IAME International Final Set for This Weekend at Le Mans

Lemke and Malukas to represent USA in France

The following is an overview of the 2015 IAME International Final. The event is set to take place at the Le Mans Karting International circuit in France. Nearly 350 drivers from all over the world will be competing in four classes to earn the crown of IAME world champion. Among them are two United States of America drivers – Brandon Lemke and David Malukas. Lemke is making his second-straight trip to the event, with Malukas his first. Lemke is set to compete aboard the familiar Merlin chassis, bringing engine builder Woltjer Racing Engines with him along with tuner Jason Birdsell. Malukas is going to pilot the CompKart chassis in which he switched to back in July, racing in Europe aboard the BirelART frame the last few months – including the World Karting Championships at La Conca.

2015 IAME International Final 2015 posterThe aura of the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL is expanding year on year. The race is entered on the international calendar of the CIK/FIA. The winner will not be allowed to take the World Championship title because the event is not officially a world championship. However, it’s similar in several aspects, namely with its international scope, the impressive number of entries and the quality of the grid (drivers and teams), the performances of the karts, the number of entry requests that the organiser had to turn down or put on a waiting list… the automatic selection of which the national champions benefit is the guarantee of a high level of competition.

IAME representatives are very proud to welcome worldwide drivers to the 4th edition of the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL. This race is the pinnacle of IAME’s X30 World concept. After the long fatiguing yet satisfying work which has allowed IAME to race the X30 classes in more than 20 countries, welcoming such a great number of drivers from more than 40 nations is an unspeakable joy. IAME wishes everybody an enjoyable weekend with us and would like to thank all parties involved in this sensational event, K.C.P.O.M., Le Mans Karting International, the ACO, all IAME’s distributors, all Teams and naturally, all Drivers and everyone whom has helped make this possible.

The analysis of the field of this Final is not easy because there are many favourites, and you can’t rule out the likelihood of several surprises and revelations. That’s what karting is all about, and it quickly brings established values into question! Nevertheless, basing yourself on concrete elements like the track records, there are some names which are difficult to exclude at the time of prognostics.

Thus, four former winners will be present, all laureates of the 2014 edition of the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL held at Le Mans. Native of northern France, François Bécamel, who won in X30 Senior in the Sarthe, showed that he is still in great shape as he won this year the title of Belgian champion. In 2014, two drivers were crowned equal, a rare event, in X30 Master. We bet that the Australian Kip Foster and the Brit Graham Hill (in no way related to the family of F1 champions Damon and Graham) won’t want to share the top of the podium this year. The Belgian Thierry Delré is the only driver entered who has two victories at the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL in X30 Shifter to his name (2012 and 2014, podium in 2013). He has also taken part in all the Finals!

Amongst the drivers who shined in the X30 Europa Challenge, we find the French Masters Pierre Allemand and Nicolas Duchateau, looking for global glory after their European success. In this same category, Chris Trott (UK), Christophe Adams (B), Frenchmen Grégory Jolinet and Gérard Cavalloni know the way to the European podium and are all serious contestants for the top rung.

Mikko Laine finished 3rd in the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL right alongside the winners last year. He will be accompanied in the Master category by another Flying Finn, Antti Ollikainen. Look out as well for the Italian Tino Donadei, a regular of the event and always a formidable adversary. Lastly, let’s place a few bets on the Swede Thomas Annerhall.

The Europa Challenge was organised for the first time in Italy this year. A Frenchman won in Castellatto di Branduzzo in X30 Junior: Milane Pételet will be in Le Mans, aiming for the double. Kenny Roosens and Gilles Magnus accompanied him on the European podium. The latter also climbed the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL’s podium in 2014.

Defending SKUSA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour champion David Malukas will pilot his CompKart in France in the Junior category (Photo: On Track Promotions - otp.ca)

Defending SKUSA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour champion David Malukas will pilot his CompKart in France in the Junior category (Photo: On Track Promotions – otp.ca)

Still in Junior, watch out for American David Malukas, the Irishman Kyle Connolly, of whom very good things are said, and even the German Luka-Max Pierschke, who is incredibly quick, not to forget the Russian Serguei Travniko.

