EKN Constructors Championship – April 8

2015 program completes winter series with Tony Kart remaining on top

In a blink of an eye, the first three months of 2015 have come and gone, with a ton of karting taking part along the west coast and down in the Sunshine State, starting off the new season with excitement. Nearly every one of the 13 weekends hosted a race somewhere in the southern portion of the United States, featuring the Rotax Challenge of the Americas, Florida Pro Kart Series, California ProKart Challenge, World Karting Association and the Florida Winter Tour. Those races have been tabulated toward the 2015 debut of the eKartingNews.com Constructors Championship standings, in which four-time champion Tony Kart remains at the top.

Tony Kart is the only brand to score at all 15 events thus far, earning the highest score at 11 of them. The bulk come from the Florida Winter Tour and Rotax Challenge of the Americas program. The green OTK chassis earned over 50% of the points scored at the FWT Rok and COTA programs, and just 38% of the FWT Rotax points to equate to six championships at the three series. Tony Kart is also the top brand at the California ProKart Challenge events thus far.

Tony Kart logoSecond in the standings is CRG. Finding a new home in North America under the CRG Nations brand, the famed name scored points in 13 of the 15 events, placing among the top three in nearly all of them. CRG remains the chassis to beat at the Rotax Challenge of the Americas in the DD2 division, earning a championship with Sabré Cook. Mexican driver Sebastian Alvarez earned two titles already, besting the Mini Max fields at both the COTA and Florida Winter Tour programs aboard his PSL MiniX-2 chassis, manufactured by CRG.

Trailing in third is Top Kart. The majority of their points came from the WKA Manufacturers Cup Series event at the Daytona International Speedway in December – kicking off the 2015 season. Top Kart was among the top brands at the Florida Pro Kart Series this winter, and is scheduled to add a ton of points with their program at the remaining Man Cup and United States Pro Kart Series events this summer.

Kosmic is fourth thanks to another successful run by the Rolison Performance Group at the Rotax Challenge of the Americas. At each of the three weekends, Kosmic was second in the EKN CC points collected, pushing them past the 100 mark with points gained at the Florida Winter Tour and the California ProKart Challenge. BirelART made its North American debut at the SKUSA SuperNationals XVIII with a victory in the headline KZ2 division. Now with full force into 2015, it is a brand that will contend in the EKN CC standings. Just like Kosmic, it finished second in points gained at the Florida Winter Tour, thanks in part to the Andersen Racing program and the new North American race team – PSL Karting. BirelART already gained two championships at the Florida Winter Tour behind UK driver Jordon Lennox (DD2) and Frenchman Christophe Adams (DD2 Masters).

With the expansion of the EKN CC program to include more events and add in the Cadet divisions for 2015, new brands could find their way into the top-10. The initial release of the standings welcomes American-made Coyote into the top-10. Thanks to its success in the Briggs LO206 Senior division at the Florida Pro Kart Series, Coyote is sixth in the standings, ahead of 31 other brands to score points in the first months of the season. Praga is continuing to expand their growing brand, and starts the season seventh. Benik, another new brand to the EKN CC standings, finds its success in the Cadet ranks and currently holds eighth, earning the third most points at the opening Florida Pro Kart Series event this past January. Familiar brands PCR and Merlin round out the top-10, poised to climb the standings once the summer programs begin.

EKN Constructors Championship Upcoming Events
4/11,California ProKart Challenge,Round 3,Buttonwillow Raceway,Buttonwillow-CA
4/11,Texas ProKart Challenge,Round 1-2,Gulf Coast Kartway,Katy-TX
4/18,WKA Manufacturers Cup Series,Round 2,GoPro Motorplex,Mooresville-NC
4/18,Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge,Round 1-2,Horn Rapids Kart Track,Richland-WA
4/25,United States Pro Kart Series,Round 1-2,GoPro Motorplex,Mooresville-NC
5/2,SKUSA Pro Tour SpringNationals,Round 1-2,PKRA Formula K Raceway,Glendale-AZ
5/16,US Open,Round 1-2,Dallas Karting Complex,Caddo Mills-TX
5/30,WKA Manufacturers Cup Series,Round 3,Briggs & Stratton Raceway Park,Dousman-WI
5/30,Rotax Can-Am ProKart Challenge,Round 3-4,Southern Oregon Kart Track,Medford-OR

Inside the Numbers:

Number of brands scoring points in all 15 events – Tony Kart

Number of brands over 100 mark

Total number of brands scoring points

Highest event point total of the season – Tony Kart (Florida Winter Tour Rok Cup Round 1)

Margin from first to second

EKN Constructors Championship Guidelines
The EKN Constructors Championship calculation process includes the top-five finishers in each recognized class (Senior-Master-Junior-Cadet classes). The SKUSA SuperNationals and US Rotax Grand Nationals will earn points with the following structure; 1st=20 points, 2nd=16 points, 3rd=12 points, 4th=8 points, 5th=4 points. The SKUSA Pro Tour and US Open will earn points with the following structure; 1st=10 points, 2nd=8 points, 3rd=6 points, 4th=4 points, 5th=2 points. The remaining events will continue to be awarded with the previous ranking system; with first place earning five (5) points down to fifth place earning one (1) point for each category. There is a minimum of 10 starting entries for the class points to be counted toward the season total in the EKN CC standings.

EKN Constructors Championship – as of April 8, 2015

1,Tony Kart,668,224,160,188,16,21,30,29
3,Top Kart,123,11,2,0,54,56,0,0
11,FA Kart,47,5,21,1,0,1,4,15
13,DR Kart,32,2,10,0,20,0,0,0
20,Sodi Kart,14,0,14,0,0,0,0,0
24,Formula K,7,0,0,5,0,0,1,1
32,AM Racing,2,0,2,0,0,0,0,0
33,ART GP,2,0,0,0,0,0,0,2

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