Morning Coffee – Friday, January 8

Digging Daytona - Back at the Beach

Jan 08, 2016 01-08-MC-Lead
Written by Rob Howden | 3 Comment

It had been a handful of years since I’d made the trek to Daytona for WKA Kartweek, jumping onto a plane bound for Florida while still digesting my second helping of Christmas dinner. After attending a string of the events in the late 2000s, I succumbed to the pressure of logging in some family holiday […]

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Morning Coffee – Friday, August 7

Rebuilding the Karting Pyramid

Aug 07, 2015 Four-cycle club racing is one of the core components of karting's foundation
(Photo: Debbie-Jo Zardo)
Written by Rob Howden | 3 Comment

In the many discussions that I’ve had with racers and members of the karting industry in recent years, I often hear the statement that ‘karting is broken’ or that ‘it’s all upside down’. Your personal view likely depends on where you find yourself within the different levels of karting, but from someone who regularly connects […]

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Morning Coffee: Wednesday – July 15

Pre-Event Testing – A Necessity or a Detriment to the Sport?

Jul 15, 2015 (Photo: On Track Promotions -
Written by Rob Howden | 7 Comment

If you’ve been around the sport of karting for an extended period of time, you’ve had the opportunity to watch the evolution of race weekend scheduling. We’ve went from the week-long summer karting festivals that were the old-school, well-attended IKF Grand Nationals to tight two-day events to extended three-day race weekends with Friday practice and […]

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Morning Coffee: Tuesday – November 18

Constant And Never-Ending Improvement

Nov 18, 2014 Morning Coffee-SuperNatsXVIII-EKN Crew
Written by Rob Howden | No Comments

As we prepare to tackle our most aggressive race coverage program ever, I find myself reminiscing back to the first few SKUSA SuperNationals. During the initial editions of this great race, my focus was on handling the PA duties, taking mental notes for my Shifter Kart Illustrated race reports and providing assistance and input to […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – October 31

Ignoring Yellow Flags, Karting’s Current Epidemic

Oct 31, 2014 Drivers need to acknowledge the Yellow flag more in racing
Written by Rob Howden | 7 Comment

I’m sure that many of our fellow EKN gearheads watched with obvious shock and sadness the extremely unfortunate accident at the Japanese Grand Prix in which F1 driver Jules Bianchi went off-track navigating the course during a torrential rainstorm that had earlier caused Adrian Sutil to leave the racing surface and make contact with the […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – August 1

Respecting the Streets…and the Sport

Aug 01, 2014 Morning Coffee-Modesto
Written by Rob Howden | 6 Comment

I’m a big fan of Thursdays.  For more than half the year, it’s the day that I head back to the airport for the next event, and I’m always charged up to drop the hammer and get back at it.  On this particular Thursday, I’m even more energetic knowing that I’m on my way to […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – June 13

Finding Hidden Gems on the Road

Jun 13, 2014 Morning Coffee-Oswego4
Written by Rob Howden | No Comments

After spending a majority of my weekends on the road over the past couple months, it was incredible to finally breath a little at the end of May, staying home for a few days to focus on getting caught up on the business side of EKN.  I knew that I had a little gap in […]

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Morning Coffee: Wednesday – June 4

Rebuilding Road Racing in the Pacific Northwest

Jun 04, 2014 (Photo: Veritas Imagery NW)
Written by Rob Howden | 1 Comment

Back in mid-May, we published an interview with Aaron Stanford, the president of the Puget Sound Road Racing Association in which we discussed their upcoming event at The Ridge, the new facility located just west of Seattle.  Road racing has been struggling in the Pacific Northwest for the last few years, which is disappointing, considering […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – February 7

Humble Beginnings – Looking Back at 20 Years

Feb 07, 2014 Rob's first article was published at age 16, but his real shot at journalism arrived in 1993 at Performance Racing News
Written by Rob Howden | 2 Comment

As we roll our way into the new year, I can’t help but look back at my last two decades as a journalist in this sport.  I got my start in motorsports media in the winter of 1992-93 when I answered a classified ad that was run in Performance Racing News, Canada’s only racing publication […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – January 24

Here We Go Again – Live Time!