In Senior, you will have to look out for the German Dominik Kulikowski, last year’s Master winner Graham Hill’s protégé, the Swede Victor Oberg, who will benefit from the support of Peter de Bruijn or even the Brit Oliver Hodgson, terror of the PFI circuit. Watch out lastly for the Peruvian, Taylor Greenfield, always quick but often unlucky.

The Belgian Benjamin Lessennes, 1st in the X30 Junior Europa Challenge in 2013 but also 2nd in the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL the following year in X30 Senior, is a regular at very high level. Two other Belgians (at least) are among the favourites in the Senior class: the top two in the 2014 X30 Junior Europa Challenge, Anthony Lambert and Maxime Drion. The 2015 winner of the X30 Senior Europa Challenge Kévin Breysse also became French champion in the same category this season. His kart will bear #17 in memory of his friend Jules Bianchi. The strong performance of Alexis Castellon in Castelletto ended on the podium.

Lastly, still among the Seniors, a Frenchman by the name of Vincent Fraïsse won both editions of the X30 Europa Challenge, not to mention his two French champions’ titles in the category… but he’s still chasing after a first success at the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL! Sodikart driver, he lives now in Dubai, where he works for the French manufacturer with the former world champion David Terrien. In Le Mans, he will accompany Frazer Rose from the United Arab Emirates, who won his ticket for the final during the 1st edition of the X30 UAE Challenge.

In mentioning Vincent Fraïsse, we think of the 24 Hours of Karting at Le Mans, an event that contributed to his revelation when he won it in 2009. Admittedly it was on the Alain Prost Circuit, but at the wheel of a Sodi equipped with a Parilla engine, thus IAME! “Monsieur Le Mans” of Karting, Wilfrid Lecarpentier (X30 Master) counts 8 victories at the greatest endurance race for competition karts in the world, of which three were won with a Parilla engine.

Other notables include:

In Junior:

-n°218 Derek Morgan is the name of a character in “Criminal Minds”

-n°60 Petr Ptacek Jr is the son of the chassis manufacturer Praga, but he will be behind the wheel of a Formula K chassis.

-n°13 will be at the start, just like in the Michel Vaillant comic, thanks to Angus Fender (UK). His father, Neil, worked at the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Dick Barbour Racing in 2001 and Reynard in 2002. He has also taken part 4 times at the Le Mans Classic.

-n°27 Gilles Magnus (already mentioned higher up) has the number made famous by Gilles Villeneuve and will race on a… Formula Gilles chassis! This young Belgian is part of the WRT Academy founded by the Audi GT team of fellow countryman Vincent Vosse and of the RACB Junior Team.

In Senior:

-n°220 Clément Seyler, double champion of the Luxembourg in X30, has royal blood in his veins. He has amongst his ancestors Louis XIV and Louis VI.

-n°121 found a good seat: Archie Tillett (UK) is in fact the son of the creator of Tillett, maker of seats for karts.

In Master:

-n°516 Philippe Tutin (F) is the dean of the participants at age of 60. He will be competing in the new Veterans category.

In Super Shifter:

-n°412 Yohan Sousa is a compulsive big events racer. Champion of the Portugal X30 Shifter, he took part in September in the KZ2 International Supercup in Le Mans (17th), then in the CIK FIA World KF Championship at La Conca. The Final will be his third international competition in a month.


-Tadashi Sasaki is the boss of BirelART Asia Pacific, IAME importer in Japan, organiser of the X30 Challenge in Japan and owner of the Superwinforce chassis. He worked for a time at Minardi F1 (the team that became Toro Rosso): We find on the entry list five of his chassis in Junior, 3 in Senior and 1 in Master.

