2017 eKartingNews.com Driver Rankings Powered by Bell Racing USA – Stock Honda – June 16

Lead narrows for French with AJ Myers now the top challenger for the #1 spot

Jake French remains the driver to beat in the EKN Stock Honda Driver Rankings (Photo: EKN)

As we near the halfway point of the 2017 calendar year, many of the national, regional and local programs are well underway with their season. The events listed on the eKartingNews.com Stock Honda Driver Rankings powered by Bell Racing USA are at the halfway point for 2017, and the battle for the top position – along with the prize of a Bell Racing helmet for the driver who ends the season in the number one position – is heating up. With the Stock Honda program adjusted to best seven races, and the SKUSA Pro Tour expanding, it has opened up the door for more drivers to be in contention for the top position.

The #1 spot remains in the hands of Jake French, with the DKC / Sodi Kart driver improving his total following the SpringNationals by 11 points, adding more podium finishes to his credit. His lead however has shrunk down to just 21 points with the jump up the order by TB Kart USA driver AJ Myers, reaching the seven race mark with the two SpringNationals events added to his total. Myers leaped over Billy Musgrave (MRC / Aluminos), who remains third in the standings. Dropping out of the second and down out of the top-10 is SKUSA Pro Tour 2016 champion Daniel Formal. The new Champion Racing / Intrepid driver has suffered two disqualifications on the SKUSA Pro Tour this season, thus limiting his race total to just six over the last 12 months, sitting 22nd in the new Driver Rankings standings.

Holding firm in the fourth and fifth spots is S2 graduates Austin Wilkins and Hunter Pickett. The 2016 SKUSA Pro Tour S2 champion Wilkins (DKC / Sodi Kart) improved his score with his best finish of 2017 in Sonoma with a sixth place performance on Sunday. Pickett (Aluminos) also improved his score from the SpringNationals, adding another podium finish with a third-place result in Round Four.

Jumping up into the top-10 from 12th is Skyler Finley, the third DKC / Sodi Kart driver. Finley put himself on the podium for the first time in 2017 Sunday at the SpringNationals with a runner-up finish, certainly on the verge of earning that first SKUSA Pro Tour victory. Sabre Cook (Energy) dropped one spot to seventh with SpringNationals S2 winner Kyle Wick (RPG / CRG) improving up one position to eighth. Hunter Kelly (Italcorse) has moved up to ninth in his first season at the S1 Pro level. Rounding out the top-10 is Kolton Griffin (Pure Karting / Tony Kart), jumping back up thanks to holding more than seven races to his credit and placing third at last months LAKC Pro Show. Aside from Formal falling out of the top-10, Kol Bailey (LEM / Praga) fell to 13th after a rough SpringNationals in the S2 division.

Upcoming EKN Stock Honda Driver Rankings Schedule
6/17,Los Angeles Karting Championship #5,S1/S2,CalSpeed Karting Center,”Fontana, CA”,8
6/17,Utah State Championships #5,Spec 125,Utah Motorsports Campus,”Tooele, UT”,8
6/24,Texas Sprint Racing Series #5,Shifter Light,Hill Country Kart Club,”New Braunfels, TX”,8
6/25,Texas Sprint Racing Series #6,Shifter Light,Hill Country Kart Club,”New Braunfels, TX”,8
6/25,US Open #1,Shifter Senior,New Jersey Motorsports Park,”Millville, NJ”,9
7/8,Northwest Gold Cup #7,Super Stock CR125,Mountain High Raceway,”Spanaway, WA”,8
7/8,SKUSA California ProKart Challenge #4,S1,Santa Maria Kart Track,”Santa Maria, CA”,8.5
7/8,SKUSA California ProKart Challenge #4,S2,Santa Maria Kart Track,”Santa Maria, CA”,8
7/9,Northwest Gold Cup #8,Super Stock CR125,Mountain High Raceway,”Spanaway, WA”,8
7/15,Los Angeles Karting Championship #6,S1/S2,CalSpeed Karting Center,”Fontana, CA”,8
7/15,Sanzaru Games Karting Championship #5,Pro Stock Honda,Simraceway Performance Karting Center,”Sonoma, CA”,8
7/16,SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge #4,S1/S2,Amarillo Kart Circuit,”Amarillo, TX”,8.5
7/22,Can-Am Karting Challenge #3,S2,Greg Moore Raceway,”Chilliwack, BC”,8.5
7/22,Gearup Challenge F-Series #4,Stock Honda,Pittsburgh International Race Complex,”Wampum, PA”,8
7/23,Can-Am Karting Challenge #4,S2,Greg Moore Raceway,”Chilliwack, BC”,8.5
7/29,Utah State Championships #7,Spec 125,Utah Motorsports Campus,”Tooele, UT”,8

