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eKartingNews.com Driver Rankings – TaG – October 31

Pagano, Neri and Craig remain on standing podium heading into SuperNationals

Heading into the biggest race of the season, the highly-anticipated updated standings for the eKartingNews.com TaG Driver Rankings have been produced. With a much longer than anticipated gap between published rankings, things have changed throughout the 400+ positions, putting regional, national and international karters against one another – based solely on numbers. The top of the order however remains unchanged as North American karting hits the biggest month of the season, with the running of the 17th annual Superkarts! USA SuperNationals.

California driver Louie Pagano remains as the top driver to beat, thanks to solid first six months of the 12-month period in this release of the EKN Driver Rankings. Last year’s runner-up at the SuperNationals carries a large amount of points toward the new Dallas Karting Complex/Sodi Racing USA driver’s total. The gap remains similar, with former US Rotax Grand Nationals champion Nick Neri (Tony Kart) gaining only a few points on Pagano following his third place performance at the Rotax Pan-American Challenge. Jake Craig (ART GP) amassed most of his points en route to the California ProKart Challenge championship, and on the SKUSA Pro Tour this season. While Pagano will be racing in Vegas, Neri is competing in S1 Pro Stock Moto as a former S2 SuperNats winner. Craig, who’s racing at the Rotax Grand Finals the week before, is scheduled to race at the SuperNationals as well.

Jumping up to fourth is the driver on a roll – Oliver Askew. The ‘On the Move’ driver back in August after his US Rotax Grand Nationals victory, the OGP/Tony Kart driver added another big victory to his Senior rookie CV with a solid performance at the Rotax Pan-American Challenge at NOLA. Askew’s points will remain unchanged as the young driver will have his hand at a shifterkart in Vegas, racing S2 to follow in Neri’s path. Also up to fifth with his points remaining unchanged until next year is Irishman Charlie Eastwood (Tony Kart). The 2012 Rotax Grand Finals champion contested the Florida Winter Tour this year, earning the championship and scoring solid points toward the EKN Driver Rankings. Adding in a runner-up at the Pan-Am event behind Askew, he jumped right behind him in the standings.

Holding strong in sixth is 2012 US Rotax Grand Finals champion Daniel Formal (Tony Kart). The former #1 driver continues to be a treat in every race he competes, and ‘4×4’ will be representing Team USA in the DD2 category, having won the US Grand Nationals and Pan-Am event. Making his way into the top-10 is Michigan driver Derek Dignan (FA Kart). The seventh ranked driver has been keeping his KartSport North America team busy, racing in 41 main events counted toward the EKN Driver Rankings. A couple big wins in WKA competition have propelled him into the top-10, and a good run in Vegas could help him climb higher.

SKUSA Pro Tour championship contender Andrew Zimmer (ART GP) falls to eighth, and is looking for his best performance at the SuperNationals to bring home a title back to Washington. A comeback run at the SummerNationals helped the double SpringNats winner back into the title chase. California racer Austin Elliott (Top Kart) remain ninth, and should be a factor at the SuperNationals, which could see him moving up the standings when the final tally is published in December. WKA champion Jonathan Kotyk (Tony Kart) is recovering from a huge wreck at the series finale in Mooresville, where he suffered a badly separated shoulder injury. Still recovering, Kotyk will close out the year with his point total intact, holding 10th. Dropping outside the top-10 include Matt Johnson (Tony Kart) and Mason Chelootz (Top Kart).

DOM-LouiePagano-KartTaG #1 – Louie Pagano
Camarillo, California

The past three months have been a change for the SoCal native, who recently moved to Texas to be part of the Dallas Karting Complex/Sodi Racing USA program. A longtime driver with the Birel brand and MRP Motorsport, Pagano is piloting the French-manufactured chassis over the last three months in preparation for what could be his biggest race in his karting career. Leading the SKUSA Pro Tour, Pagano is one who’s finished on the SuperNationals podium multiple times and 2013 could be the year he goes home with the SKUSA #1 plate.


