Manitoba Karting Association Rene Berard Charity Enduro & Race 10

Dale George and John Buzza

The weather was warm and sunny for the doubleheader Rene Berard Charity Enduro and Race # 10 of the Manitoba Karting Association Championship at Gimli Motorsport Park. The sponsor for Saturday’s Rene Berard Charity Enduro was Red River CO-OP and Sunday’s race # 10 sponsor was RBC Securities

Brad Bachalo

Brad Bachalo

Highlights of Rene Berard Charity Enduro

The enduro is a fund raiser for Cancer Care and is named after the Manitoba Karting Association’s longest competing member Rene Berard who had a long history of always helping out his fellow competitors as well as overcoming adversity and yet he still kept on racing.

The enduros are fun races and the money raised from the enduros went to Cancer Care Manitoba while the money raised from the Mom’s race went to Breast Cancer.

Highlights of Race # 10

Senior Briggs class had John Buzza on pole position. Once again John took off and lead start to finish. The excitement in the Senior Briggs class is still the pack of karts in P2 – P6 fighting for the runner-up spot. At the finish John won with Garrett Gulenchyn 2nd and Jeff Fulham 3rd.

Bianca Bovino had P1 for the start of Junior 2 Briggs class but Jaedin Wright got by on lap 2 and held the lead to win with Bianca 2nd and Max Jarry 3rd. Ethan Clace won the J1 Brigg class.

Micro Max had Brad Bachalo on pole and he led start to finish. Brad won with Tiana Bovino 2nd and Silas Gershman 3rd.

Garrett Gulenchyn

Garrett Gulenchyn

In Mini Max Curtis Veselinovich had pole position and he led start to finish, Rylan Despins finished 2nd and Logan McDonald 3rd. Victoria Stutsky won the Junior Rotax class.

Senior Rotax had Garrett Gulenchyn on pole position but there were a lot of lead changes. Morgan McDonald took the lead on lap 1 with Garrett regaining the lead on lap 2. Garrett fell back on lap 5 with Colin Farebrother taking over the lead on lap 6. Garrett climbed back through the field to retake the lead again on lap 12. Garrett won with Morgan 2nd and Jeff Fulham 3rd.

The DD2 Rotax class had John Buzza on pole position and John took off to win by over 5 seconds. At the finish it was John 1st with Jordan Brown 2nd and Alexis Budel 3rd. In the DD2 Masters class Dale George won with Rob Stutsky 2nd.

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Race # 9 Results:

Junior 1 Briggs
1st        # 30 Ethan Clace

Victoria Stutsky

Victoria Stutsky

Junior 2 Briggs
1st        # 7 Jaedin Wright
2nd       # 20 Bianca Bovino
3rd        # 11 Max Jarry

Senior Briggs
1st        # 715 John Buzza
2nd       # 743 Garrett Gulenchyn
3rd        # 631 Jeff Fulham

Micro Max
1st        # 87 Brad Bachalo
2nd       # 17 Tiana Bovino
3rd        # 03 Silas Gershman

Mini Max
1st        # 99 Curtis Veselinovich
2nd       # 181 Rylan Despins
3rd        # 114 Logan McDonald

Junior Rotax
1st        # 288 Victoria Stutsky

Ethan Clace and Jaedin Wright

Ethan Clace and Jaedin Wright

Senior Rotax
1st        # 343 Garrett Gulenchyn
2nd       # 391 Morgan McDonald
3rd        # 331 Jeff Fulham

DD2 Rotax
1st        # 414 John Buzza
2nd       # 25 Jordan Brown
3rd        # 439 Alexis Budel

DD2 Masters
1st        # 4 Dale George
2nd       # 83 Rob Stutsky

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