2015 eKartingNews.com Driver Rankings – Stock Moto – October 2

Standings at the top remain unchanged with Leesmann, Musgrave and White in the top-three

Fritz Leesmann remains the leader in the Stock Moto Driver Rankings (Photo: EKN)

EKN Driver Rankings logoThe 2015 season is nearing the end, with just over two months left of racing on the calendar. Regional and club championships are wrapping up all across the country, including those in the Stock Moto category. The last release of the EKN Driver Rankings was back in the beginning of August, and not much has changed at the top of the order.

Two-time SKUSA Fikse Wheels Pro Tour champion Fritz Leesmann (CRG) remains at the top, extending his lead to just 86 markers following a second place performance at the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix. The NorCal driver is among the contenders for this year’s Pro Tour S1 title, entering the SuperNationals XIX. Second place driver Billy Musgrave (Praga) lost a few points to Leesmann since the last release of the standings. Musgrave was among the contenders in Lancaster, placing fourth. The top three in the EKN Driver Rankings finished second, third and fourth with Ron White (CRG) completing the trio. The RWR driver was runner-up last year in Lancaster, and finished third this time around, losing 29 points since last rankings release.

Last year’s Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix winner Jarred Campbell did not have title defense as he had hoped. Campbell (Praga) was fighting back from a slow start all weekend, and finished on the sidelines. The S1 rookie did however clinch the California ProKart Challenge championship, ending Musgrave’s streak at two years. Campbell remains fourth, riding on the S2 SuperNationals victory last year, needing a podium this November to remain in the top-five. Kolton Griffin also had a Lancaster event to forget, but improved his point total by eight points thanks to the California PKC event at Adams. Griffin (Tony Kart) is currently the highest ranked S1 rookie in the Pro Tour championship chase, sitting in the top-five.

Jonathan Kotyk (Top Kart) puts three rookies in the top-six of the EKN Driver Rankings. His podium at the SummerNationals helped to boost his position in standings. The top S2 driver remains Carter Williams. The Phil Giebler Racing FA Kart driver locked up the California ProKart Challenge championship, and enters the SuperNationals as the Pro Tour point leader. Chasing him is Texas driver Miguel Lopez. The GP driver doubled up in the win column at the SummerNationals, matching Williams’ SpringNationals total. Ninety-two points separate them in the Fikse Wheels Pro Tour standings, with 152 between them in the rankings.

California ProKart Challenge competitors Matias Podboj (Mad-Croc) and Ryon Beachnor (Tony Kart) complete the top-10 in the Driver Rankings, each losing points from the last release.

Upcoming EKN Stock Moto Driver Rankings Events
10/3,SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge #7,S2,Oklahoma Motorsports Complex,”Norman, OK”,8
10/4,SKUSA Texas ProKart Challenge #8,S2,Oklahoma Motorsports Complex,”Norman, OK”,8
10/11,Sanzaru Games Karting Championship #8,Pro Stock Honda,Simraceway Performance Karting Center,”Sonoma, CA”,8
10/17,Florida Karting Championship Series #7,Stock Moto,Ocala Gran Prix,”Ocala, FL”,8
10/17,New Jersey Sprint Series #7,Stock Moto,Old Bridge Township Raceway Park,”Englishtown, NJ”,8
10/17,Utah State Championship #11,Spec 125,Miller Motorsports Park,”Tooele, UT”,8
10/18,Florida Karting Championship Series #8,Stock Moto,Ocala Gran Prix,”Ocala, FL”,8
10/18,New Jersey Sprint Series #8,Stock Moto,Old Bridge Township Raceway Park,”Englishtown, NJ”,8
11/1,US Open #3,Stock Honda Elite,LINQ,”Las Vegas, NV”,8.5
11/1,Sanzaru Games Karting Championship #9,Pro Stock Honda,Simraceway Performance Karting Center,”Sonoma, CA”,8
11/7,Florida Pro Kart Series Summer #7,Stock Moto,TBA,TBA,8
11/8,Florida Pro Kart Series Summer #8,Stock Moto,TBA,TBA,8
11/22,SKUSA SuperNationals XVIII,S1,Rio All-Suite Hotel&Casino,”Las Vegas, NV”,10
11/22,SKUSA SuperNationals XVIII,S2,Rio All-Suite Hotel&Casino,”Las Vegas, NV”,9.5

Fritz Leesmann (Photo: EKN)

Fritz Leesmann (Photo: EKN)

Stock Moto #1 – Fritz Leesmann
Folsom, California

Certain situations bring the best out of drivers, and for Fritz Leesmann he is in a position to earn a third Fikse Wheels Pro Tour championship. Leesmann is driving for Diede Racing aboard the familiar CRG chassis, and is focused on racing, and racing alone. The demeanor of Leesmann in the paddock is one of relaxation, no stress, and out to have fun, which is translating into solid results on-track with an average finish of second place over the best six results of the season. The one thing that really remains a void on the resume for Leesmann, a SuperNationals victory. 2015 could be his best shot at standing on top of the podium on SuperSunday.