-A family race: the Argentinian cousins Romano will be running in numbers 89 and 90; in the Claude family, Léonie is signed up in Junior (n°71) and Emile in Senior (n°145); No less than four entries share the name Nerguti: Samy (n°303), Florian (n°307) and Adrian (n°324) in Master, as well as Alban (n°103) in Senior. Maybe you will discover other family ties by talking with each other…

-The women in the race will compete in the Lady Cup. There are five of them this year: Julia Hadley (n°72), a Brit who is running in Master under the French flag, Léonie Claude (F/n°71) and Maria Fernandez (Peru/n°77) in Junior, Nasha Patel (Réunion/n°136) and Sophie Hofmann (D/n°148) in Senior. Female drivers will be classified according to their class results proportionate to the number of entrants in the class.


The X30 worldwide

Born in the middle of the 2000s, the X30 was developed around the world and diversified. The current range offers karting drivers a “pyramid” that allows them to evolve according to their age, and, from 15 years old, according to their desire to drive a kart with or without a gearbox.

The single make category has thus become a vast community that groups drivers of all ages and from many countries. That’s why we talk about the “X30 World”!

The range starts off with the Rookie and Cadet X30 (not represented at the Final), for the younger ones. We then move on to Junior, then Senior and Master, these three classes sharing the same engine. Other thrills await those who opt for the ultra fast Super Shifter with gearbox.

-club races and championships;

-Classic “must-do” events like the Kart mag Trophy in France, which is providing winners with entries for the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL;

-X30 National Challenge, Official National cups and championships (X30 official titles are awarded by the national Karting authority in some countries e.g. France, Belgium, Australia, UK…). National champions get a selection for the IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL;

-Endurance races;

-X30 Europa Challenge at European level;

-Asia-Pacific Challenge;

-IAME Super American Cup as part of the Las Vegas SKUSA SuperNationals in the USA ;

-IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL at the top of the X30 ladder.


A total of 24 qualifying heats, 4 prefinals and 9 finals feature on the 2015 IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL’s timetable. Before that, night qualifying sessions will take place on Thursday from 20h00 to 22h15.

In Junior, Senior and Master, the top 33 classified drivers after the heats will qualify for the Prefinal and the Final. The next 34 drivers in the intermediate ranking will take part in Final B. The winner of Final B will be qualified for the Prefinal and the Final, keeping a chance of winning the event overall (new in 2015).

Due to the massive entry in Junior and Senior, there will be a Final C for these two classes.

In X30 Super Shifter, the entry is less than 34 so all the drivers will qualify for the Prefinal and the Final.

X30 International Hall of Fame


IAME International Challenge – Zuera (Spain)

The very first X30 international event was a pair of 3-hour endurance races involving 31 teams representing 14 countries, all racing on identical FA Kart chassis.

1.Canada (M.Hogg, D.Jurca) ; 2.Belgium ; 3.Belgium


IAME International Challenge – Alcaniz (Spain)

The Challenge was again awarded after a pair of 3-hour endurance races. 26 teams representing 14 countries made the grid, all racing on identical FA Kart chassis.

1.Canada (M.Hogg, T.Calderon, E.Lichtenstein) ; 2.Australia ; 3.USA


Bruno Grana International Trophy – Lavelanet (France)

The race was open to individual entrants and was renamed in memory of IAME’s founder and former CEO Bruno Grana, who had recently passed away.

X30 : 1.Kenny Vermeylen (B) ; 2. L.Donniacuo ; 3. N.Berthon.
X30 Master : 1.Frédéric Ostier (F) ; 2.G.Desjours ; 3.J.Delsol.


Bruno Grana International Trophy – Lavelanet (France)
X30 : 1. Kenny Vermeylen (B-Tecno); 2.A.Coût ; 3.A.Pizzitola
X30 Master: 1.Lee Mitchener (AUS-DR) ; 2.F.Ostier; 3.R.Provost.