Jan 24, 2014 EKN Trackside Live opens 2014 at the Rotax Challenge of the Americas
Written by Rob Howden | No Comments

It’s been over two months since the EKN squad fired up the mixing board to produce a Trackside Live broadcast, and that particular effort was one of the toughest we’ve ever had to endure.  We streamed our live audio from the Champion Racing/Intrepid North America Tower for three days in Las Vegas during the 17th […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – January 17

Modesto Grand Prix - The Genesis of Greatness

Jan 17, 2014 Rob Howden, Tom Kutscher and Rob Soares
Written by Rob Howden | 4 Comment

Have you ever been part of something at its genesis, something that you just knew was going to make a major impact in its community? Well, I had that feeling late last week when I was asked to emcee the press launch of the upcoming Modesto Grand Prix, which will serve as this year’s Superkarts! […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – December 13

The so-called ‘Off-Season’

Dec 13, 2013 Daytona KartWeek is just around the corner, with the rest of the 2014 season (Photo:
Written by Rob Howden | 2 Comment

In most professional sports, like baseball, football, basketball and major league motor racing, you’ll hear the term ‘off-season’.  For the most part, this extended period of non-competition provides an opportunity to take a little breather, to reset expectations, improve a program with key acquisitions and eventually begin preparation and practice for the new year.  In […]

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Morning Coffee: Friday – December 6

The SuperNationals’ Silver Lining

Dec 06, 2013 MorningCoffee-SKUSA SuperNationals XVII-2
Written by Rob Howden | 3 Comment

I know that I’m a ‘glass half-full’ kind of guy when I can actually look back at last month’s SKUSA SuperNationals and key on the warmth of the late morning sun and the quality of the racing that I enjoyed on SuperSunday.  The three straight days of cold, wind and rain – a crappy trifecta […]

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Morning Coffee: Tuesday – November 12

SuperNationals - Continued Growth in Las Vegas

Nov 12, 2013 The evolution of the SKUSA SuperNationals has provided American karting with an event that boasts full fields across the board
(Photo: Todd McCall -
Written by Rob Howden | No Comments

I had a great chat with SKUSA’s Tom Kutscher last week while we were going over our live audio broadcast plans for this year’s SuperNationals.  We’ll once again be streaming my trackside play-by-play from Las Vegas through our EKN Live page, bringing you all the action for the sport’s biggest event.  Tom’s really excited about […]

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Morning Coffee: Thursday – November 7

Michael Valiante – A True Karting Success Story

Nov 07, 2013 (Photo:
Written by Rob Howden | 5 Comment

When I first heard the news a couple weeks ago that Michael Valiante had signed with Spirit of America Racing to drive their Daytona Prototype in the 2014 United SportsCar Championship, I could only smile.  I’ve known Michael for many years, watching him rise to the top of the karting world through the IKF Region […]

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Morning Coffee: Thursday – October 24

The Beauty of Four Cycle Racing

Oct 24, 2013 Briggs LO 206 racing continues to grow throughout the country
Written by Rob Howden | 6 Comment

We’ve got a pretty darn good gig here at  Yes, it’s a lot of work, countless hours staring at a computer screen, 20+ weekends away from our families, sometimes actually forgetting where we’ve been when we arrive home on a return flight.  The commitments are extensive to be certain, but as true fans of […]

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Morning Coffee: Thursday – October 17

Karting’s Mass Marketing Machine

Oct 17, 2013 Social media is key to the growth of karting
Written by Rob Howden | 10 Comment

I’m pleased to say that the first edition of my ‘Morning Coffee’ went over pretty well.  Great feedback, which is nice.  I want to thank everyone who ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ the blog announcement on Facebook and those who ‘retweeted’ it on Twitter.  This is the kind of reaction and support we were hoping for.  We […]

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Morning Coffee: Tuesday – October 15

New Track Visit / NOLA Rocks

Oct 15, 2013 EKN Editor-in-Chief Rob Howden's first visit to NOLA Motorsports Park was an extremely positive one, and the racing at the PanAm Challenge bodes well for this year's Rotax Grand Finals
Written by Rob Howden | No Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited to get up in the morning and sit down with a coffee at my computer in the EKN head office. I’ve got a 12-hour day planned, all in an effort to catch up following three weeks on the road, but I really dig crossing things off […]

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