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2014 eKartingNews.com Driver Rankings – Stock Moto – May 23

Musgrave opens season still leading standings over hungry group of drivers

The Stock Moto category continues to grow in the United States, as evident by the recent Superkarts! USA SpringNationals at the Dallas Karting Complex. Record numbers in the S1 and S2 categories, along with high-profile international entries provided exciting racing over the May weekend, setting up for what is to be a thrilling chase toward the Pro Tour championships. Stock Moto racing is growing on the eastern half as well, with regional programs expanding their fields. Now at over 200, the eKartingNews.com Driver Rankings is booming with the 2014 season underway. Last year’s top driver Billy Musgrave retains the top position, with a host of drivers looking to take over the number one spot before the year ends.

Musgrave (MRC/Tony Kart) point total dropped after losing last year’s SpringNationals results. The lost however was not enough to remove him out of first place, leading two-time SKUSA champion Fritz Leesmann (Aluminos) by just 20 points. Leesmann lost a first and second from the 2013 SpringNats, but finished among the top Americans both days. Mike Beeny, a 2013 SummerNats podium finisher, moved up one position despite not competing at the Pro Tour opener.

The top S1 rookie thus far in the EKN Driver Rankings is Christian Schureman. The 2013 S2 Pro Tour champion kept his point total similar to that of what the PSL Karting/CRG driver finished last year with, earning mixed results at the SpringNationals in his S1 debut. Fellow Colorado native Christina Bird (CRG West) and S1 rookie Augie Lerch (Pure Karting/Tony Kart) also moved up four spots in the order, thanks to holding their points.

Dropping to seventh is the 2012 S2 Pro Tour champion Sabré Cook. The CRG-USA driver had speed in Dallas, but could not put together a finish and lost her podium finishes from her S1 debut last year. Down three spots is former California PKC champion Jimmy McNeil (CRG-USA). The California racer was absent at the SpringNationals, but has a won already this season at the ProKart Challenge opener. Utah driver Tyler Bennett (MSquared Karting/Tony Kart) is down to ninth with the ‘Flyin Hawaiian’ Alec Gumpfer (CRG-USA) in tenth, making his S1 debut at the SpringNationals.

The current top S2 Semi-Pro Stock Moto pilot in the EKN Driver Rankings is Kolton Griffin (Pure Karting/Tony Kart). Griffin earned his first Pro Tour victory at the SpringNationals and is the current point leader. Last year’s S1 Pro Tour champion Joey Wimsett (CRG-USA) remains outside the top-25, having only competed in Pro Tour events and not yet at the minimum six races toward the EKN Driver Rankings. A tough SpringNationals dropped him down to 43rd in the current order.

Billy Musgrave (Photo: dromophotos.com)

Billy Musgrave
(Photo: dromophotos.com)

Stock Moto #1 – Billy Musgrave
Norco, California

Thanks to solid results at the regional and national level, California driver Billy Musgrave ended the 2013 season in the #1 spot of the EKN Driver Rankings. The 2013 California ProKart Challenge champion stood on the podium at the SummerNationals for the first time at the Pro Tour in his S1 rookie season, and was one spot off at the SuperNationals. With two wins in three races at the California PKC program, he’s on his way to a repeat championship. His best result at this year’s SpringNationals

Point Breakdown
[table width=”375px”]
SKUSA SummerNationals ’13 #1 – S1,9.5,6,1069
SKUSA SummerNationals ’13 #2 – S1,9.5,2,1114
SKUSA California PKC ’13 #6 – S1,9,2,1032
SKUSA SuperNationals 2013 – S1,10,6,1137
SKUSA California PKC ’14 #3 – S1,9,1,980
SKUSA SpringNationals ’14 #1 – S1,9.5,8,1011
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 4.17
Average Points: 1057.2
Total Points: 6343


Nick Neri (Photo: On Track Promotions - otp.ca)

Nick Neri
(Photo: On Track Promotions – otp.ca)

Stock Moto ‘On the Move’ – #15
Nick Neri
Palmetto, Florida

The top American driver at this year’s SpringNationals in the S1 category was Nick Neri. The Ocala Gran Prix/Tony Kart driver has three US Rotax Grand Nationals to his credit, along with the 2011 SuperNationals S2 win. Now competing at the S1 level, Neri showed he has the talent to compete with the very best by placing runner-up at the SuperNationals. His SpringNats double-podium weekend took it a step further, and the Florida driver is sure to reach the top-10 as he battles for this year’s Pro Tour title as he currently sits second to UK pilot Jordon Lennox-Lamb.