Point Breakdown
SKUSA SuperNationals 2014 – S1,10,5,1149
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #1 – S1,9.5,2,1043
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #2 – S1,9.5,2,1043
California ProKart Challenge ’15 #4 – S1,8.5,1,990
SKUSA SummerNationals ’15 #2 – S1,9.5,2,1050
California ProKart Challenge ’15 #6 – S1,8.5,2,968
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 2.00
Average Points: 1040.5
Total Points: 6243


Billy Musgrave (Photo: EKN)

Billy Musgrave (Photo: EKN)

Stock Moto #2 – Billy Musgrave
Norco, California

Musgrave remains one of the top Stock Moto drivers in the country. He and Leesmann are the top contenders for the Fikse Wheels Pro Tour S1 championship going into the SuperNationals. Its an improvement from the last two seasons on the national level, while Musgrave missed out on a third straight California ProKart Challenge title to fellow Praga driver Jarred Campbell. Musgrave finished one spot off the podium in Las Vegas back in 2013 in his first S1 SuperNationals start, but will need to do better than last year’s 13th to challenge for the Pro Tour title on SuperSunday.

Point Breakdown
SKUSA SuperNationals 2014 – S1,10,13,1053
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #1 – S1,9.5,3,1032
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #2 – S1,9.5,4,1022
SKUSA California PKC ’15 #4 – S1, 8.5,4,960
SKUSA SummerNationals ’14 #1 – S1,9.5,4,1029
SKUSA SummerNationals ’14 #2 – S1,9.5,1,1061
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 4.83
Average Points: 1026.2
Total Points: 6157


Ron White (Photo: EKN)

Ron White (Photo: EKN)

Stock Moto #3 – Ron White
San Jose, California

The ‘ageless’ Ron White is becoming the new Alan Rudolph, racing drivers half his age and continues to remain competitive. White is always known for blistering speed and ungodly deep braking maneuvers, which gives him the confidence and experience to race against the younger competitors. The 2002 SuperNationals winner had his CRG machine in contention at the recent Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix. White stood on the podium at the SuperNats in his S1 debut in 2013 after moving over from the KZ2 category. A return to the steps on SuperSunday is not a bad bet for White heading into this year’s event.

Point Breakdown
SKUSA SuperNationals 2014 – S1,10,8,1113
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #1 – S1,9.5,6,1001
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #2 – S1,9.5,8,980
SKUSA SummerNationals ’15 #1 – S1,9.5,6,1008
SKUSA SummerNationals ’15 #2 – S1,9.5,5,1019
SKUSA California PKC ’15 #6 – S1, 8.5,3,958
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 6.00
Average Points: 1013.2
Total Points: 6079


Will Preston (Photo: EKN)

Will Preston (Photo: EKN)

Stock Moto ‘On the Move’ – #16
Will Preston
Danville, California

The Aluminos chassis is becoming a regular site at the front of the Stock Moto categories. Daniel Bray gave the brand its first major victory in its debut in S1, Kiwi driver Matt Hamilton won the S4 division for its first SuperNationals triumph, and now Will Preston is heading up the success in the S2 division. The 18-year-old has found the right combination and gained the experience to battle and earn victories in the Semi-Pro division. In his only three starts at the California ProKart Challenge, Preston has one runner-up and two victories, including the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix. There is certainly room to improve on his sixth place result at the SuperNationals this November.

Point Breakdown
SKUSA SuperNationals 2014 – S2,9.5,6,1076
SKUSA California PKC ’15 #3 – S2, 8,2,855
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #1 – S2,9,17,860
SKUSA SpringNationals ’15 #2 – S2,9,17,860
SKUSA California PKC ’15 #4 – S2, 8,1,873
SKUSA California PKC ’15 #6 – S2, 8,1,867
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 7.33
Average Points: 898.5
Total Points: 5391

EKN Driver Rankings Calculation Process
The EKN Driver Rankings are calculated using a driver’s best finishes in major North American races. Assembled using events from the previous 12 months from the current date, we use a driver’s best seven finishes in TaG and six in Stock Moto to determine their overall current point total. With each new release, results posted from more than one year ago are discarded. To deliver our ranking list, we tabulate the results of all the national programs and selected regional programs. We have included the results for the major one-off events such as the SKUSA SuperNationals, the US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals, the Rock Island Grand Prix, and the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix.