Point Breakdown
SKUSA SuperNationals 2012,10,2,1127
Rotax COTA 2013 – Tucson #1,9,2,1032
Rotax COTA 2013 – Tucson #2,9,3,1022
Rotax COTA 2013 – PKRA #1,9,2,1048
Rotax COTA 2013 – PKRA #2,9,3,1035
SKUSA SpringNationals ’13 #1,9,2,1060
SKUSA SummerNationals ’13 #2,9,4,1048
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 2.57
Average Points: 1053.1
Total Points: 7372




(Photo: DavidLeePhotos.com)

(Photo: DavidLeePhotos.com)

TaG ‘On the Move’ – #49
Mark Dismore Jr.
Greenfield, Indiana

It was a great last few months to close out the season for veteran Mark Dismore Jr. The third-generation driver still showed he’s got the talent and speed to compete with the younger stars of the TaG category, earning two victories at the final two USPKS events to place him inside the top-five in points after a tough start to the season. To close out 2013, Dismore partnered up with IndyCar’s Josef Newgarden to score the victory at the recent RoboPong 200 at New CastleMotorsportsPark. Diz spent the last month working with a trainer to prepare for his 100 laps, and it showed on track. He will now celebrate the victory in Vegas, supporting all the Comet Racing Engines’ customers racing at the SuperNationals.

Point Breakdown
Route 66 Series ’13 #1,8,3,862
USPKS ’13 – New Castle #2,8,6,908
USPKS ’13 – Dousman #2,8,1,905
WKA Man. Cup ’13 – IAME #9,8,3,898
WKA Man. Cup ’13 – IAME #10,8,3,892
USPKS ’13 – Pitt #1,8,1,930
USPKS ’13 – Pitt #2,8,2,915
Inside the Stats
Average Finish: 2.71
Average Points: 901.4
Total Points: 6310

EKN Driver Rankings Calculation Process
The EKN Driver Rankings are calculated using a driver’s best finishes in major North American races. Assembled using events from the previous 12 months from the current date, we use a driver’s best seven finishes in TaG and six in Stock Moto to determine their overall current point total. With each new release, results posted from more than one year ago are discarded. To deliver our ranking list, we tabulate the results of all the national programs and selected regional programs. We have included the results for the major one-off events such as the SKUSA SuperNationals, the US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals, the Rock Island Grand Prix and the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix.

Each race is initially weighted based on the prestige and history of the event or series with a score of ten (10) being the highest attainable base ranking. For 2013, the SKUSA SuperNationals and US Rotax Max Challenge Grand Nationals receive a score of 10 in their initial weighting in the TaG category while the SuperNationals is the lone event in the Stock Moto division. The SKUSA Pro Tour series events draw a base ranking of nine (9), while the WKA Manufacturers Cup, Florida Winter Tour, Rotax Challenge of the Americas, IKF 2-Cycle Sprint Grand Nationals, Rotax Pan American Challenge, United States Pro Kart Series and other regional program races were given a base ranking of either eight (8) or nine (9).

The EKN staff reserves the right to adjust the rankings of each event throughout the year. A minimum entry total for any events considered for the Driver Rankings program is five (5). If an event does not have at least five (5) drivers starting the race, those results will not be tabulated toward the Driver Rankings.

Added to these initial rankings are two variables that help confirm the true importance of an event to the ranking process – field size and field strength. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field, while the number of existing top 50 drivers entered offers another full point or fraction of a point. The sum of these numbers becomes the overall ranking for any race. Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing positions with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driver’s final point total from each event. Using a driver’s best seven races in TaG, six for Stock Moto, we calculate each driver’s overall score and subsequent ranking.