Point Breakdown
[table width=”375px”]Race,Rank,Finish,Points
Florida Karting Championship Series ’13 #5,8,1,830
Florida Karting Championship Series ’13 #6,8,1,837
SKUSA SuperNationals XVII,10,2,1185
SKUSA SpringNationals ’14 #1 – S1,9.5,2,1076
SKUSA SpringNationals ’14 #1 – S1,9.5,3,1062
Florida Karting Championship Series ’14 #3,8,2,858
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 1.83
Average Points: 974.8
Total Points: 5849

EKN Driver Rankings Calculation Process
The EKN Driver Rankings are calculated using a driver’s best finishes in major North American races. Assembled using events from the previous 12 months from the current date, we use a driver’s best seven finishes in TaG and six in Stock Moto to determine their overall current point total. With each new release, results posted from more than one year ago are discarded. To deliver our ranking list, we tabulate the results of all the national programs and selected regional programs. We have included the results for the major one-off events such as the SKUSA SuperNationals, the US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals, the Rock Island Grand Prix, the Lone Star Grand Prix and the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix.

Each race is initially weighted based on the prestige and history of the event or series with a score of ten (10) being the highest attainable base ranking. For 2014, the SKUSA SuperNationals and US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals receive a score of 10 in their initial weighting in the TaG category while the SuperNationals is the lone event in the Stock Moto division. The SKUSA Pro Tour series events draw a base ranking of nine (9), as does the United States Pro Kart Series, Florida Winter Tour Rotax Max Challenge, Rotax Challenge of the Americas, Rotax Pan American Challenge. Other regional program races were given a base ranking of either 8.5 or 8.

The EKN staff reserves the right to adjust the rankings of each event throughout the year. A minimum entry total for any events considered for the Driver Rankings program is five (5). If an event does not have at least five (5) drivers starting the race, those results will not be tabulated toward the Driver Rankings.

Added to these initial rankings are two variables that help confirm the true importance of an event to the ranking process – field size and field strength. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field, while the number of existing top 50 drivers entered offers another full point or fraction of a point. The sum of these numbers becomes the overall ranking for any race. Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing positions with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driver’s final point total from each event. Using a driver’s best seven races in TaG, six for Stock Moto, we calculate each driver’s overall score and subsequent ranking.

