.

Briggs LO206 Senior Division Sponsored by Todd Shockman RV Sales:

In the Briggs LO206 Senior division 14-lap final race, the 14-kart field was full of close competition. Dominating through qualifying and the pre-final was Nick Tucker who was out front again in the final. Tucker had a huge advantage after contact between second and third place collected several drivers in the Hoosier Hairpin allowing Tucker to check away from the field. Brian Collins and Billy Duff attempted to work together on drafting efforts from the second and third position to run down Tucker. However, Tucker proved uncatchable, scoring the win by over 10 seconds, followed by Duff and Collins.

IAME Senior Division Sponsored by MPI:

In our largest field of the day with 18 total competitors, the first few laps of the IAME Senior final shook out relatively calm with Nick Losito controlling the lead. However, it wasn’t long before the action heated up with Michael Bovim passing up Losito for the top spot. Bovim held steady in the lead until the hard-charging Blake Hunt overtook Bovim just before halfway. Hunt really settled into his stride following the halfway flags and earned a five-kart-length lead over Bovim. However, with less than two laps two go, Hunt suffered a heartbreaking mechanical issue removing him from the lead and race. This allowed Losito to take the lead and a wild last few laps ensued. When leaders ran down lap traffic in Turn Four, Losito drove wide allowing Bovim and Justin Neu to take over the top-two spots. On the white-flag lap, Neu passed Bovim into Turn One for the lead, only for Bovim to attempt a pass back in Turn Four. However, Bovim locked his brakes, spinning and collecting Neu to hand the lead back to Losito. Losito scored the win, followed by Varun Choksey and Austin Schulz.

IAME Mini Swift Division:

Dark clouds once again threatened the racing action just before the IAME Mini Swift Division 12-lap final. It was a start and first lap full of calamity for most drivers in the seven-kart field excluding Danny Dyszelski. Dyszelski took the lead and never looked back, checking out to over a second lead on Alex Delemo. However, as the halfway flags came out, it was Delemo who was clocking the fastest laps on track, nearly a second faster than Dyszelski. With much faster lap times, Delemo was able to quickly chase down Dyszelski, trimming the gap to just a kart length between the two drivers. Defending from Delemo, Dyszelski led every lap of the race to take the win. Delemo settled for second and Sam Corry for third.

Briggs LO206 Junior Division Sponsored by Race City Mobile Detailing:
The Briggs LO206 Junior division 12-lap Final almost squeaked in a rain-free race. However, just before halfway, heavy rain drops began to fall on the racing surface with Ian Habiuk in the lead. The race was cut short with impending thunderstorms coming quickly, allowing Habiuk to take the win, followed by Alex Keadle and Jadyn Daniels.

Round 4 Results & Standings>> (http://www.gopromotorplex.com/race-events/kart-owner-events/gopro-motorplex-karting-challenge/2016-karting-challenge-results)

GoPro Photo Gallery>> (http://www.gopromotorplex.com/gallery/2016-karting-challenge)

The Karting Challenge Presented by Hoosier Racing Tire will return for Round 5 on Saturday, June 11. Spectator admission is just $5 and children under age five are free. Competitors can save $15 by pre-registering on MotorsportReg.com.

For more information on the Karting Challenge club series, CLICK HERE>> (http://www.gopromotorplex.com/race-events/kart-owner-events/gopro-motorplex-karting-challenge)

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Michael d’Orlando Makes Birel ART Debut at Zuera http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/michael-dorlando-makes-birel-art-debut-at-zuera/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/michael-dorlando-makes-birel-art-debut-at-zuera/#respond Tue, 24 May 2016 13:04:22 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66346 Leaving the familiarity of his North American racing behind, adapting to change is exactly what Michael d’Orlando had to do in his European debut.   And he did, but not without hard lessons and struggles in the meantime.  d’Orlando made the maiden trip across the pond for his CIK-FIA European Championship competition debut, with his Birel ART factory team, in the OK-Junior category  at the International Circuit of Zuera in Zuera, Spain. Despite a tough weekend against 76 of the best drivers in the world he did not let it get him down and showed improvement throughout the weekend.

Starting out with a short test with the Birel ART factory team in Italy the week before, d’Orlando headed to Zuera with some familiarity of his new equipment.   A couple short days practice to get familiar with the circuit, and it was race day.

Clear, but windy weather conditions set the stage for the three day event.  Friday would prove a steep learning curve for the sophomore, after putting his No. 236 Birel ART machine in the 56th Qualifying spot, therefore setting him up for a challenging 23rd starting position for each of the four heat races through Saturday.   Determined to move forward, he would make his way up as far as 12th and 10th in two heats before on-track contact and post-race penalties sent him back down the order in the final results.   But he would survive another day for a position in the Sunday morning pre-final.