TaG Driver Rankings – as of October 31, 2013
Pos.,Aug. 16,Plus/Minus,Driver,Races,Score
1.,1,NC,Louie Pagano,14,7372
2.,2,NC,Nick Neri,14,7263
3.,3,NC,Jake Craig,15,7221
4.,8,4,Oliver Askew,8,7206
5.,56,51,Charlie Eastwood,7,7160
6.,6,NC,Daniel Formal,12,7103
7.,12,5,Derek Dignan,41,7102
8.,7,-1,Andrew Zimmer,10,7100
9.,9,NC,Austin Elliott,15,7087
10.,4,-6,Jonathan Kotyk,26,7084
11.,22,11,Andrew Palmer,8,7032
12.,57,45,Phillip Arscott,7,7026
13.,10,-3,Matt Johnson,10,7008
14.,5,-9,Mason Chelootz,32,6979
15.,28,13,Jake Johnston,34,6975
16.,13,-3,Travis Lowe,11,6951
17.,27,10,Garrett Johnston,33,6925
18.,25,7,Jesus Rios Jr.,22,6905
19.,14,-5,Mason Daughters,14,6905
20.,17,-3,TJ Koyen,16,6878
21.,18,-3,Michael Giessen,19,6871
22.,24,2,Alejandro Fernandez,23,6831
23.,19,-4,Mark Boos,32,6815
24.,26,2,Dakota Dickerson,10,6801
25.,29,4,Parker McKean,8,6792
26.,45,19,Roger Ralston Jr.,23,6779
27.,15,-12,Jacob Knueven,28,6774
28.,31,3,Alex Keyes,8,6756
29.,30,1,Andrew Wiener,15,6752
30.,33,3,Jonathan May,8,6751
31.,20,-11,William Owen,18,6729
32.,34,2,Andrew Bujdoso,25,6706
33.,16,-17,Tommy Andersen,15,6704
34.,32,-2,Jacob Donald,21,6658
35.,21,-14,Phil DeLaO,9,6611
36.,44,8,Dustin Stross,27,6587
37.,11,-26,Sam Beasley,8,6561
38.,36,-2,Kyle Kalish,14,6552
39.,35,-4,Nick Rivellini,12,6520
40.,90,50,AJ Myers,8,6500
41.,48,7,Calvin Stewart,19,6488
42.,38,-4,Fritz Leesmann,8,6469
43.,40,-3,Mike Herda,10,6469
44.,52,8,Ayrton Climo,9,6423
45.,41,-4,Ashley Rogero,9,6403
46.,49,3,Carlee Taylor,10,6356
47.,78,31,Nick Landi,15,6326
48.,23,-25,Robby Seward,8,6315
49.,113,64,Mark Dismore Jr.,10,6310
50.,53,3,Tazio Ottis,9,6305
51.,37,-14,Colton Ramsey,22,6302
52.,46,-6,Joel Jens,11,6299
53.,100,47,Grayson Browne,8,6296
54.,39,-15,Chris Wehrheim,10,6294
55.,43,-12,Jess Peterson,11,6259
56.,50,-6,Nathan Kelly,9,6257
57.,47,-10,Daniel Roeper,9,6256
58.,66,8,Jacob Duvall,13,6220
59.,98,39,Zacharie Scalzo,7,6154
60.,55,-5,Trenton Walko,16,6119
61.,61,NC,John McCusker,25,6110
62.,65,3,Austin Dement,7,6100
63.,58,-5,Scott Kopp,13,6089
64.,54,-10,Cabot Bigham,8,6039
65.,105,40,Elliot Finlayson,10,6035
66.,51,-15,Kindra Hurlbert,18,6024
67.,70,3,Matt England,9,6012
68.,68,NC,Michael Geringer,16,5990
69.,67,-2,Patrick Soares,12,5987
70.,62,-8,Adam Crepin,18,5986
71.,76,5,Oliver Scigliano,14,5971
72.,72,NC,Ray Church,10,5929
73.,73,NC,Chase Jones,10,5898
74.,63,-11,Corey Towles,11,5886
75.,71,-4,Tadasuke Makino,6,5880
76.,69,-7,Hunter Ceto,10,5855
77.,74,-3,Sam Cate,17,5847
78.,107,29,Dallas Hollins,7,5844
79.,126,47,Darin Marcus,7,5821
80.,83,3,Nicholas Martin,16,5795
81.,82,1,Wyatt Maness,12,5756
82.,85,3,Anthony Granata,12,5744
83.,88,5,Austin Erikson,18,5729