Stock Moto #1 – Jake French
Sachse, Texas

(Photo: EKN)

Right now, there is no other driver that is more consistent in shifterkart racing in the United States than Jake French. Six straight podium finishes at the SKUSA Pro Tour level, including four for four in 2017, has the Dallas Karting Complex / Sodi Kart driver still at the top of the Driver Rankings. Finally earning his first SKUSA Pro Tour S1 victory at the WinterNationals, French has two runner-up finishes and a third-place finish to put himself at the top of the championship chase heading to the SummerNationals. Two more podium finishes in New Castle would better his score, thus it is easy to predict French could be at the top of the Driver Rankings heading into the SuperNationals this November. The question is, will he go to Vegas as the SKUSA Pro Tour champion?

Point Breakdown
[table width=”350″]Race,Rank,Finish,Points
SKUSA SummerNationals ’16 #1 – S1,9.5,13,954
SKUSA SummerNationals ’16 #2 – S1,9.5,3,1063
SKUSA SuperNationals 2016 – S1,10,3,1142
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,1,1084
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,2,1073
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,3,1063
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,2,1073
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 3.86
Average Points: 1064.6
Total Points: 7452


Stock Moto #2 – AJ Myers
Tampa, Florida

(Photo: EKN)

It began at the 2016 SKUSA Pro Tour SummerNationals. TB Kart USA driver AJ Myers made the journey from Florida with the kart loaded in the back of his father’s truck, and dominated the weekend for a breakout performance in the S1 division. That led to a runner-up at the SuperNationals and a podium at the inaugural WinterNationals. Now with seven races in Stock Honda under his belt over the last 12 months, Myers is sitting second in the EKN Driver Rankings, with the opportunity to take over the number one position. Despite Myers struggles in Sonoma, another two win performance in New Castle this August could boost him into the #1 spot.

Point Breakdown
[table width=”350″]Race,Rank,Finish,Points
SKUSA SummerNationals ’16 #1 – S1,9.5,1,1084
SKUSA SummerNationals ’16 #2 – S1,9.5,1,1084
SKUSA SuperNationals 2016 – S1,10,2,1153
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,5,1041
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,3,1063
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,10,987
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,7,1019
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 4.14
Average Points: 1061.6
Total Points: 7431


Stock Moto #3 – Billy Musgrave
Norco, California

(Photo: On Track Promotions – otp.ca)

Three straight years now, Billy Musgrave has won on the SKUSA Pro Tour in the S1 division. The three-time California ProKart Challenge champion earned his third career main event victory during the SpringNationals, his first aboard the Aluminos brand. The Rob Soares chassis design continues to show success at the SKUSA Pro Tour since it was introduced in 2013, now with Musgrave at the helm. The MRC driver has recorded three straight victories at the California PKC this season, looking to add his fourth championship in five years, making him one of the top shifterkart drivers of this generation. A winner at New Castle in 2016, Musgrave will be a factor at the SKUSA Pro Tour finale.

Point Breakdown
[table width=”350″]Race,Rank,Finish,Points
SKUSA SummerNationals ’16 #1 – S1,9.5,8,1008
SKUSA SummerNationals ’16 #2 – S1,9.5,9,998
SKUSA SuperNationals 2016 – S1,10,7,1095
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,2,1073
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,9,997
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,5,1041
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,1,1084
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 5.86
Average Points: 1042.3
Total Points: 7296


Stock Moto ‘On the Move’ – #42
Mathias Ramirez
Bradenton, Florida

(Photo: EKN)

The top rookie in 2017 is Florida’s Mathias Ramirez. No stranger to the big stage as a former podium finisher at the Rotax Grand Finals, Ramirez is third in the SKUSA Pro Tour standings with three straight top-five results. The 2016 SKUSA SuperNationals S2 winner has made the transition to the headline division, showing the speed to race with the top drivers, just unable to reach the podium through the first two events. His short tenure with PSL Karting / Birel ART continues to develop, with Ramirez a shoe-in for title contention in the coming years. With only five events under his belt, Mathias is set to enter the top-10 of the EKN Driver Rankings following the SummerNationals.