Bruno Grana International Trophy – Lavelanet (France)

X30 Junior: 1.Florian Latorre (F- Sodi); 2.A.Carmes; 3.C.Machado.
X30 Senior: 1.Andrea Suau (F-Tony); 2. K.Vermeylen; 3.R.Digard.
X30 Master: 1.Frédéric Ostier (F); 2.J.Russel Jr; 3.R.Provost.

X30 TAG Challenge (a three-round European series: Salbris/F, Zuera/E, Wackersdorf/D)
X30 Junior: 1.Florian Latorre (F- Sodi); 2.E.Mordret; 3.C.Machado.
X30 Senior: 1.Martin Vanhove (B-Interpid) ; 2.J.Peclers; 3.S.Le Gleuher.
X30 Master: 1.Luc Lefebvre (B-Kosmic); 2.P.Pecheny; 3.L.Blasi.
X30 Shifter: 1.Romain Paul (B-Energy); 2.E.Grosso; 3.M.Halder.


X30 Junior: 1.Sergio Jr Sette Camara (BR-Art GP); 2.J.Andlauer; 3.A.Bonduel
X30 Senior: 1.Jules Gounon (F-Sodi); 2.V.Fraïsse; 3.S.Garcia.
X30 Master: 1.Frédéric Blin (F-Kosmic); 2.T.Raccamier; 3.P.Allemand.
X30 Shifter: 1.Thierry Delré (B-Sodi); 2.M.Klinger; 3.M.Halder.
Best Lady: Adeline Prudent (F-Tony Kart).

X30 Europa Challenge (the championship included two European rounds: Mariembourg/B, Lavelanet/F).
X30 Junior: 1.Matteo Raspatelli (B-Tony); 2.A.Bonduel; 3.J.Demarque.
X30 Senior : 1. Kenny Vermeylen (B-Tecno); 2.J.Gounon; 3.M.Borges Martin.
X30 Master: 1.Pierre Allemand (F-PCR); 2.P.Montandraux; 3.G.Duprat.
X30 Shifter: 1.Thierry Delré (B-Sodi); 2.N.Moris et R.Paul.


X30 Junior: 1.Jules Bollier (F-Kosmic); 2.A.Bonduel; 3.J.Andlauer.
X30 Senior: 1.Nicolas Gonzales (F-Kosmic); 2.K.Breysse; 3.T.Ricci.
X30 Master: 1.Thierry Raccamier (F-Kosmic); 2.N.Duchateau ; 3.S.Nerguti.
X30 Shifter: 1.Mike Halder (D-Wild Kart); 2.S.Nuvolini; 3.T.Delré
Best Lady: Adeline Prudent (F-Tony Kart).

X30 Europa Challenge– Mariembourg (Belgique).
X30 Junior: 1.Benjamin Lessennes (B-Kosmic); 2.C.Machado; 3.M.Raspatelli.
X30 Senior: 1.Vincent Fraïsse (F-Sodi); 2.F.Becamel; 3.L.Absolonne.
X30 Master: 1.Nicolas Duchateau (F-Alpha); 2.F.Blin ; 3.T.Raccamier.
X30 Shifter: 1.Thierry Delré (B-Bremer); 2.N.Moris; 3.M.Halder.
Best Lady: Ingrid Girard (F).


X30 Junior: 1.Josh Smith (UK-ART GP); 2.G.Magnus; 3.O.Piastri.
X30 Senior: 1.Francois Becamel (F-Kosmic); 2.B.Lessennes; 3.K.Breysse.
X30 Master: 1.Graham Hill (UK-Tecno) & Kip Foster (AUS-CRG); 3.M.Laine.
X30 Shifter: 1.Thierry Delré (B-MACH 1); 2.N.Parkins; 3.C.Fiault.
Best Lady: Michelle Halder (D-Wild Kart).

