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EKN Exclusive: SKUSA SuperNationals XVII – Preview Program – S5/TaG Cadet

Increased fields in both categories offer up excitement heading into Las Vegas

eKartingNews.com, the official online media partner of Superkarts! USA, is proud to present the SKUSA SuperNationals XVII Preview Program. Over the coming days leading up to the November 20-24 event, EKN will preview each of the 11 categories that will close out the 2013 SKUSA Pro Tour while competing for a share of the prize package, worth well over $100,000.

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S5 Junior Stock Moto

Jarred Campbell will look to continue his Pro Tour streak for SuperNats victory and the Pro Tour title (Photo: On Track Promotions - otp.ca)

Jarred Campbell will look to continue his Pro Tour streak for SuperNats victory and the Pro Tour title (Photo: On Track Promotions – otp.ca)

Hitting one more driver than last year’s total, the S5 Junior Stock Moto division continues to feed the SKUSA ladder system. A number of the drivers in S1 and S2 in Las Vegas, began in the S5 category just a few years ago. These young 26 drivers have the ambition to be where they are in the future, and that journey begins in S5. Last year was a solid performance by Patricio O’Ward, earning his first SuperNationals victory in class, second for his career. Teamed with Acceleration Karting this year aboard a CRG chassis, the Texan has been spending most of the season racing open wheel cars. The transition could either be a negative, or a positive as he could come back even stronger in hopes to earn a second straight SuperNats victory.

For two drivers, the race will be about earning points, as the SKUSA Pro Tour championship fight is down to Jarred Campbell and Carter Williams. The two drivers have been going head-to-head all season, including the California ProKart Challenge with Campbell earning the championship. The Pro Tour season began with Williams earning the first main event victory, before Campbell went on the three race streak including a sweep of SummerNationals. The Iron Rock Motorsports/Intrepid driver leads by 55 points when factoring in the drop. Williams however has the big race experience as the Phil Giebler Racing/FA Kart driver placed runner-up last year.

Podium Predictions: As a defending winner, O’Ward will be among the drivers to challenge for the podium in S5. Campbell and Williams have set the pace all season, with each looking for a shot at their first SuperNationals win. While it has not been the season he had hoped for carrying the SKUSA #1 plate, Jim McKinney (KGB) will end 2013 with hardware from the SuperNationals. Earning the Texas ProKart Challenge title, Nathan Adds (Sodi Kart) has put himself on the list of contenders this year.

Wildcards: One driver to watch is Jesse Woodyard, as the Champion Racing/Intrepid driver has been improving throughout the season. The Oklahoma driver finished second to Adds on the season in the Texas PKC program. New to S5 are Ocala Gran Prix drivers Austin Garrison and Kyle Kirkwood. The two have spent the year racing in Florida, preparing for their initial trip to Vegas. S5 will also see two drivers from New Zealand with Marcus Armstrong and Logan Brown, racing under the Aluminos tent. Armstrong raced a year ago for the first time aboard a shifterkart, with Brown making his first SuperNats start.

Entry List
1,Jim McKinney,Ruthless Karting,KGB,AZ,USA
2,Patricio O’Ward,Acceleration Karting,CRG,TX,USA
3,Carter Williams,Phil Giebler Racing,FA Kart,CA,USA
3t,Andretta Young,3G Kart Racing / Team Burger King,Birel,TX,USA
7m,Raul Guzman,GP Texas USA,GP,Jalisco,MEX
8nz,Logan Brown,Aluminos,Aluminos,,NZL
9nz,Marcus Armstrong,Aluminos,Aluminos,SP,NZL
10,Olivier Bellanger,,Kosmic,FL,USA
17o,Jesse Woodyard,Champion Racing,Intrepid,OK,USA
18t,Nathan Adds,SodiKart USA / Dallas Karting Complex,SodiKart,TX,USA
19,Jose Torres,,TB Kart,,MEX
24t,Graig Alvarez Jr.,3G Kart Racing / Team Burger King,Birel,TX,USA
27e,Max Nufer,Team Sydwaz Racing,Tony Kart,MO,USA
42m,Salvador de Alba,MVR,CRG,Jalisco,MEX
48t,Harry Gottsacker,,Intrepid,TX,USA
58d,Evan Roshak,CRG-USA,CRG,CO,USA
74m,Manuel Vazquez,APEK,CRG,Jalisco,MEX
78z,Michael Duncan,Northwest Race Karts,Intrepid,WA,USA
88t,Hannah Williams,CRG-USA,CRG,TX,USA
91h,Erik Nelson,DB Motorsports / Riverlake Racing,Kosmic,MN,USA
128,Kyle Kirkwood,Ocala Gran Prix,Tony Kart,FL,USA
129,Austin Garrison,Ocala Gran Prix,Tony Kart,FL,USA
103y,Jarred Campbell,Iron Rock Motorsports,Intrepid,CA,USA
168t,Jacob Loomis,Iron Rock Motorsports,CRG,TX,USA
186y,Roy Fulmer IV,Rolison Performance Group (RPG),Kosmic,CA,USA