Point Breakdown
[table width=”350″]Race,Rank,Finish,Points
SKUSA SuperNationals 2016 – S2,9.5,1,1138
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,4,1052
SKUSA WinterNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,4,1052
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #1 – S1,9.5,4,1052
SKUSA SpringNationals ’17 #2 – S1,9.5,12,965
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 5.00
Average Points: 1051.8
Total Points: 5259

EKN Driver Rankings Calculation Process
The EKN Driver Rankings are calculated using a driver’s best finishes in major North American races. Assembled using events from the previous 12 months from the current date, we use a driver’s best seven finishes in TaG and six in Stock Moto to determine their overall current point total. With each new release, results posted from more than one year ago are discarded. To deliver our ranking list, we tabulate the results of all the national programs and selected regional programs. We have included the results for the major one-off events such as the SKUSA SuperNationals, the US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals, the Rock Island Grand Prix, and the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix.

Each race is initially weighted based on the prestige and history of the event or series with a score of ten (10) being the highest attainable base ranking. For 2016, the SKUSA Pro Tour and US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals receive a score of 10 in their initial weighting in the TaG category while the SuperNationals is the lone event in the Stock Moto division. A base ranking of nine (9) goes to the United States Pro Kart Series, Florida Winter Tour Rotax Max Challenge, Challenge of the Americas, Rock Island Grand Prix and California ProKart Challenge. Other national and regional program races were given a base ranking of either 8.5 or 8.

The EKN staff reserves the right to adjust the rankings of each event throughout the year. A minimum entry total for any events considered for the Driver Rankings program is five (5). If an event does not have at least five (5) drivers starting the race, those results will not be tabulated toward the Driver Rankings.

Added to these initial rankings are two variables that help confirm the true importance of an event to the ranking process – field size and field strength. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field, while the number of existing top 50 drivers entered offers another full point or fraction of a point. The sum of these numbers becomes the overall ranking for any race. Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing positions with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driver’s final point total from each event. Using a driver’s best seven races in TaG, six for Stock Moto, we calculate each driver’s overall score and subsequent ranking.