X30 Europa Challenge– Mariembourg (Belgique)
X30 Junior: 1.Anthony Lambert (B-Kosmic); 2.M.Drion; 3.J.Andlauer.
X30 Senior: 1.Vincent Fraïsse (F-Sodi); 2.R.de Leval; 3.F.Bécamel.
X30 Master: 1.Sébastien Biélande (B-Kosmic); 2.C.Trott; 3.C.Adams.
X30 Shifter: 1.Amaury Bonduel (F-Art GP); 2.K.Charles; 3.C.Piccione.


X30 Europa Challenge– Castelletto di Branduzzo (Italie)
X30 Junior: 1.Milane Petelet (F-Kosmic); 2.G.Magnus; 3.K.Roosens.
X30 Senior: 1.Kevin Breysse (F-FA Kart); 2.V.Fraïsse; 3.A.Castellon.
X30 Master: 1.Nicolas Duchateau (F-Kosmic); 2.G.Cavalloni; 3.G.Jolinet.
X30 Shifter: 1.Federico Savona (I-Evokart); 2.P.Hajek; 3.T.Delré.
NB: The first Asia Pacific X30 Challenge took place in Sugo (Japan)

Graduating from international X30 to car racing

Tatiana Calderon: 1st in the 2008 IAME International Challenge > Formula 3 FIA European Championship in 2015

Nathanaël Berthon: 3rd in the 2009 Bruno Grana International Trophy > GP2 Series + Le Mans 24 Hours / ELMS LM P2 in 2015

Andrea Pizzitola: 3rd in the 2010 Bruno Grana International Trophy > Renault Sport Trophy in 2015

Jeoffrey de Narda: 16th in the 2011 Bruno Grana International Trophy > Porsche Carrera Cup France in 2015

Jules Gounon: 1st in the 2012 IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL > Porsche Carrera Cup France in 2015

Sergio Jr Santos Sette Camara: 1st in the 2012 IAME INTERNATIONAL FINAL > Formula 3 FIA European Championship in 2015

Thimoté Buret: 27th in the 2011 Bruno Grana International Trophy > 5th in the Pro Mazda Championship (USA / Road to Indy) in 2015

Florian Latorre: 1st in the 2011 Bruno Grana International Trophy > 8th in the Pro Mazda Championship (USA / Road to Indy) in 2015

2015 Prize Giving Ceremony

The Drivers from 1st to 5th in each class (NEW in 2015) and the X30 Lady and X30 Veteran (45 years old and over) winners are required to join the podium ceremony.

In addition to the trophies, the best drivers in the X30 Junior, Senior, Master and Super Shifter classes will receive the following:

1st Classified: IAME X30 engine + B.R.M. WATCH + 1 Litre Wladoil K-2T + 1 set of KOMET R.T. K1H + CZ CHAIN.

2nd Classified: MIR DRIVER CUSTOM KIT + 1 Litre Wladoil K-2T + 1 set of KOMET R.T. K1H + CZ CHAIN

3rd Classified: STILO ST5F CMR Helmet + 1 Litre Wladoil K-2T + 1 set of KOMET R T. K1H + CZ CHAIN

4th Classified: CUP + 1 Litre Wladoil K-2T + 1 set of KOMET R.T. K1H + CZ CHAIN

5th Classified: CUP + 1 Litre Wladoil K-2T + 1 set of KOMET R.T. K1H + CZ CHAIN

The winner of the X30 Lady ranking will receive: IAME X30 engine + MIR DRIVER CUSTOM KIT + 1 Litre Wladoil K-2T + 1 set of KOMET R.T. + CZ CHAIN.

The winner of the X30 Veteran class will receive: IAME X30 engine + MIR DRIVER CUSTOM KIT + 1 Litre Wladoil K-2T + 1 set of KOMET R.T. + CZ CHAIN.


X30 Junior (race numbers from 0 to 99 + 600 and above):
Drivers between 13 years old (reaching their 13th birthday during the calendar year) and under 15 years on the date when the licence is issued (the licence may remain valid beyond the date of a driver’s 15th birthday until the end of the current year).
Chassis must have a valid CIK-Homologation, no front brakes are allowed in X30 Junior.
IAME X30 125cc RL TaG engine with 29mm restricted exhaust header (approx. 20 hp).
Minimum weight: 145 kg including driver.