Starting from the 34th position, forward progress was the goal and he did all he could to drive his No. 236 Birel ART kart back up through the field.    Contact in the early laps set him back once again but he was able to recover some lost ground.  Officially finishing 22nd, unfortunately he would be five positions short of making the Final race.

“It was exciting to race here at Zuera” said Michael d’Orlando. “There is extremely tough competition in this series, and even though my results did not show the improvement that I did make, I learned a lot.  It was just one of those race weekends you just have to learn from and I will use it to help me in preparing for the next round.”

“There are some differences racing in Europe that I have to adjust to and I can’t thank my Birel ART team enough as they help me transition into European racing and give me a great kart to drive.”

Change isn’t easy.  We all know that.  And for his European debut at the CIK-FIA European Championships in Zuera, Spain, Michael d’Orlando was no exception.  But he’s a survivor.  He’ll be back.

For more information on Michael d’Orlando, please visit www.dorlandoracing.com. Be sure to follow him on Facebook (Michael d’Orlando Racing), Twitter (@dorlandoracing) and Instagram (@dorlandoracing) to stay up to date on news, information, photos and results.

BirelArt Team information go to www.http://birelart.com

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AKRA Northern Tour Debut at Avon, NY Less Than 2 Weeks Away http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/akra-northern-tour-debut-at-avon-ny-less-than-2-weeks-away/ http://ekartingnews.com/2016/05/24/akra-northern-tour-debut-at-avon-ny-less-than-2-weeks-away/#respond Tue, 24 May 2016 12:54:24 +0000 http://ekartingnews.com/?p=66344 Energy and anticipation are ramping up in Upstate New York for the debut of the AKRA / Vega USA American Sprint Cup Series “Northern Tour” set for June 3-5 at the historic Genesee Valley Kart Club in Avon, NY.

One week remains to pre-enter for the Northern Tour opener.  Pre-registration prices are just $80 per class and $55 for Friday practice. A weekend wristband is only $30, which can be pre-purchased or bought at the gate.

Click here for online registration or you can also print out a mail-in entry form, complete and mail to AKRA c/o Keith Shampine at 5555 Concord Parkway S, Suite 332; Concord, NC 28027.

After two successful Southern Tour events at Carolina Motorsports Park and Lamar County Speedway, AKRA officials are thrilled to head north for our first American Sprint Cup Northern Tour event.

The weekend will include more than 18 categories with beautiful custom-made aluminum plaque top-five awards for each day of competition. The full slate of classes include 2-cycle and 4-cycle for all age groups, including Kid Kart, Cadet, Junior, Senior and Masters.

In what looks to be a shift from the Southern Tour, the Avon event appears it will have more Pro Gas Animal entrants than LO206. Both Southern Tour events boasted around twenty LO206 Senior and Masters racers, plus over a dozen 206 Kid Karts, Cadets and Juniors.  So far pre-entry numbers show stronger for the Pro Gas Animal application, as the 206 has not caught on as strong in northeast region.

“In the North region, many of the clubs and local sprint tracks that include 4-cycle classes have stayed with the Animal, while in the South the LO206 is clearly the fastest growing division,” AKRA Sprint director Keith Shampine said.

“We will work to grow the LO206 platform up here, although we’re more than happy the Pro Gas Animal is still strong as that is a terrific package. I’m looking forward to seeing the differences in class participation from the North to the South. This is why we offered so many classes to start; we knew there would be a wide range of class participation depending on the track and area of the country.”

Briggs & Stratton class entrants – Animal and LO206 – will have a chance at a bonus prize at the Avon event. At Sunday morning’s Drivers Meeting a new Brute by Briggs Inverter (portable generator) will be raffled off to a lucky winner.

To be eligible for the drawing you must be a class entrant in a Briggs division.  The Inverter retails for about $450.

All class entrants will have the chance to win a new pair of Vega FH front tires. Four pairs of fronts will be raffled off at Sunday’s Drivers Meeting. All class entrants will be eligible for a free pair of Vega’s!

Speaking of Vega tires, they will be available or purchase at the track. The Vega USA / TSRacing.com will be at the event and bringing a handful of drivers and karts with them!

For more information on the event, visit AKRASprint.com or GVKC’s official website at gvkc.org. Or call AKRA’s Keith Shampine at 704-662-5350 or email keithshampine@gmail.com.  Bill McCutcheon can be reached at 704-219-1616 or billmcfast@aol.com.

The American Sprint Cup Series is proud to be sponsored by Vega USA, AKRA racing programs sponsor RockAuto.com, class sponsors Kart City Performance, Briggs & Stratton Racing, Razor Chassis, Roberts Kart Shop, IONIC Edge Chassis, TSRacing.com, Michigan Kart Supply, Target Distributing and Boon & Sons, and associate sponsors Power Plus Lubricants and S&M Kart Supply.

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