EKN Driver Rankings Powered by Bell Racing USA – Stock Honda – as of June 16, 2017
Pos.,Apr. 26,Plus/Minus,Driver,Races,Score
1.,1,NC,Jake French,12,7452
2.,49,47,AJ Myers,7,7431
3.,3,NC,Billy Musgrave,16,7296
4.,4,NC,Austin Wilkins,13,7267
5.,5,NC,Hunter Pickett,14,7193
6.,12,6,Skyler Finley,9,6935
7.,6,-1,Sabre Cook,7,6913
8.,9,1,Kyle Wick,11,6838
9.,11,2,Hunter Kelly,12,6806
10.,33,23,Kolton Griffin,9,6799
11.,13,2,Matias Podboj,14,6758
12.,16,4,Jason Pettit,12,6755
13.,8,-5,Kol Bailey,10,6728
14.,15,1,Rory van der Steur,14,6703
15.,47,32,Riley Dickinson,9,6701
16.,10,-6,Collin Daley,11,6668
17.,14,-3,Callum Smith,11,6637
18.,19,1,Graig Alvarez,11,6597
19.,20,1,Josh Lane,10,6387
20.,17,-3,Harry Gottsacker,7,6333
21.,22,1,Andretta Young,12,6319
22.,2,-20,Daniel Formal,6,6231
23.,34,11,Robert Heck Jr.,12,6212
24.,55,31,Gianfranco Casadei,9,6150
25.,26,1,David Salazar,9,6128
26.,37,11,Garrett McKelvie,12,6115
27.,38,11,Josh Early,16,6108
28.,39,11,Blair Hosie,11,6041
29.,31,2,Billy Drury,10,6016
30.,32,2,Lauren Stark,8,5999
31.,40,9,Darin Marcus,7,5994
32.,29,-3,Alex Yates,7,5981
33.,30,-3,Tyler Guilbeault,9,5975
34.,36,2,Ayrton Little,8,5902
35.,62,27,Ron White,6,5791
36.,61,25,Ryan P. Lewis,8,5755
37.,43,6,Carson Mueller,7,5698
38.,44,6,Paul Makarucha,7,5654
39.,45,6,Bryon Rothenhoefer,7,5611
40.,48,8,Frank Rapisarda,7,5429
41.,23,-18,Ryan Pool,6,5305
42.,87,45,Mathias Ramirez,5,5259
43.,65,22,Nathan Adds,6,5189
44.,28,-16,Lawson Nagel,6,5093
45.,35,-10,Larry Moulton,6,5084
46.,69,23,Royal McKee,6,4913
47.,78,31,Brian Keck,5,4901
48.,7,-41,Nick Neri,5,4891
49.,74,25,Chris Matthew,6,4802
50.,60,10,Patrick Cecilian,6,4748
51.,81,30,Alex Manglass,5,4414
52.,24,-28,Jordon Musser,5,4413
53.,25,-28,Vincent Cossard,5,4352
54.,41,-13,Sebastian Bertoia,5,4156
55.,101,46,Kevin Janders,5,4101
56.,105,49,Carlee Taylor,5,4095
57.,42,-15,Casey Ross,5,4073
58.,57,-1,Christian Bouhuys,5,4052
59.,108,49,Antonio de Lis,5,4028
60.,27,-33,Joey Wimsett,4,4023
61.,77,16,Nic LeDuc,4,3982
62.,73,11,Mark Snyder,5,3979
63.,76,13,Liam Snyder,5,3976
64.,112,48,Gianfranco Mazzaferro,4,3959
65.,46,-19,Garrett Boone,4,3862
66.,18,-48,Jarred Campbell,4,3813
67.,63,-4,Keith Buffo,5,3813
68.,50,-18,Tyler Bennett,4,3681
69.,21,-48,Robert Bujdoso,4,3583
70.,53,-17,Chris Neria,4,3403
71.,54,-17,Taylor Ross,4,3397
72.,139,67,Tyler Fling,4,3395
73.,84,11,Brian Davies,4,3337
74.,85,11,Tony Malito,4,3333
75.,103,28,Alexis Costa,4,3255
76.,71,-5,Jessica Sollberger,4,3245
77.,70,-7,Matthew O’Donnell,4,3244
78.,221,143,Dean Heldt,4,3214
79.,89,10,Lee Waddell,4,3147
80.,51,-29,Daniel Bray,3,3125
81.,52,-29,Kyle Kalish,3,3100
82.,90,8,Travis Waddell,4,3088
83.,92,9,Jake Craig,3,2929
84.,58,-26,Carter Williams,3,2856
85.,82,-3,Ryan Rudolph,3,2732
86.,64,-22,Andrew Bujdoso,3,2673
87.,94,7,Brady Ross,3,2667
88.,188,100,Richard Stock,3,2662
89.,95,6,Jimmy McNeil,3,2655
90.,96,6,Joe Ruch,3,2651
91.,130,39,Aaron Aguirre,3,2591
92.,97,5,Robby Seward,3,2561
93.,98,5,Cody Elliott,3,2526
94.,134,40,Brad Dunford,3,2525
95.,99,4,Pablo Daniel Cortez,3,2483
96.,138,42,Michael Korody,3,2463
97.,102,5,Kyle Knecht,3,2457
98.,215,117,Cody Hodgson,3,2444
99.,104,5,Devon Smith-Harden,3,2441
100.,144,44,Jacob Boubel,3,2406
101.,141,40,Mike Schneider,3,2395
102.,107,5,Garrett Knutson,3,2392
103.,91,-12,Garrett Kramer,3,2376
104.,75,-29,Randall Burnett,3,2371
105.,109,4,Evan Polisky,3,2356
106.,150,44,Mike Rivera,3,2347
107.,154,47,Anthony Freese,3,2279
108.,111,3,Matt Hamilton,2,2096
109.,67,-42,Oliver Askew,2,2093
110.,163,53,Gary Carlton,2,2027
111.,113,2,Fritz Leesmann,2,2006
112.,-,-,Bryce Cornet,2,1940
113.,118,5,Jeff Kingsley,2,1886
114.,119,5,Kyle Kirkwood,2,1868
