Results for So Cal Karters ‘Race for the Rack’ at Wheel2Wheel Raceway

The So Cal Oval Karters made their final 2015 visit to John Aden’s Wheel2Wheel Raceway for the third annual “Race for the Rack” last Saturday night.   Class point leaders Matt Martis in the Senior 4 Cycles, Troy Patton in the KT100’s and Cody Nigh in the Open’s all won main events.  The only non-point leader to take a victory was Don Amigliore in the F200’s.

For Martis it was business as usual in the Senior 4 Cycles.  He won his heat race and started on the pole at the high desert 1/8 of a mile banked oval.  From there the Bonita karter went on to his eighth win in 12 SCOK races thus far in 2015.  Riverside’s Garrett Schill, Desiree Gaynor of Banning, Don Holdsworth and Bill Martin, who won the other heat race, rounded out the top five in the 10 kart field.  Menifee’s Holdsworth was the main event “Hard Charger” picking up three spots.

Coming into the night, Martis had a 40-point lead in the F200 championship standings over Lake Elsinore’s Jason Voss.  However, his win, combined with Voss seventh place finish, has allowed Martis to expand his lead to 70-points heading into the season finale.  Schill is 60-points behind Voss in third.

Cherry Valley’s Patton notched his series leading fourth win in the KT100’s and he had to pass perennial top runners Rob Marion of Oxnard and Long Beach speedster Matt Drotz to take the victory on the warm Victorville night.  Marion and Drotz, who won the heat races, started in front of Patton in the main and finished second and third behind him respectively.  San Pedro’s Rev Parker and Randy Truax, who calls San Diego home, were fourth and fifth.  Patton was also the race “Hard Charger.”

Patton carries a 47-point advantage over Marion heading into the last race of the year.  Parker is third.

Nigh extended his lead to 90-points in the Open Class when he won his sixth main of 2015.  The win was also the third in a row for the Oxnard driver and his fourth in the last five races.  Nigh and Chris Gibb of Long Beach shared the front row for the main and finished one-two in the final race of the year for the SCOK at Wheel2Wheel.  Visiting Colorado racer Brian Robson took third with Steve Patton of Cherry Valley and San Marcos’ Norm Reynolds fourth and fifth.  In a rare racing occurance, Nigh was “Hard Charger” in a race that saw every karter finish in the exact same spots as they started.

San Diego State student Nigh has a massive 110-point lead over Patton with only one race to go.

In the next to last F200 race of the year Don Amigliore continued with his late season domination when he swept the show winning both heats and the main event.  For the 53-year-old from Menifee it was his third win in the last four races.  And, it would have been four out of four had he not broken when he had a huge lead at the September 26th event at the Perris Raceway.   Whittier’s Steve Juillerat, who won the Perris Raceway main, was second.  Scott Gaynor of Banning, Troy McIntosh of Lake Elsinore and Krazy Dog Racing’s Justin Grant of Riverside finished third through fifth.  Juillerat was the main event “Hard Charger.”

McIntosh will carry a comfortable 105-point lead over Juillerat into the last race on the 31.

SCOK’s exciting 2015 season will take the final checkered flag on October 31st at Perris Auto Speedway.  Gates will open at 9:00 AM and racing will start at noon.  All kids will race free on that day.

The So Cal Oval Karters would like to thank the following sponsors who help make the series possible.  Burris Racing, Cory Kruseman Sprint Car Driving School,, Perris Auto Speedway, Professional Announcer Chappy, R&J Motorsports, THC Home Medical Services, T-MAC Racing and Yamaha of America Racing Engines.  If you would like to become a part of the So Cal Oval Karters 2015 season, please call or E-mail Mike Nigh at (805) 857-2595 or

Wheel2Wheel Raceway Results

Senior 4 Cycle (with starting positions)
1. Matt Martis – Bonita – 1st
2. Garrett Schill – Riverside – 3rd
3. Desiree Gaynor – Banning – 4th
4. Dave Holdsworth – Menifee – 7th
5. Bill Martin – (2nd)
6. Ryan Sherman – Lake Elsinore – 5th
7. Jason Voss – Lake Elsinore – 6th
8. Tailor Roa – Garden Grove – 8th
9. Aubrey Oppelt – Lake Elsinore – 10th
10. Clifton Kane – San Pedro – 9th