Stock Moto Driver Rankings – as of May 23, 2014
Pos,Dec. 31,+/-,Driver,Races,Score
1.,1,NC,Billy Musgrave,11,6343
2.,2,NC,Fritz Leesmann,8,6323
3.,4,1,Mike Beeny,12,6100
4.,8,4,Christian Schureman,12,6097
5.,9,4,Christian Bird,8,6090
6.,10,4,Augie Lerch,10,6066
7.,3,-4,Sabre Cook,10,6063
8.,5,-3,Jimmy McNeil,8,6018
9.,6,-3,Tyler Bennett,11,6013
10.,7,-3,Alec Gumpfer,8,5983
11.,11,NC,Ryan Kinnear,18,5974
12.,25,13,Connor Wagner,14,5935
13.,12,-1,Lloyd Mack,11,5865
14.,15,1,Josh Lane,9,5863
15.,37,22,Nick Neri,9,5849
16.,33,17,Kolton Griffin,11,5782
17.,13,-4,Garrett Boone,15,5761
18.,21,3,Ben Schermerhorn,14,5725
19.,14,-5,Joshua de Losier,8,5717
20.,22,2,Daniel Langon,9,5694
21.,86,65,Austin Schimmel,8,5677
22.,17,-5,Keenan Schmitke,6,5671
23.,26,3,Ryon Beachner,6,5666
24.,72,48,Cory Milne,7,5648
25.,36,11,Luke Shanahan,18,5579
26.,42,16,Ryan Rudolph,11,5554
27.,32,5,Tase Flores,10,5547
28.,20,-8,Don Whittington,8,5536
29.,29,NC,Peter Abba,7,5522
30.,18,-12,Curtis Paul Jr.,9,5517
31.,28,-3,Miguel Lopez,15,5515
32.,43,11,Skyler Finley,16,5481
33.,31,-2,Colby Yardley,9,5475
34.,62,28,Oliver Askew,9,5469
35.,34,-1,Jack Bradley,9,5417
36.,35,-1,Alex Yates,11,5402
37.,38,1,Jason Toft,8,5360
38.,76,38,Brian Keck,6,5356
39.,69,30,Jonathan Kotyk,7,5323
40.,80,40,Jack Freese,7,5302
41.,44,3,Zac Clark,8,5266
42.,46,4,Ryan Pool,8,5246
43.,30,-13,Joey Wimsett,5,5198
44.,57,13,Lindsay Brewer,13,5186
45.,102,57,Jarred Campbell,7,5183
46.,41,-5,Chris Neria,6,5180
47.,49,2,Tyler Fling,12,5159
48.,47,-1,Alan Michel,8,5151
49.,45,-4,Nic LeDuc,6,5125
50.,53,3,Cabot Bigham,9,5114
51.,54,3,Lauren Stark,6,5098
52.,51,-1,Vivek Tandon,7,5043
53.,79,26,Jayson Braffett,7,5033
54.,55,1,Cody Freeman,6,5016
55.,52,-3,Jerry Rhodes,7,5008
56.,64,8,Will Preston,11,4997
57.,58,1,Zach Herrin,7,4986
58.,71,13,Morgan Healey,9,4981
59.,65,6,Mitch McKie,11,4964
60.,19,-41,Troy Diede,5,4964
61.,61,NC,Alex Keyes,7,4962
62.,56,-6,Mianna Wick,7,4959
63.,59,-4,Hunter Pickett,10,4955
64.,99,35,Ron White,5,4920
65.,68,3,Blake Murdock,11,4900
66.,66,NC,Julio Rejon,6,4832
67.,16,-51,Cody Hodgson,5,4737
68.,23,-45,Matias Podboj,5,4735
69.,73,4,Kassy Loving,6,4672
70.,158,88,Matthew Di Leo,5,4550
71.,39,-32,Bonnier Moulton,5,4476
72.,48,-24,Ryan Belanger,5,4325
73.,-,-,Carter Williams,5,4249
74.,60,-14,Gil Lipton,5,4129
75.,107,32,Jake Karwowski,5,4112
76.,134,58,Casey Ross,5,4061
77.,67,-10,Michael Raimes,5,4026
78.,85,7,Ryan Grieve,5,3976
79.,112,33,Ori Della Panna,5,3910
80.,136,56,Randall Their,5,3863
81.,83,2,Jenna Grillo,5,3798
82.,100,18,Jake French,4,3797
83.,159,76,Alex Tartaglia,4,3782
84.,-,-,Kyle Kirkwood,4,3583
85.,40,-45,Mariana Ramirez,4,3536
86.,27,-59,Daniel Bray,3,3400
87.,-,-,Austin Garrison,4,3383
88.,50,-38,Robert Marks,4,3353
89.,63,-26,Kyoicki Tsutsui,4,3305
90.,140,50,Myles Marolt,4,3277
91.,91,NC,Christian Bouhuys,4,3265
92.,92,NC,Kristian Molnar,4,3249
93.,81,-12,Chris Tyrell,4,3230
94.,95,1,Emran Baksh,4,3181
95.,70,-25,Gerardo Rejon,4,3179
96.,-,-,CJ Cramm,4,3171
97.,-,-,JP Alonso,4,3103
98.,-,-,Jordon Lennox Lamb,3,3088
99.,-,-,Graig Alvarez,4,3067
100.,146,46,Ryan Lankenau,4,2979
101.,-,-,Milan Dontje,3,2953
102.,-,-,Nathan Adds,3,2826
103.,88,-15,AJ Myers,3,2735
104.,24,-80,Cody Diede,3,2709
105.,78,-27,Kory Estell,3,2707
106.,101,-5,Brett Buckwalter,3,2619