Each race is initially weighted based on the prestige and history of the event or series with a score of ten (10) being the highest attainable base ranking. For 2015, the SKUSA SuperNationals and US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals receive a score of 10 in their initial weighting in the TaG category while the SuperNationals is the lone event in the Stock Moto division. The SKUSA Pro Tour series events draw a base ranking of nine (9), as does the United States Pro Kart Series, Florida Winter Tour Rotax Max Challenge, Rotax Challenge of the Americas. Other national and regional program races were given a base ranking of either 8.5 or 8.

The EKN staff reserves the right to adjust the rankings of each event throughout the year. A minimum entry total for any events considered for the Driver Rankings program is five (5). If an event does not have at least five (5) drivers starting the race, those results will not be tabulated toward the Driver Rankings.

Added to these initial rankings are two variables that help confirm the true importance of an event to the ranking process – field size and field strength. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field, while the number of existing top 50 drivers entered offers another full point or fraction of a point. The sum of these numbers becomes the overall ranking for any race. Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing positions with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driver’s final point total from each event. Using a driver’s best seven races in TaG, six for Stock Moto, we calculate each driver’s overall score and subsequent ranking.

Stock Moto Driver Rankings – as of October 2, 2015
Pos.,Aug. 7,Plus/Minus,Driver,Races,Score
1.,1,NC,Fritz Leesmann,8,6243
2.,2,NC,Billy Musgrave,13,6157
3.,3,NC,Ron White,8,6079
4.,4,NC,Jarred Campbell,11,6047
5.,5,NC,Kolton Griffin,11,5972
6.,6,NC,Jonathan Kotyk,6,5893
7.,7,NC,Carter Williams,11,5816
8.,8,NC,Miguel Lopez,7,5664
9.,9,NC,Matias Podboj,7,5628
10.,10,NC,Ryon Beachner,6,5512
11.,11,NC,Hunter Pickett,6,5477
12.,12,NC,Luke Shanahan,7,5477
13.,13,NC,Jake French,7,5476
14.,17,3,Kol Bailey,7,5398
15.,15,NC,Chris Jennings,7,5393
16.,46,30,Will Preston,6,5391
17.,23,6,Tyler Bennett,7,5384
18.,14,-4,Skyler Finley,7,5365
19.,16,-3,Don Whittington,7,5364
20.,22,2,Marco Eakins,8,5342
21.,18,-3,Nathan Adds,9,5338
22.,20,-2,Andrew Bujdoso,7,5335
23.,21,-2,Graig Alvarez,8,5297
24.,24,NC,Alan Michel,6,5266
25.,33,8,Bonnier Moulton,8,5265
26.,19,-7,Josh Lane,8,5262
27.,31,4,Alex Yates,10,5233
28.,26,-2,Harry Gottsacker,9,5226
29.,51,22,Mike Beeny,6,5214
30.,27,-3,Jack Freese,6,5211
31.,35,4,Colby Yardley,9,5202
32.,28,-4,Jordon Musser,6,5147
33.,50,17,Christian Bouhuys,7,5128
34.,34,NC,Ryan Pool,8,5128
35.,29,-6,Cody Jolly,7,5120
36.,30,-6,Austin Wilkins,8,5093
37.,37,NC,John Gaydos,7,5083
38.,57,19,Lincoln Steel,9,5073
39.,32,-7,CJ Cramm,8,5049
40.,25,-15,Robert Bujdoso,6,5018
41.,58,17,David Salazar,9,5010
42.,56,14,Kyle Smith,6,5003
43.,36,-7,Andretta Young,8,4969
44.,89,45,Paul Makarucha,6,4966
45.,38,-7,Casey Ross,6,4926