KT100 (with starting positions)
1. Troy Patton – Cherry Valley – 3rd
2. Rob Marion – Oxnard – 1st
3. Matt Drotz – Long Beach – 2nd
4. Rev Parker – San Pedro – 5th
5. Randy Truax – San Diego – 4th
6. Tyler Wilson – Torrance – 7th
7. Ted Marshall – 6th

Open Class (with starting positions)
1. Cody Nigh – Camarillo – 1st
2. Chris Gibb – Long Beach – 2nd
3. Brian Robson – Highlands Ranch, CO – 3rd
4. Steve Patton – Cherry Valley – 4th
5. Norm Reynolds – San Marcos – 5th

F200 (with starting positions)
1. Don Amigliore – Menifee – 1st
2. Steve Juillerat – Whittier – 3rd
3. Scott Gaynor – Banning – 2nd
4. Troy McIntosh – Lake Elsinore – 4th
5. Justin Garcia – Riverside – 5th

So Cal Oval Karters Point Standings

1. Troy Patton – Cherry Valley – 1681
2. Rob Marion – Oxnard – 1634
3. Rev Parker – San Pedro – 1593
4. Tyler Wilson – Long Beach – 1569
5. Randy Truax – San Diego – 1496

1. Troy McIntosh – Lake Elsinore – 1730
2. Scott Gaynor – Banning – 1625
3. Steve Juillerat – Whittier – 1310
4. Justin Garcia – Riverside – 1260
5. Don Amigliore – Menifee – 1040

SR4 Cycle
1. Matt Martis – Bonita – 1760
2. Jason Voss – Lake Elsinore – 1690
3. Garret Schill – Riverside – 1630
4. Aubrey Oppelt – Lake Elsinore – 1524
5. Desiree Gaynor – Banning – 1411

1. Cody Nigh – Camarillo – 1755
2. Steve Patton – Cherry Valley – 1665
3. Norm Reynolds – San Marcos – 1115
4. Chad Griggs – Lakeside – 830
5. Chris Gibb – Long Beach – 690 *

* = Non Member

2015 So Cal Oval Karters Winners

KT100: 3/21 Perris Raceway Rev Parker, 4/11 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Troy Patton, 5/16 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Brody Roa, 5-30 Perris Auto Speedway Road Course Rob Marion, 6-20 Perris Auto Speedway Rob Marion, 7/4 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Rob Marion, 7-25 Industry Chris Gibb, 8-8 Perris Raceway Troy Patton, 8-22 Perris Auto Speedway Brody Roa, 9-12 Wheel2Wheel Troy Patton, 9-26 Perris Raceway Brody Roa, 10-10 Wheel2Wheel  Troy Patton

F200: 3/21 Perris Raceway Matt Drottz, 4/11 Wheel2WheelRaceway Jason Morheiser, 5/16 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Troy McIntosh, 6-20 Perris Auto Speedway Troy McIntosh, 7/4 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Jason Morheiser, 7-25 Industry Troy McIntosh, 8-8 Perris Raceway Troy McIntosh, 8-22 Don Amigliore, 9-12 Wheel2Wheel Don Amigliore, 9-26 Perris Raceway Steve Juillerat, 10-10 Wheel2Wheel Don Amigliore

SR 4 Cycle: 3/21 Perris Raceway Matt Martis, 4/11 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Matt Martis, 5/16 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Jason Voss, 5/30 Perris Auto Speedway (road course) Matt Martis, 6-20 Perris Auto Speedway Jason Voss, 7/4 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Matt Martis, 7-25 Industry Matt Martis, 8-8 Perris Raceway Danny Morheiser, 8-22 Perris Auto Speedway Jason Voss, 9-12 Wheel2Wheel Matt Martis, 9-26 Perris Raceway Matt Martis , 10-10 Wheel2Wheel Matt Martis

Open: 3/21 Perris Raceway Darren Elliott, 4/11 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Chris Gibb, 5/16 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Cody Nigh, 5-30 Perris Auto Speedway (road course) Mike Collins, 6-20 Perris Auto Speedway Cody Nigh, 7/4 Wheel2Wheel Raceway Steve Patton, 7-25 Industry Steve Patton, 8-8 Perris Raceway Cody Nigh, 8-22 Perris Auto Speedway Chris Gibb, 9-12 Wheel2Wheel Cody Nigh, 9-26 Perris Raceway Cody Nigh, 10-10 Wheel2Wheel Cody Nigh

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