107.,77,-30,Axel Matus,3,2592
108.,-,-,Jake Craig,3,2547
109.,-,-,Marco Eakins,3,2538
110.,103,-7,Leslie Stark,3,2502
111.,127,16,Gilberto Munoz,3,2443
112.,82,-30,Sean McDonald,3,2384
113.,110,-3,Mike Smith,3,2381
114.,84,-30,Chris Gannon,3,2366
115.,74,-41,Brian Hassell,3,2351
116.,98,-18,John Gaydos,3,2347
117.,75,-42,Matthew Sanford,3,2341
118.,97,-21,Dan Laporta,3,2319
119.,-,-,Brady Ross,3,2289
120.,179,59,Allan Cesarman,3,2253
121.,116,-5,Luis Tyrrell,2,2108
122.,-,-,Davide Fore,2,2105
123.,150,27,Bryce Cornet,2,2040
124.,-,-,Anthony Abbasse,2,1920
125.,119,-6,Chris Jennings,2,1881
126.,-,-,Andrew Zimmer,2,1866
127.,121,-6,Scott Barnes,2,1836
128.,89,-39,Andres Orozco,2,1769
129.,-,-,Don McGregor,2,1747
130.,-,-,Jordan Dick,2,1705
131.,122,-9,Miles Marolt,2,1704
132.,123,-9,Tom Dyer,2,1698
133.,124,-9,Brian Davies,2,1689
134.,125,-9,Justin Peck,2,1674
135.,126,-9,Stephen Lamana,2,1667
136.,90,-46,Bucky Hewitt,2,1661
137.,87,-50,Micah Hendricks,2,1661
138.,104,-34,Phillip Davis,2,1657
139.,-,-,Daniel De La Calle,2,1652
140.,94,-46,Ashley Rogero,2,1646
141.,-,-,Harry Gottsacker,2,1638
142.,111,-31,John Sullivan,2,1621
143.,129,-14,Kurt Mathewson,2,1620
144.,131,-13,Brian Whitmire,2,1614
145.,113,-32,Eric Van Der Steur,2,1598
146.,-,-,Loris Ronzano,2,1596
147.,-,-,Taylor Monnig,2,1596
148.,174,26,Garrett Dixon,2,1592
149.,-,-,Gianfranco Casadei,2,1588
150.,137,-13,Andrew Vargus,2,1587
151.,138,-13,Nick Major,2,1581
152.,-,-,Ryan Smith,2,1578
153.,139,-14,Josh Buttafoco,2,1573
154.,-,-,Jarrett Lile,2,1569
155.,-,-,Grant Dawlett,2,1565
156.,114,-42,Michael Taska,2,1552
157.,-,-,Grayson Browne,2,1543
158.,93,-65,Dalton Egger,2,1487
159.,-,-,Austin Wilkins,2,1460
160.,-,-,Joaquin Rodriguez,2,1460
161.,172,11,Brendon Bailey,2,1443
162.,196,34,Fernando Casillas Jr.,2,1418
163.,147,-16,Matt Jaskol,1,1161
164.,148,-16,Scott Hargrove,1,1113
165.,149,-16,Nerses Isaakyan,1,1101
166.,151,-15,Rodrigo Fonseca,1,1065
167.,152,-15,Nick Boulle,1,1022
168.,153,-15,Juan Carlos Blum,1,958
169.,154,-15,Jordon Musser,1,952
170.,-,-,Jesse Woodyard,1,948
171.,155,-16,Phil Giebler,1,942
172.,-,-,Brad Dunford,1,918
173.,156,-17,Connor Iseli,1,914
174.,157,-17,Pete Yerkovich Jr.,1,901
175.,198,23,Oscar Aguilera,1,891
176.,161,-15,Jordan Morris,1,885
177.,162,-15,Michael Sullivan,1,876
178.,-,-,Billy Auffenberg,1,871
179.,-,-,Race Liberante,1,845
180.,-,-,Johnny Gottsacker,1,840
181.,96,-85,Connor Wogrin,1,830
182.,-,-,Tyler Guilbeault,1,830
183.,169,-14,Jon Romenesko,1,812
184.,171,-13,Chandler Campbell,1,811
185.,199,14,Colby Novak,1,809
186.,-,-,Michael Haynes,1,806
187.,175,-12,Neil Joseph,1,803
188.,176,-12,Xavier Romero,1,803
189.,197,8,Chance Kelly,1,799
190.,177,-13,Robert Bujdoso,1,799
191.,141,-50,Cameron Worgin,1,795
192.,-,-,Jonathan Vitolo,1,794
193.,-,-,Joshua Smith,1,789
194.,144,-50,Charles Skowron,1,786
195.,185,-10,Chris Beck,1,778
196.,143,-53,Chris Francis,1,778
197.,-,-,Alejandro Fernandez,1,777
198.,135,-63,Robert McCauley,1,767
199.,189,-10,Joe White,1,761
200.,191,-9,Tim Armstrong,1,760
201.,115,-86,Allyn Hewitt,1,758
202.,194,-8,David Levy,1,753
203.,145,-58,Mark Gaydos,1,743
204.,-,-,Luis Morales,1,742
205.,-,-,Quinton Dawn,1,737
206.,181,-25,Garret Bailey,1,700

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