84.,80,-4,Troy Hottmann,10,5726
85.,171,86,Michael Bartholomew,8,5706
86.,84,-2,Luke Varley,6,5692
87.,77,-10,Matt Stagl,8,5687
88.,92,4,Chandler Horton,13,5681
89.,89,NC,Drake Ostrom,12,5667
90.,60,-30,Billy Lewis,7,5663
91.,86,-5,Bryce Choquer,7,5620
92.,87,-5,Konrad Czaczyk,7,5599
93.,183,90,Mike Maness,8,5512
94.,94,NC,Aaron Snyder,7,5492
95.,95,NC,Max Mallinen,8,5438
96.,93,-3,Ryan Nash,8,5436
97.,91,-6,Jimmy Clark,7,5426
98.,122,24,Mick Gabriel,6,5383
99.,96,-3,Jose Zanella,6,5372
100.,97,-3,Bailey Murphy,6,5277
101.,99,-2,Steven Szigeti,6,5198
102.,42,-60,Robert Bujdoso,6,5131
103.,101,-2,Wilson Esteban Hurtado Guerrero,6,5083
104.,127,23,Brandon Salyer,6,5037
105.,79,-26,Ben Schermerhorn,6,5024
106.,212,106,Jimmy Fatum,6,4981
107.,164,57,Mike McAndrews,6,4949
108.,59,-49,Logan Bearden,6,4932
109.,109,NC,Sabre Cook,6,4917
110.,110,NC,Carlos Calderon,6,4896
111.,133,22,Zeb Davis,6,4888
112.,111,-1,Kevin Barbesino,6,4875
113.,251,138,Olivia Horn,6,4873
114.,195,81,Chris Cricca,5,4862
115.,168,53,Armin Cavkusic,6,4859
116.,174,58,Gresham Wagner,6,4859
117.,112,-5,Mason Marotta,5,4856
118.,173,55,Braden Eves,6,4834
119.,282,163,Richy Yates,6,4784
120.,290,170,Laura Sutton,6,4752
121.,115,-6,Sven Nicolas Schele,6,4726
122.,138,16,Michael Andrews Jr.,6,4718
123.,116,-7,Andy Schlosser,6,4709
124.,117,-7,Hailey Groff,6,4703
125.,139,14,Jason Devine,6,4683
126.,119,-7,Bradley Dezall,6,4639
127.,120,-7,Louis Satterlee II,6,4626
128.,142,14,Ricky Brooks,6,4605
129.,121,-8,Tristan DeGrand,5,4602
130.,145,15,Andres Ceballos,5,4535
131.,125,-6,Andre Nicastro,5,4379
132.,156,24,Felipe Vargas Valverde,5,4303
133.,148,15,Porter Aiken,5,4283
134.,159,25,Adam Dowler,5,4215
135.,153,18,Morgan Healey,5,4214
136.,158,22,Luke Waller,5,4202
137.,172,35,Tyler Coffman,5,4179
138.,205,67,Brandon Jarsocrak,5,4178
139.,106,-33,Jeremy Doll,5,4175
140.,167,27,Jason Dempster,5,4101
141.,81,-60,Shelby Sander,5,4097
142.,132,-10,Nicolas Daza,5,4075
143.,103,-40,Evan Mehan,5,4070
144.,134,-10,Joe Criscione,5,4059
145.,184,39,Mat Souza,5,3933
146.,140,-6,Juan Jimenez,4,3843
147.,143,-4,Jamie McMurray,4,3698
148.,124,-24,Emily Maddison,4,3554
149.,146,-3,Kathryn Cornell,4,3546
150.,123,-27,Stepanova Nekeel,4,3497
151.,-,-,Kyle Smith,4,3495
152.,150,-2,Blake Murdock,4,3456
153.,152,-1,Jack Weprin,4,3456
154.,306,152,Austin Cindric,4,3409
155.,157,2,Augie Lerch,4,3381
156.,102,-54,Hanna Zellers,4,3380
157.,170,13,Jordan Robertson,4,3379
158.,160,2,Roberto Manduchi,4,3361
159.,206,47,Glen Sides,4,3346
160.,210,50,Cris Araujo,4,3324
161.,163,2,Jamie Sieracki,4,3317
162.,165,3,Artie Carpenter,4,3304
163.,166,3,Chris Guimarra,4,3294
164.,-,-,Julia Boos,4,3293
