Whiteland Raceway Park to Host Halloween 100 on November 1

Whiteland Raceway Park is pleased to announce its Halloween 100 set for November 1.

This daytime event will include a nonpoints club race followed by 2 endurance races – Yamaha Jr sportsman (80 laps) and Yamaha Adult can (100 laps).

The nonpoint club race will include the following classes: kid kart, jr sportsman, Yamaha jr can, Adult can, Shifter, TAG and Adult 4 cycle (clone and LO206). Gates will open @ 9am with the drivers meeting @ 1030. Entry fee for this event is $40 including drivers pit pass, additional pit passes are $10. You must compete in this event to be eligible for the endurance event..

The endurance events will prove to be unique as each one will include a free pass and up to 3 field inversions.  The first $500 for each class has been sponsored by Top Kart USA and Kart Motorsport Warehouse with 70% of the endurance entry fees to be added to the purse as well . May be ran as Team or Iron Man with a mandatory timed pit stop. Entry fee for this event is $75. Endurance classes will be Yamaha jr sportsman (80 laps) and Yamaha Adult can Medium (100 laps).

For more information on this event contact WRP @ 317.535.7291.

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