46.,39,-7,Kyle Wick,6,4926
47.,55,8,Kevin Janders,7,4884
48.,40,-8,Travis Henson,8,4881
49.,41,-8,Brandon Frank,5,4776
50.,43,-7,Troy Diede,5,4718
51.,44,-7,Peter Abba,5,4582
52.,45,-7,Kyle Kalish,5,4575
53.,49,-4,Austin Schimmel,5,4288
54.,88,34,Matt Koerner,5,4158
55.,52,-3,Rick Dreezen,4,4153
56.,54,-2,Patrik Hajek,4,4112
57.,53,-4,Tyler Guilbeault,5,4112
58.,96,38,Tyler Shepard,5,3988
59.,100,41,Frank Rapisarda,5,3917
60.,60,NC,Dan Laporta,5,3912
61.,61,NC,Fernando Casillas Jr.,4,3890
62.,42,-20,Cody Hodgson,4,3788
63.,64,1,Bryce Cornet,4,3682
64.,47,-17,Daniel De La Calle,4,3563
65.,65,NC,Bryon Rothenhoefer,4,3320
66.,66,NC,Chris Neria,4,3292
67.,90,23,Henry Morse,4,3290
68.,136,68,Chris Matthew,4,3264
69.,68,-1,Darin Marcus,4,3253
70.,70,NC,Farshad Bagheri,4,3232
71.,73,2,Colin Long,4,3215
72.,151,79,Brian Frank,4,3210
73.,74,1,David Levy,4,3208
74.,98,24,Kyle Knecht,4,3202
75.,140,65,Steve Perdue,4,3200
76.,153,77,Dave Shepard,4,3172
77.,157,80,Mateo DeLeon,4,3151
78.,75,-3,Brady Ross,4,3146
79.,101,22,Keith Buffo,4,3132
80.,76,-4,Randall Their,4,3111
81.,107,26,Matt Hamilton,3,2969
82.,62,-20,Daniel Formal,3,2924
83.,78,-5,Brian Keck,3,2818
84.,48,-36,Jordan Dick,3,2655
85.,80,-5,Jim McKinney,3,2598
86.,81,-5,Trenton Estep,3,2589
87.,83,-4,Nic LeDuc,3,2551
88.,84,-4,Kory Estell,3,2522
89.,69,-20,Ryan Grieve,3,2424
90.,71,-19,Joe Morton,3,2421
91.,93,2,Justin Taylor,3,2398
92.,99,7,Dave Edwards,3,2378
93.,59,-34,Billy Auffenberg,3,2372
94.,97,3,Mike Rivera,3,2359
95.,152,57,Rusty Lingle,3,2348
96.,169,73,Patrick Cecilian,3,2260
97.,102,5,Jordon Lennox Lamb,2,2075
98.,103,5,Davide Fore,2,2072
99.,104,5,Nick Neri,2,2021
100.,106,6,Max Di Bella,2,2011
101.,110,9,Joey Wimsett,2,1976
102.,111,9,Daniel Bray,2,1952
103.,112,9,Cole Mathewson,2,1937
104.,113,9,Augie Lerch,2,1930
105.,63,-42,Connor Wagner,2,1912
106.,114,8,Tom Dyer,2,1894
107.,77,-30,Sabre Cook,2,1886
108.,173,65,Joshua de Losier,2,1872
109.,115,6,Jesus Rios,2,1815
110.,82,-28,Lloyd Mack,2,1786
111.,79,-32,Cabot Bigham,2,1783
112.,117,5,Salvador de Alba,2,1769
113.,121,8,Luke Waller,2,1706
114.,122,8,Pablo Sanchez,2,1704
115.,123,8,Eric Batt,2,1694
116.,131,15,Chris Beck,2,1666
117.,127,10,Kindra Hurlbert,2,1663
118.,67,-51,Forrest Denham,2,1658
119.,128,9,Cody Elliott,2,1653
120.,129,9,Parker Chase,2,1653
121.,260,139,Tim Armstrong,2,1649
122.,208,86,Mike Hines,2,1642
123.,130,7,Myles Pederson,2,1642
124.,199,75,Mark Nagy,2,1634
125.,132,7,Ryan Smith,2,1634
126.,133,7,Wes Pogue,2,1634
127.,213,86,Philip Craycraft,2,1633
128.,134,6,Bayley Mickler,2,1627
129.,86,-43,Kyle Kennedy,2,1621
130.,135,5,Derek Scott Jr.,2,1619
131.,138,7,Scott Granger,2,1616
132.,137,5,Tim Hollowell,2,1611
133.,141,8,Pablo Carballedo,2,1604
134.,143,9,Jenna Grillo,2,1600
135.,144,9,Joe Criscione,2,1600
136.,145,9,Mike McGowan,2,1598
137.,146,9,Ray Cochand,2,1592
138.,148,10,Justin Walsh,2,1584
139.,149,10,Phil Haddad,2,1582
140.,150,10,Ryan Belanger,2,1582
141.,154,13,James O’Brien,2,1576
142.,155,13,Jim Lewis,2,1576
143.,94,-49,Eric Van Der Steur,2,1575
144.,237,93,Steve Jenks,2,1574
145.,158,13,Matthew Mateo,2,1568
