‘Fall Brawl’ Bringing WKA and KART to NCM Motorsports Park

Joint venture between organizations to close out 2015 seasons on October 23-25 in Kentucky

NCM Motorsports Park

The anticipation continues to grow for the upcoming ‘Fall Brawl’ event at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The WKA Vega/TS Racing National Road Race Series and the KART Mid-America Road Race Series are joining forces to host the series finale for both programs at the new facility, which is located just across from the National Corvette Museum. Racers from all over the country will converge on the venue to take on the fast and technical 2-mile ‘West’ course for the first time ever.

World Karting Association WKA logoWKA National Road Race Series committee member Dale Coffey has received a number of commitments from all different drivers and areas of the country. “Bowling Green is shaping up to be the second largest race of the year, and could even surpass Daytona in terms of entries. All other series are done racing at this time, so it is the perfect timing for drivers from all different areas of the country to come race and prove their talent. I’m hearing that a large number of racers from the Great Lakes area, east coast, and many from the KART program are coming thanks to the time of the year and its central location for the eastern half of the United States. It is on a brand new track, and will be an event everyone can enjoy. If you want to race a big track, and show who is best, no matter what affiliation you have, here is your chance to do it!”

The event is a joint venture with the KART organization and the Mid-America Road Race Series, which is offering 26 of their classes over two days to close out their 2015 season. Since the end of last year, KART’s Kelly Read has been talking with WKA members Robby Harper and Dale Coffey about joining the two organizations. In early years, KART worked with the Mid-State Super Series, Badger Kart Club and the Championship Enduro Series to help bring together nearly 1000 entries at the annual Road America Super Nationals in Wisconsin. KART continues to evolve with the times, and supported the central plains road racers with eight events in 2015, including their National Championships back in August at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit.

KART logo“KART will be well represented in Bowling Green,” stated Read. “I know of over 50 karts coming east, equaling at least 100 entries for the weekend, with more sure to make plans to head to Bowling Green as we get closer to the event. We are always about doing what is best for our racers and the sport itself. I’m really looking forward to introducing the KART members to a new facility like the NCM Motorsports Park.”

The ‘Fall Brawl’ is the perfect opportunity for sprint racers to experience what a weekend of road racing entails. With many clubs and regional programs closing out for the 2015 season, the WKA/KART event in Bowling Green is the perfect chance for racers to come and try this genre of karting.

“During this year, WKA has changed some of the chassis regulations thus making it easier for sprint racers to take their kart to a road race event,” commented WKA President John Ferris. “The purpose of these changes was to allow the sprinter the opportunity to experience another form of kart racing without the added expense of major modifications to their kart. Road racing gives the karter the opportunity to actually race on many of the famous race circuits across the country. Bowling Green is a new complex our organization has yet to visit, and a traditional sprint track racer just might like the experience.”

On-track action for the Fall Brawl begins on Friday, October 23 with a full day of group practice, running from 9am to 5pm. Saturday and Sunday host two separate days of racing, with the eight race groups schedule for day one and seven on day two. For more information on the Fall Brawl, click here. To learn more about the WKA National Road Race Series, go to worldkarting.com. For information regarding the KART MARRS program, click on kart.org.

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