Paddock Insider: 2014 Superkarts! USA Pro Tour SummerNationals

Inaugural Modesto Grand Prix hosts record number of SKUSA competitors

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Friday, August 1

Final Practice Fast Drivers

S1 Pro Stock Moto – Jake French


TaG Cadet – Michael d’Orlando


S5 Junior – Trenton Estep


S2 Semi-Pro – Kyle Kirkwood


S4 Master – Trevor McAlister


TaG Senior – Blaine Rocha


TaG Junior – Alex Verhagen


TaG Master – Ethan Wilson


Joey Wimsett changing over to a new chassis after just one session (Photo: Johnco Racing)

Joey Wimsett changing over to a new chassis after just one session (Photo: Johnco Racing)

Round 1 in the Books
The opening round of practice went into the books with only one major hiccup. The TaG Cadet group hit the track and 10 of them blocked the track at the chicane, forcing officials to red flag the session. There were not allowed back and SKUSA began trying to play catch up with the schedule. The remaining groups made it through without any major hitches. One headline driver already trashed a kart. Defending Pro Tour S1 champion Joey Wimsett got just a little too wide on the exit of turn two, made contact with the barriers and wreck his frame. The CRG-USA team is busy putting together another kart.

Track Videos

Paddock Insider-Curb

Much Different Layout Then We Thought
Eight turns was the layout SKUSA made up when the original plans were developed. A few esses were included into what is basically a track of all 90 degree corners. On the exit of turn five, after the longest straight of the circuit, Superkarts! USA put in a very tight chicane on the exit of turn five. This will 1) slow down the drivers, and 2) be something different you don’t see at a street race. SKUSA CEO Tom Kutscher brought in the curb makers from the SuperNationals to add curbing at a number of spots on the track, including the chicane. Many drivers thought it was a dangerous section while walking the track, and the question was, how are drivers going to hit them.

From City Streets to a Race Course
Over the course of five days, the City of Modesto and Superkarts! USA have turned a 36 square block area of the downtown center into what is hosting the 2014 SummerNationals. Nearly $350,000 has been shelled out to provide all the fencing, barriers, bridges, lighting and all the other things need to put an a street race. Through the late hours Thursday and into Friday morning, work was being finalized to prepare for the 2:00pm start of practice.

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