165.,75,-90,Nicky DeFronzo,4,3291
166.,254,88,Austin McCusker,4,3289
167.,136,-31,Michael Ilavia,4,3286
168.,108,-60,Matt Chase,4,3278
169.,255,86,Jarrett Duncovich,4,3268
170.,175,5,Jesse Grose,4,3247
171.,176,5,Matthew Koerner,4,3245
172.,177,5,Sean Conyers,4,3244
173.,179,6,Bernard Cohen,4,3231
174.,130,-44,Juan Diego Maldonado,4,3230
175.,180,5,Christopher Morrison,4,3213
176.,129,-47,Tyler Edwards,4,3200
177.,181,4,Austin Jordan,4,3198
178.,182,4,Brian LaBarbera,4,3176
179.,185,6,Nicolas Augosto Daza Rovira,4,3150
180.,288,108,Josh Hotz,4,3141
181.,64,-117,Michael Goodyear,4,3140
182.,296,114,Kennan Hertzner,4,3131
183.,298,115,James K Russell,4,3102
184.,135,-49,John Wallace III,4,3094
185.,187,2,Giovanni Velasquez,4,3092
186.,190,4,Ricardo Duenas,4,3064
187.,191,4,Andrew Cook,4,3057
188.,192,4,Luis F. Soberal,4,3023
189.,193,4,Gerardo Garcia,4,2961
190.,141,-49,Garrett Peterson,4,2941
191.,144,-47,Matthew Laukaitis,4,2874
192.,149,-43,Lloyd Mack,3,2737
193.,334,141,Sam Watson,3,2730
194.,198,4,Dominic Tesoro,3,2660
195.,199,4,Maya Gutierrez,3,2660
196.,197,1,Cory Cacciavillani,3,2639
197.,200,3,David Sera,3,2636
198.,343,145,Ayrton Mutagaana,3,2635
199.,151,-48,Daley Pagano,3,2629
200.,202,2,Michael Pagano,3,2616
201.,203,2,James Raffield,3,2604
202.,248,46,Shelby Freese,3,2583
203.,204,1,Ann Hayden,3,2569
204.,162,-42,David Vasquez,3,2568
205.,161,-44,Alex Nowysz,3,2512
206.,131,-75,Trevor Summer,3,2494
207.,209,2,Luca Forgeois,3,2479
208.,258,50,Matt Sides,3,2472
209.,211,2,Henry Taleb,3,2462
210.,214,4,Douglas Ohoro,3,2428
211.,349,138,Alex Noonan,3,2412
212.,213,1,Brandon Southwick,3,2412
213.,215,2,Jeremy Frediani,3,2390
214.,219,5,Alejandro Liverant,3,2358
215.,221,6,Daniel Santiago Acero Beltran,3,2320
216.,304,88,Matt Blair,3,2314
217.,413,196,Alex Salsbury,3,2311
218.,186,-32,Bill McLaughlin Jr.,3,2264
219.,222,3,Jason Rowe,3,2234
220.,223,3,Michael Prokup,3,2194
221.,224,3,Remo Ruscitti,2,2152
222.,118,-104,Austin Queen,3,2133
223.,225,2,Jordon Lennox,2,2034
224.,226,2,Marco Eakins,2,2009
225.,227,2,Nicolas Morales Farjado,2,1986
226.,194,-32,Bobby Kelley,2,1981
227.,229,2,Austin Self,2,1891
228.,231,3,Phillip Orcic,2,1862
229.,-,-,Wesley Boswell,2,1858
230.,233,3,Nelson Piquet Jr.,2,1851
231.,-,-,Dusty Davis,2,1847
232.,234,2,Cory Davison,2,1807
233.,154,-79,Brandon Reed,2,1782
234.,236,2,Jack Oliver,2,1776
235.,250,15,AJ Juergens,2,1764
236.,237,1,Patick Kelly,2,1760
237.,238,1,Sandor Jakab,2,1758
238.,-,-,Dylan Ito,2,1748
239.,241,2,Matt Kimball,2,1743
240.,243,3,Chris Beck,2,1733
241.,201,-40,Brody Zink,2,1732
242.,-,-,Justin Raper,2,1730
243.,239,-4,Kent Schonberger,2,1725
244.,-,-,Gavin Reichelt,2,1714