115.,115,NC,KC Cook,2,1848
116.,120,4,Harrison Mills,2,1846
117.,122,5,CJ Cramm,2,1794
118.,124,6,Salvador de Alba,2,1780
119.,125,6,Colton Aldridge,2,1776
120.,126,6,Peter Abba,2,1765
121.,127,6,Mike Beeny,2,1764
122.,79,-43,Derek Dignan,2,1748
123.,68,-55,AJ Juergens,2,1724
124.,131,7,Julian Van der Steur,2,1699
125.,56,-69,Nathan Mauel,2,1698
126.,132,6,Ben Schermerhorn,2,1693
127.,133,6,Brandon Tomko,2,1691
128.,80,-48,Arturo Hernandez Jr.,2,1674
129.,136,7,Randy Mitchell,2,1672
130.,193,63,Vivek Tandon,2,1659
131.,66,-65,Chris Farrell,2,1657
132.,137,5,Jesus Rios,2,1653
133.,86,-47,Erin Sims,2,1645
134.,187,53,William Auffenberg,2,1641
135.,106,-29,Eric Van Der Steur,2,1627
136.,83,-53,Aaron Schmitt,2,1621
137.,212,75,Prescott Campbell,2,1616
138.,143,5,Don McGregor,2,1608
139.,222,83,Justin Taylor,2,1600
140.,-,-,Matthew Morgan,2,1600
141.,110,-31,John Gaydos,2,1592
142.,-,-,Travis Henson,2,1592
143.,59,-84,Tyler Campbell,2,1591
144.,194,50,Marcellus Dukes,2,1590
145.,146,1,Kyle Kennedy,2,1579
146.,147,1,Pascual Torres,2,1577
147.,-,-,Jon Karagounis,2,1576
148.,199,51,Billy Smith,2,1564
149.,88,-61,Colin Long,2,1534
150.,152,2,Jano Eiler,2,1532
151.,153,2,Tommy Andersen,2,1526
152.,155,3,Marco Hernandez,2,1448
153.,156,3,Anthony Concialdi,2,1431
154.,157,3,Trenton Estep,1,1081
155.,158,3,Christian Schureman,1,1072
156.,159,3,Wesley Boswell,1,1025
157.,160,3,Matt Jaskol,1,1014
158.,161,3,Fernando Casillas Jr.,1,979
159.,162,3,Ricardo Gonzalez,1,967
160.,164,4,Alec Gumpfer,1,944
161.,165,4,Austin Schimmel,1,944
162.,166,4,Alan Michel,1,932
163.,167,4,Axel Matus,1,932
164.,168,4,Tase Flores,1,921
165.,170,5,Joshua de Losier,1,913
166.,171,5,Clinton Schoombee,1,912
167.,93,-74,Luca Tilloca,1,909
168.,172,4,Dakota Fripp,1,904
169.,173,4,Bonnier Moulton,1,900
170.,174,4,Alexander Rossi,1,897
171.,175,4,Emiliano Salazar,1,887
172.,176,4,Zach Schiff,1,882
173.,177,4,Jason Campbell,1,878
174.,178,4,Zach Herrin,1,876
175.,180,5,Remo Ruscitti,1,867
176.,182,6,Kyle Loh,1,853
177.,183,6,Scott Clark,1,850
178.,135,-43,Christian Bird,1,849
179.,100,-79,Connor Thomas,1,844
180.,184,4,Jimmy Simpson,1,841
181.,-,-,Nick Brueckner,1,838
182.,185,3,Nathan Putnam,1,835
183.,186,3,Zach Pettinicchi,1,835
184.,-,-,Nathan Stewart,1,831
185.,-,-,Michael Ilavia,1,829
186.,189,3,Evan Batt,1,823
187.,-,-,Kalvin Chen,1,822
188.,190,2,Oscar Aguilera,1,822
189.,-,-,Nikita Lastochkin,1,820
190.,140,-50,Christopher Hines,1,818
191.,-,-,Daniel Justice,1,817
192.,-,-,Adrian Yong,1,813
193.,-,-,Sarah Rassmusen,1,809
194.,196,2,Robert Alon,1,804
195.,-,-,Sean Bond,1,804
196.,198,2,Alejandro Fernandez,1,802
197.,-,-,Hadrien le Flanchec,1,802
198.,200,2,Bernard Muminovic,1,800
199.,-,-,Venkat Reddy,1,797
200.,202,2,Lance Lane,1,796
201.,205,4,Thomas Connor,1,795
202.,-,-,Zoli Sule,1,795
203.,206,3,Chandler Campbell,1,794
204.,208,4,Garrett Ramirez,1,794
205.,209,4,Michael McCarthy,1,789
206.,-,-,Kent Hatada,1,786
207.,114,-93,Jacob Pope,1,785
208.,211,3,Luis Pablo Garcia,1,785
209.,-,-,Tyler Coffman,1,784
210.,214,4,Angus Hunt,1,778
211.,-,-,Blake Dunkleberger,1,777
212.,216,4,Travis Nicklas,1,776
213.,-,-,Rod Clinard,1,771
214.,218,4,Virgil Gross,1,767
215.,148,-67,Mike Hines,1,766
216.,219,3,David Harding,1,758
217.,220,3,David Edwards,1,755
218.,151,-67,Dave Edwards,1,750
219.,223,4,John Sullivan,1,749
220.,224,4,Aamir Hyder,1,741
221.,226,5,Genaro Castillo Barba,1,739
222.,-,-,Chris Valez,1,732
223.,227,4,Jeffrey Neubert,1,732
224.,228,4,Mark Eller,1,731
225.,229,4,Victor Jimenez,1,728
226.,72,-154,Hannah Williams,1,717
227.,230,3,Joe di Vito,1,715
228.,231,3,Jason Bane,1,697
229.,232,3,Javier Gonzalez,1,671

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