Driver News: Andrew Maciel – 2016 Program

Andrew Maciel

Our goal for the next two months is to get ready for the 2016 Florida Winter Tour. Therefore, the Canadian/Brazilian driver Andrew Maciel, moved to Team Felon which is managed by Gary Willis, that has several years of experience in karting and developing some of the best drivers in America.

The team is working hard in order to get the equipment on its best possible condition. The Vortex engines are on their final tuning stages due to the hard work done by Rodrigo from RC4 and Patricio Larrea from KPT Ecuador, and the overall improvement can already be noticed with podiums in all the last five races, including three wins, with two of them on tracks that will be used for the FWT

According to Andrew Maciel, the tracks selected for the FWT are very fast, and having a good equipment will help the driver on them. “We already won races on two out of the three tracks that will be part of the FWT and our speed is improving in all of them every time we race. Besides that, we are not having as many mechanical problems as we had before during this season, and this is helping us a lot. Now, we have to keep working and improving as much as we can. Our next step will be to win a race in Homestead, that is the only track part of the FWT that we do not have a win so far, and it is the home track for some of the best drivers in America. Thank you to Team Felon, 2 Rios Lingerie, Baumann Travel, RC4 and KPT Ecuador for their support.”

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