245.,155,-90,Chris Bogart,2,1709
246.,104,-142,Rob Murphy,2,1708
247.,246,-1,Daniel Burkett,2,1698
248.,247,-1,Artem Korolev,2,1696
249.,-,-,Kyle Knecht,2,1687
250.,220,-30,Mike Horton,2,1687
251.,252,1,Gael Moreau,2,1680
252.,-,-,Tripp Reed,2,1676
253.,278,25,Adam Taylor,2,1673
254.,256,2,Brenden Johnson,2,1663
255.,257,2,Eli Salamie,2,1663
256.,-,-,Hector Alvarez,2,1657
257.,-,-,Nick Frangoulis,2,1653
258.,260,2,Shawn Sharkey,2,1652
259.,261,2,Andrew Wilson,2,1647
260.,-,-,Michael Gregory,2,1644
261.,262,1,Rob Maier,2,1640
262.,263,1,Thomas Radivoy,2,1635
263.,265,2,Charlie Craig,2,1632
264.,266,2,Scott Boone,2,1630
265.,373,108,Kruin Olsen-Hodges,2,1619
266.,-,-,Derek Proctor,2,1615
267.,352,85,Jeff Zeloff,2,1615
268.,269,1,Nick Johnston,2,1615
269.,270,1,Davis Durrett,2,1611
270.,-,-,Carson Kapica,2,1610
271.,271,0,Ariel Castro,2,1609
272.,272,0,Geoffrey Roberti,2,1605
273.,274,1,Mario Iemma,2,1602
274.,-,-,Adam Rylance,2,1601
275.,276,1,Noel Dowler,2,1595
276.,277,1,Yurik Carvalito,2,1593
277.,279,2,Andrew Sherry,2,1589
278.,280,2,Matt Solarczyk,2,1589
279.,281,2,Kenny Manchester,2,1588
280.,217,-63,Harrison Mills,2,1585
281.,283,2,Killian Keaveny,2,1585
282.,284,2,Chad Campbell,2,1584
283.,286,3,Robert Maier,2,1582
284.,287,3,Mark Thomas,2,1581
285.,289,4,Brandon Winfield,2,1579
286.,291,5,Dakota Pesek,2,1571
287.,292,5,Gary Butler,2,1571
288.,293,5,Troy Castaneda,2,1566
289.,294,5,Davey Manthei Jr.,2,1565
290.,295,5,Sean Meier,2,1560
291.,-,-,Jesus Robles,2,1557
292.,-,-,Nick RosenGrant,2,1557
293.,188,-105,Bryce Engelhart,2,1554
294.,297,3,Koi Bailey,2,1554
295.,-,-,Jim Russell Jr.,2,1551
296.,367,71,Hunter Olsen-Hodges,2,1550
297.,300,3,Ian Cummings,2,1550
298.,301,3,Maria Luz Salvucci,2,1550
299.,-,-,Noah Luzzi,2,1544
300.,305,5,Ryan Sisemore,2,1524
301.,307,6,Arika White,2,1510
302.,308,6,Bryan Wong,2,1507
303.,309,6,Don Whittington,2,1507
304.,310,6,Will Lockwood,2,1503
305.,311,6,Gino Alfonso-Macauley,2,1502
306.,312,6,Joseph Skaggs,2,1502
307.,137,-170,Thomas Appleton,2,1502
308.,313,5,Alexander Hornborg,2,1499
309.,314,5,Earl Douthwright,2,1477
310.,315,5,Joshua De Losier,2,1459
311.,316,5,Izak Hayda,2,1439
312.,317,5,Nicholas Chow,2,1417
313.,318,5,Jamie McAllister,2,1384
314.,319,5,Jason Foley,2,1372
315.,320,5,Phil Pignataro,2,1367
316.,321,5,Maddison Snow,2,1363
317.,322,5,Gabriel Chaves,1,1138
318.,323,5,Kiel Spaulding,1,1115
319.,324,5,Charles Leclerc,1,1104
320.,325,5,Alessio Guazzaroni,1,1058
321.,327,6,Marco Tulio Souza,1,1002
322.,-,-,Jordan Lennox,1,998
323.,-,-,Parker Thompson,1,995
324.,329,5,Scott Hargrove,1,990
325.,-,-,Philip Morin,1,988
326.,330,4,David Jurca,1,983
327.,-,-,Jules Cousin,1,967