X30 Senior (race numbers from 100 to 299):
Drivers aged 15 years and over (reaching their 15th birthday during the calendar year).
Chassis must have a CIK-Homologation.
IAME X30 125cc RL TaG engine (approx. 30 hp).
Minimum weight: 162 kg including driver.

X30 Master (race numbers from 300 to 399, Veterans from 500 to 599):
Same rules as in X30 Senior except :
Drivers aged 30 years and over (reaching their 30th birthday during the calendar year).
New in 2015: a Veteran class is created for Drivers aged 45 years and over (reaching their 45th birthday during the calendar year).
Minimum weight: 170 kg including driver.

X30 Super Shifter (race numbers from 400 to 499):
IAME X30 Super Shifter 175cc RL TaG engine (approx. 50 hp), 6-speed gearbox.
Drivers aged 15 years and over (reaching their 15th birthday during the calendar year).
Chassis must have a CIK-FIA homologation for shifter karts.
Minimum weight: 180 kg including driver.


IAME is the world leading Company in Karting engine production, both for professional and hobby drivers. The history, the numbers and almost 50 world titles confirm it. Nowadays the Company produces 5 to 6 thousand engines per year, with a potential productive capability of 9 thousand units. The company has almost 60 years of history, 55 employees and a range of more than 30 engine variations.

In 1958 the first go-kart was built in the USA. Bruno Grana in those years was working for Moto Parilla and when he saw the go-kart, he suddenly fell in love, immediately understanding its potential. Grana convinced Parilla to join this new market. They launched the Parilla V11 and entered the history of Karting. Some years later, together with his colleague and friend Cesare Bossaglia, Grana established Komet, a Company entirely dedicated to the world of karting, while almost simultaneously, Parilla launched the TG 14. This engine was present in competition for more than two decades. 1968 was the decisive year, Parilla and Komet joined together into IAME, “Italian American Motor Engineering” which name comes from their close relation with the United States. With the acquisition of the brands BM and Sirio, Bruno Grana put the basis of what is still today the asset of a worldwide known Company.

IAME today

IAME offers today a wide range of engines. Aside from the different variations of the X30, we also find engines conform to the international regulations of the CIK FIA: the KZ Screamer and the Reedster KF and KF Junior, which have been covered with glory over the last years in the “multi-brand” championships:

2014: Callum Ilott, KF European champion
2014: Rick Dreezen, KZ1 European champion
2013: Alessio Lorandi, KF Junior World champion
2012: Bas Lammers, KZ1 World Cup winner
2012: Ben Barnicoat, KF2 World Cup winner
2011: Nyck de Vries, KF1 World champion
2010: Nyck de Vries, KF2 World champion
2010: Kevin Rowland, Super KF World Cup winner
2009: David da Luz, KF2 World Cup winner
2009: Nyck de Vries, KF3 Junior World Cup winner
From 2009 to 2015: 7 Le Mans 24 Hours for karts overall victories for Sarthe RTKF and Parilla KF2 engines.

The circuit

Alongside the legendary Alain Prost Circuit, which welcomed the world championships in 1978, ‘83 and ‘91, the Automobile Club de l’Ouest has built a new international circuit. 1384 metres long, it has the distinction of running counter clockwise. The first big event organised on this layout was the 28th edition of the 24 Hours of Karting in August 2013.

The queen category of KZ karts with gearboxes crowned its 2015 world champion at this ultra modern circuit on the 13th of September.

The International IAME Final will make their second appearance there after the success of the 2014 edition.

Fastest laps recorded in the 2014 finals:
X30 Junior: Oscar Piastri – 55.761
X30 Senior: Benjamin Lessennes – 55.133
X30 Shifter: Nathan Parkins – 53.907

-Facebook page “IAME International Final”: live info and photos:

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-Live timing: www.x30world.com/iame.international.final/

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