146.,159,13,Brian Nixon,2,1567
147.,160,13,Jaques Rickards,2,1567
148.,161,13,Gilberto Munoz,2,1566
149.,162,13,Jason Hall,2,1564
150.,163,13,Garrett Ramirez,2,1563
151.,165,14,Jeff Janders,2,1556
152.,166,14,Joe Ruch,2,1516
153.,167,14,Joshua Smith,2,1484
154.,168,14,Garret Bailey,2,1483
155.,170,15,Allan Cesarman,2,1453
156.,105,-51,Oliver Askew,1,1137
157.,108,-49,Austin Garrison,1,1122
158.,109,-49,Kyle Kirkwood,1,1110
159.,171,12,Milan Dontje,1,1101
160.,172,12,Jason Faint,1,1099
161.,174,13,Jordan Ford,1,1029
162.,175,13,Luis Morales,1,1020
163.,176,13,AJ Allmendinger,1,1005
164.,177,13,Ricardo Gonzalez,1,997
165.,178,13,Matt Jaskol,1,993
166.,116,-50,Jonathan Vitolo,1,986
167.,179,12,Dominic LeGrand,1,963
168.,181,13,Matthew Di Leo,1,945
169.,-,-,Jacob Neal,1,939
170.,184,14,Marco Andretti,1,933
171.,186,15,Gary Carlton,1,921
172.,188,16,Loris Ronzano,1,918
173.,189,16,Roberto Manduchi,1,918
174.,191,17,Ryan Kinnear,1,909
175.,192,17,Scott Hargrove,1,898
176.,119,-57,Morgan Healey,1,895
177.,118,-59,Curtis Paul Jr.,1,884
178.,-,-,David Malukas,1,874
179.,194,15,Fauzi Dib Saad,1,874
180.,196,16,AJ Myers,1,870
181.,197,16,Brett Buckwalter,1,870
182.,125,-57,Lindsay Brewer,1,861
183.,200,17,Alec Gumpfer,1,850
184.,92,-92,Tyler Fling,1,850
185.,-,-,Joshua Young,1,839
186.,204,18,Matteo Vigano,1,835
187.,205,18,Christopher Hines,1,834
188.,206,18,Chris Gannon,1,829
189.,91,-98,Cory Milne,1,829
190.,126,-64,Alex Keyes,1,828
191.,209,18,Brian Davies,1,828
192.,211,19,Lorenzo van Riet,1,827
193.,212,19,Eddie Olpin,1,826
194.,85,-109,Ryan Rudolph,1,816
195.,214,19,Brent Galvan,1,813
196.,215,19,Cole Franchini,1,813
197.,216,19,Brad Dunford,1,812
198.,217,19,Tyler Coffman,1,812
199.,218,19,Will Hudson,1,812
200.,-,-,Todd Edgington,1,811
201.,220,19,Jason Toft,1,808
202.,221,19,Rene Martinelli,1,808
203.,222,19,Rich Jerrett,1,805
204.,223,19,Max Cortes,1,804
205.,224,19,Alejandro Fernandez,1,803
206.,225,19,Bryan Morgan,1,803
207.,226,19,Kolby Araki,1,803
208.,-,-,Scott Clark,1,802
209.,-,-,Darren Newport,1,801
210.,227,17,Virgil Gross,1,800
211.,228,17,Jim Inglebright,1,799
212.,72,-140,Norbert Laczho,1,796
213.,238,25,Ben Haney,1,795
214.,-,-,Lauren Stark,1,794
215.,229,14,Nick Rango,1,794
216.,230,14,Fabrizio Famularo,1,793
217.,231,14,Matt Colledge,1,793
218.,233,15,Stephan Flatt,1,793
219.,234,15,Jim Kidd,1,790
220.,235,15,Brian Henson,1,789
221.,236,15,Michael Lundeen,1,787
222.,-,-,Kenneth Simcox,1,785
223.,239,16,Caleb Smock,1,784
224.,240,16,Steven Waddell,1,784
225.,156,-69,Gino Giglotti,1,782
226.,241,15,Tera Estes,1,780
227.,242,15,Jake Lothrop,1,779
228.,164,-64,Pascual Torres,1,775
229.,244,15,Kassy Loving,1,773
230.,245,15,Jen Anderson,1,772
231.,,,Kirk Potter,1,769
232.,246,14,Dan Dragio,1,766
233.,256,23,Mike Kavanaugh,1,766
234.,247,13,Nick Boulle,1,759
235.,248,13,Aamir Hyder,1,758
236.,250,14,Bill Pyles,1,757
237.,251,14,Justin Bennett,1,755
238.,253,15,Brad Shaffer,1,747
239.,254,15,Gregory Weate,1,741
240.,258,18,Ricky Davis,1,714
241.,259,18,Preston Peltier,1,706

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