One Motorsport Makes USA debut with Apex Kartsports

On the September 24, ONE Motorsport flew Team Driver Michael Eastwell, One Motorsport Co-Founder Sean Girdler and the ONE 001 Kart to North Reading MA to their North American

Partners Apex Kart Sports. With Sean, Mike and Kart all arriving at Apex Headquarters on Thursday evening The Apex & ONE crew put the ONE Kart together and prepared for the Falls Festival Race Weekend at F1 Outdoors Boston.

Both Crews arrived at the Track Saturday morning. Sean and Apex owner George Vorrilas walked the track with Factory driver Mike to gain as much knowledge as possible with Mike and Sean never having experienced the Track before. Saturday Morning George, Mike and Sean set the kart up ready for first practice. Following a few changes the kart was ready and Mike hit the track and started learning the lines and braking points. The Crews used the Saturday event as a Test session to dial the Kart in ready for the Sunday races. Sunday saw the track configuration reversed thus Mike had to learn the new configuration in the mornings practice sessions. Come Qualifying Mike and the Team were satisfied with the setup and took Pole Position for the Pre-Final.

The Pre-final saw Mike take the lead from the start to finish and the Team could clearly see Mike was in his zone and enjoying the Tracks new configuration. Having taken the win, this put Mike on Pole for the Final. The final race again saw Mike take the lead and clearly pull away from the start, the 2nd place driver, one of the “local favourites” chased Mike down during the middle stage of the race and closed the gap a bit on the back section of the circuit. Once Mike saw the threat,, he turned the wick up a notch and pulled away again taking a commanding victory and showing the pace of the ONE Kart to give Apex and ONE their first victory in the USA together Sean Girdler said of the visit. “Together Apex and ONE have worked extremely hard to get to the stage of bringing the ONE Kart and Brand to North America. We knew the Kart had the pace to be fighting at the front but also knew time was against us to dial Kart and Driver into a track we had never experienced before. However, knowing the setup flexibility our chassis we had the confidence in Kart and Driver. We couldn’t have wished for a better start to our adventure in North America and I’d like to send a big thanks to our partners George and Alex of Apex Kart Sports whose determination made this weekend possible. I speak on behalf of all at ONE Motorsport when I say we are really excited to be working in the USA with Apex and hope this is the start of many visits to come. We made some great friends!!”

Mike Eastwell said of his first experience of the USA “To turn up in a new country at a track that I’ve never seen before was daunting to start with, but the Apex crew and everyone else at the circuit made Sean and I feel so very welcome. I knew the capabilities of our Kart having raced with ONE during the 2015 Season and being been a part of ONE from the beginning. Winning was incredible, I couldn’t have asked for a better start to the karts Debut in the USA and would like to thank the whole of the Apex crew, George & Alex Vorrilas and Sean for all their hard work over the race weekend and during our stay in Boston. Working with our partners I really look forward to competing in more events in the USA. “George Vorrilas of Apex Kart Sports the Sole importer of the ONE Kart said of the event. ” Having partnered with the Team from ONE and being involved in extensive testing and development overseas, both Alex and I were confident in the product and knew it was time to roll out the brand to the North American market. The ONE chassis has some very unique and interesting qualities, not found on any other brand. Our outing at the F1 circuit and our commanding victory confirmed our belief that the ONE chassis is among the best. “We look forward to being the sole North American importer for the ONE chassis. For additional information or dealer inquiries, feel free to contact us at:

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