TaG Cadet

The title in TaG Cadet is Chase Farley's to win or lose (Photo: On Track Promotions - otp.ca)

The title in TaG Cadet is Chase Farley’s to win or lose (Photo: On Track Promotions – otp.ca)

One of the largest classes on the week is the TaG Cadet category. It bodes well for karting in general, as these young 88 drivers get a taste the biggest karting event of the year, and fill the memory banks to feed their passion for the sport in the years to come. For the fourth time in the four year history of the class at the SuperNationals, a new winner will be crowned as last year’s victor Anthony Gangi Jr. graduated to TaG Junior early this year. That puts anyone of the drivers making their way to Vegas as the next possible winner.

The odds are heavily in the favor of Chase Farley to leave the event as the SKUSA Pro Tour champion. The double SpringNationals winner holds a 200 point advantage, including the drop, over Sting Ray Robb who has elected to move up to TaG Junior. This puts the Energy Corse America pilot out front by 281 points over Jonathan Shone (Top Kart). Trenton Sparks (FA Kart), Ryan Schartau (Top Kart), and double SummerNationals winner Dylan Tavella (Tony Kart) remain mathematically in the chase, so it’s up to Farley to lose. Locked into the main, he’ll need to produce a solid few finishes in the heat races to secure the title before we hit SuperSunday.

Podium Predictions: The TaG Cadet division has always gone to the hot hand. Patricio O’Ward won coming off a victory at the Rok Cup International Final. Gangi was the top Cadet throughout 2012. Looking to match that is Tavella, as the Iron Rock Motorsports/GT7 Motorsports pilot won the US Rotax Grand Nationals Micro Max title, and is highly regarded as the top Cadet driver. With two podium finishers from last year returning, there is no reason not to think they will return this time around. Canadian Antonio Serravalle (Tony Kart) was runner-up one year ago, and is coming off the Mini Max national championship. Swedish driver Rasmus Lindh (Praga) returns after finishing fifth in 2012. Carrying the SKUSA #1 plate has its privileges, and while 2013 was not the season defending champion Hunter Kelly hoped for, the Tecno driver will bounce back to end it on a high note. Farley’s speed at the SpringNationals should put him among the contenders at the fast layout of the Vegas circuit. A top-five will also be a great way to cap off the championship.

Wildcards: With the TaG Cadet category, there are a number of possible contenders throughout the field. Over 25% are from outside North America, so selected just who will be able to make it into SuperSunday, let alone compete for the race win is very difficult. One interesting data point is the number of brother pairings competing in the class. In total, 10 drivers will not only battle the field, but settle the family rivalries in Vegas: d’Orlando (Michael and Nicholas), Famularo (Anthony and Alessandro), Jones (Jace and Jagger), Verhagen (Neil and Alex), and Yu (Dante and Dick).