328.,-,-,Alfredo Zabalza,1,957
329.,242,-87,Thomas Roth,1,938
330.,245,-85,Brennan Harrington,1,934
331.,240,-91,Chaz Nagel,1,927
332.,-,-,Zachary Claman-Demelo,1,926
333.,232,-101,Joel Miller,1,922
334.,208,-126,Morgan Schuler,1,915
335.,-,-,Davey Hamilton Jr.,1,906
336.,-,-,Jaimie Sander,1,905
337.,336,-1,Alex Kirby,1,892
338.,230,-108,Enzo Mestre,1,888
339.,-,-,Johnny Flute,1,885
340.,389,49,Connor Funk,1,884
341.,-,-,Lee Selbach,1,880
342.,-,-,Roman Tretyak,1,873
343.,342,-1,Andrew Evans,1,857
344.,-,-,Dave Carmendy,1,846
345.,348,3,Hayden Pederson,1,835
346.,-,-,Scott Ferris,1,829
347.,259,-88,JR Raczko,1,826
348.,-,-,Maxx Marian,1,824
349.,368,19,Kyle Blum,1,823
350.,-,-,Nicolas Carbon Martinez,1,823
351.,-,-,Rob Megennis,1,820
352.,354,2,Kevin Martz,1,816
353.,-,-,Edie Rodriguez,1,813
354.,357,3,Anthony Romano,1,812
355.,216,-139,Ashlie Couch,1,812
356.,-,-,Garrett Nimmick,1,812
357.,-,-,Tyler Smith,1,812
358.,244,-114,Jay Howard,1,811
359.,-,-,Chrystal Szeto,1,809
360.,360,0,Joseph Pizzuto,1,809
361.,253,-108,Kevin Hernandez,1,808
362.,362,0,Maxime Couturier,1,806
363.,363,0,Bronson Eggert,1,805
364.,178,-186,Carlos Lopes,1,804
365.,267,-98,Michael Politis,1,804
366.,-,-,Aren Smith,1,803
367.,364,-3,Brandon Jones,1,803
368.,-,-,Darren Gelinas,1,802
369.,365,-4,Kerry Manchester,1,801
370.,-,-,Steven Ito,1,799
371.,370,-1,Valdis Sustko,1,795
372.,371,-1,Haley Kaminski,1,794
373.,218,-155,Keenan Hertzner,1,792
374.,-,-,Quentin De Boever,1,792
375.,189,-186,Craig Riske,1,790
376.,-,-,Peter Hudson,1,790
377.,375,-2,Camilo Miranda,1,788
378.,376,-2,Logan Wyman,1,787
379.,377,-2,Mateo Fernandez,1,786
380.,378,-2,Michael Valiante,1,785
381.,380,-1,Jacob Maxfield,1,783
382.,-,-,Brady Ross,1,782
383.,-,-,Jessica Backman,1,782
384.,382,-2,Mauricio J. Hernandez Guillen,1,780
385.,-,-,Kody Evans,1,779
386.,-,-,Andrew Simcox,1,778
387.,-,-,Tony Neilson,1,778
388.,385,-3,Jake Cole,1,777
389.,386,-3,Santiago Lozano Mesa,1,775
390.,-,-,John Cappabianca,1,773
391.,387,-4,Eric Filgueiras,1,772
392.,388,-4,Colin Gliniecki,1,771
393.,390,-3,Joffrey Amaya,1,767
394.,391,-3,Sam Chastain,1,767
395.,394,-1,Bruni Palli,1,763
396.,395,-1,Chris Carmody,1,761
397.,396,-1,Brayden Seberras,1,759
398.,-,-,Christian Besasie,1,755
399.,398,-1,Nick Losito,1,753
400.,399,-1,Dennis Olsen,1,751
401.,-,-,Vernon Sparks,1,742
402.,401,-1,Nathan Adair,1,737
403.,402,-1,Arthur Oliveira,1,728
404.,404,NC,Michael Melancon,1,723
405.,405,NC,Hector Rodriguez,1,720
406.,406,NC,Luke Chudleigh,1,717
407.,407,NC,Gabriel Sierra,1,711
408.,408,NC,Sam Schippers,1,707
409.,409,NC,Olin Galli,1,706
410.,410,NC,Robert Murray,1,704
411.,411,NC,Clay Keel,1,702
412.,412,NC,Christian Ross,1,688