Entry List
1,Hunter Kelly,Kelly Racing / Italcorse America,Tecno Kart,CA,USA
1e,Nick Nufer,Team Sydwaz Racing,Tony Kart,MO,USA
2t,Max Hewitt,Iron Rock Motorsports,Kosmic,TX,USA
03,Manuel Jimenez,H & H Speed,Kosmic,Mexico,MEX
5,Thomas Gasperak,CRG-USA,CRG,CO,AUS
06r,Griffin Dowler,Apollo Motorsports,OTK,AB,CAN
08,Rafael Villagomez,,CRG,,MEX
9,Petr Ptacek Jr.,Praga North America,Praga,ON,CZE
10,Rasmus Lindh,Praga North America,Praga,ON,SWE
11,Leonardo Marseglia,Top Kart USA / Grand Products,Top Kart,PA,ITA
12,Anthony Famularo,AM Racing Engines,AM,FL,VEN
12y,Oliver Calvo,Snow Racing,Tony Kart,CA,USA
14n,Dylan Tavella,Iron Rock Motorsports / GT7 Motorsports,Tony Kart,NY,USA
015,Lochie Hughes,Praga North America,Praga,,AUS
15y,Hayden Wagner,PKS Kart Supplies,Top Kart,CA,USA
16c,Gary Lyles,Buddy Rice Karting,Tony Kart,CA,USA
17c,Ryan Schartau,PKS Kart Supplies,Top Kart,CA,USA
19z,Conner Wick,Rolison Performance Group (RPG),Kosmic,WA,USA
20j,John Paul Southern Jr.,Checkered Motorsports,PCR,OH,USA
20t,Emiliano Richards,Duvalin – Ricolino,CRG,TX,MEX
21y,Dezel West,Buddy Rice Karting,Nevoso BA-1,NV,USA
26g,Sam Paley,North Star Karting,FA Kart,KY,USA
28b,Trey Brown,BBA Racing,Tony Kart,CA,USA
22,Declan Fraser,Pserra Racing,Tony Kart,ON,AUS
022,Sam Mayer,Franklin Motorsports,Merlin,WI,USA
23,Lance Fenderson,Top Kart USA / Grand Products,Top Kart,NH,USA
27,Alex Milan,Milan Racing Team,Tony Kart,Mexico,MEX
32b,Trenton Sparks,Phil Giebler Racing,FA Kart,CA,USA
33x,Sebastian Davis,Ruthless Karting,KGB,AZ,USA
40j,Jack Miller,Jack William Motorsport,Birel,IN,USA
42,Broc Feeney,Pserra Racing,Tony Kart,ON,AUS
43,Jac Preston,Praga North America,Praga,,AUS
44x,Dante Yu,Buddy Rice Karting,Tony Kart,CA,USA
47r,Roman DeAngelis,Team Koene USA,Tony Kart,ON,CAN
49c,Jonathan Shone,PKS Kart Supplies,Top Kart,CA,USA
50y,Tomas Mejia,PKS Kart Supplies,Top Kart,CA,USA
51y,Anthony Freese,Cambrian Go-Karts,Birel,CA,USA
53t,Riley Dickinson,Orsolon Racing,Tony Kart,TX,USA
55j,Max Kaeser,North Star Karting,PCR,OH,USA
57n,Michael d’Orlando,Team Koene USA,Tony Kart,NY,USA
57,Sebastian Rodriguez,Orsolon Racing,Tony Kart,Cundinamarca,COL
58o,Hayden LeFever,SodiKart USA / Dallas Karting Complex,SodiKart,OK,USA
66y,Wyatt Couch,PKS Kart Supplies,Top Kart,CA,USA
73c,Anthony Willis,Nash Motorsportz,DR,AZ,USA
74t,Nick Brueckner,MRP Motorsports,Birel,TX,USA
77,Giovanni Bromante,Top Kart USA / Grand Products,Top Kart,NY,USA
80,K-Rex Frederick,J3 Competition,Kosmic,PA,USA
81u,Payton Durrant,MRP Motorsports,Birel,UT,USA
82x,Dick Yu,Buddy Rice Karting,Tony Kart,CA,CHN
87,Tyler Gonzales,AM Racing Engines,AM,FL,USA
89,Austin Wells,Pserra Racing,Tony Kart,,AUS
91,Neil Verhagen,Kartsport North America,Arrow,CT,USA
92,Alex Verhagen,Kartsport North America,Arrow,CT,USA
93,Lisa Mohr,,Top Kart,,DEU
95n,Nicholas d’Orlando,Team Koene USA,Tony Kart,NY,USA
97,Harrison Hoey,MRP Motorsports,Birel,QLD,AUS
98x,Jagger Jones,Pure Karting,Tony Kart,AZ,USA
100y,Chase Farley,Energy Corse America,Energy,CA,USA
101,Jose Alvarado,,Kosmic,,VEN
103,Jack Doohan,Pserra Racing,Tony Kart,ON,AUS
104,David Antabi,,Kosmic,,VEN
108c,Jace Denmark-Gessel,Pure Karting,Tony Kart,AZ,USA
110,Gianluca Petecof,AM Racing Engines,AM,,BRA
111c,Colin Queen,RBR Motorsports,Tony Kart,CA,USA
115,Alessandro Famularo,AM Racing Engines,AM,FL,VEN
118,Antonio Serravalle,Pserra Racing,Tony Kart,ON,CAN
121t,Marcelo Garcia,,Tony Kart,TX,MEX
125s,Mathias Soler,MSN Racing,Tony Kart,GA,COL
132,Josh Bethune,Aluminos,GP,Otago,NZL
151,Mathias Ramirez-Barrero,Bordogna Racing,Tony Kart,,USA
155,Luis Perez Jr.,,Tony Kart,Nuevo Leon,MEX
188,Juan Diaz,Bordogna Racing,Tony Kart,,COL
198x,Jace Jones,Pure Karting,Tony Kart,AZ,USA
232,Muizzuddin Musyaffa,,CRG,,MYS
280,Emiliano Jauregui,,CRG,,MEX
294m,Sebastian Alvarez,PSL Karting,CRG,Mexico,MEX
321,Lucas Bohdanowicz,Bordogna Racing,OTK,FL,ARG
333f,Derek Carmenate,AM Racing Engines,AM,,USA
430,Lachlan DeFrancesco,DeFrancesco Racing (DFR),Benik Kart,ON,CAN
455f,Reece Gold,AM Racing Engines,Tony Kart,FL,USA
521,Ricardo Villasmil,,Kosmic,,USA
525t,Jak Crawford,3G Kart Racing / Team Burger King,Birel,TX,USA
666,Sean Bolger,G Force Karting,Tony Kart,,AUS
888,Valentina Sarmiento,Phil Giebler Racing,FA Kart,,VEN
981x,Myles Farhan,Ryan Perry Motorsports,DR,CA,USA

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