eKartingNews.com United States Rotax Driver Rankings – June 27, 2013

First release of 2013 national point standings sets up initial leaders in six categories

With cooperation between MAXSpeed and eKartingNews.com, the partnership is proud to release the opening standings for the eKartingNews.com United States Rotax Driver Rankings. The program features all United States Rotax Max Challenge series, clubs and drivers, collecting the results throughout the country to match each USRMC member against one another in all six categories.

The EKN US Rotax Driver Rankings is an extension of the USRMC National Point Standings program, following the parameters similar to that of the popular EKN Driver Rankings. With assistance from MAXSpeed, EKN tabulates the best six results for each USRMC driver in each of the six Rotax categories. As the season goes along, drivers will be able to better their score until the final USRMC events have been recorded. At the end of each year, EKN will crown the top driver in each category and will enter the following season as the EKN United States Rotax Driver Rankings top driver for that class.

Those series and clubs listed on the official GoRotax.com Schedule page are included in the EKN United States Rotax Driver Rankings program. All drivers competing at these events, who are up-to-date with their USRMC membership, will be included in the standings. Drivers not listed as a USRMC member at the time of the event will not have their results recorded. The calculation process can be found at the bottom of this article. Currently, those events that have been submitted into the USRMC office by June 27 have been included in the tabulation and the process will continue as the season goes on. If you feel your results are incorrect, please contact your local USRMC administrator to ensure they have submitted all results to date.

Below you will see the EKN US Rotax Driver Rankings for each of the six categories, with the number one driver in each category highlighted, the top-10 listed, along with a link to the full standings.

Senior Max

Senior #1 – Billy Ogle
Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship </b>
Ogle is the top drive thus in the Senior Max standings, after finishing 2012 33rd in the Junior Max standings. The Senior rookie has gotten his season off right, placing in the top-five in his first six races in the Northeast area and is second in the Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship standings.

Point Breakdown
Compressed Air Equipment F1 #1,2,902
Compressed Air Equipment F1 #2,2,899
Northeast Rotax Max Challenge #1,5,901
Northeast Rotax Max Challenge #2,5,904
Compressed Air Equipment #4,1,919
Compressed Air Equipment #5,5,877

Total Points: 5402
Avg. Points: 900.3
Avg. Finish: 3.33

Senior Max Driver Rankings
1.,Billy Ogle,6,5402,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
2.,Joe Zahavi,6,5398,NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
3.,Lee Selbach,7,5341,PowerAde Karting Championship
4.,Ayrton Mutagaana,5,4520,Pitt Race Karting Rotax Max Challenge
5.,Thomas Roth,5,4517,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
6.,Nick Frangoulis,5,4509,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
7.,Conner Clay,5,4490,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
8.,Bailey Murphy,5,4489,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
9.,Max Mallinen,5,4471,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
10.,Jake Craig,5,4469,Tri-C Karters
11.,Nick Landi,5,4462,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
12.,Brenden Johnson,5,4445,PowerAde Karting Championship
13.,Nick Losito,5,4376,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
14.,Bradley Nyman,5,4373,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
15.,Bradley Smith,5,4348,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
16.,James Raffield,2,4285,PowerAde Karting Championship
17.,Varun Choksey,5,4142,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
18.,Nick Neri,4,3733,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
19.,Andrew Sherry,4,3721,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
20.,Lincholn Steel,4,3695,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
21.,Adam Taylor,4,3652,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
22.,Oliver Askew,4,3648,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
23.,Roger Ralston Jr.,4,3641,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
24.,Alex Tartaglia,4,3638,Dallas Karting Complex
25.,Marina Yardley,4,3584,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
26.,David Salazar,4,3583,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
27.,Daniel De La Calle,4,3566,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
28.,Ronnie Price,4,3555,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
29.,Morgan Healey,4,3458,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
30.,Dan Roeper,3,2775,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
31.,Jonathan Kotyk,3,2747,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
32.,Jarrett Lile,3,2745,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
33.,Andrew Palmer,3,2721,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
34.,Tommy Vieth,3,2705,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
35.,Porter Aiken,3,2697,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
36.,Derek Dignan,3,2695,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
37.,Annie Hayden,3,2687,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
38.,Logan Bearden,3,2683,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
39.,James Flynn,3,2677,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
40.,Carlee Taylor,3,2671,Tri-C Karters
41.,Justin Peck,3,2667,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
42.,Austin Jordan,3,2661,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
43.,Johnny Neufeld,3,2650,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
44.,Max Lupfer,3,2643,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
45.,Jack Oliver,3,2622,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
46.,Troy Cowart,3,2606,Dallas Karting Complex
47.,Zachary Weiss,3,2602,PowerAde Karting Championship
48.,Nick Lefferdo,3,2539,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
49.,Martin Kompas,3,2483,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
50.,Nicholas Chow,3,2470,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
51.,Stepanova Nekeel,2,1907,
52.,Hunter Cento,2,1854,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
53.,Kyle Byers,2,1850,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
54.,William Owen,2,1850,Rotax of the Rockies
55.,Chaz Nagel,2,1847,Dallas Karting Complex
56.,Andrew Zimmer,2,1821,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
57.,Jason Dempster,2,1819,Rotax of the Rockies
58.,Phil DeLaO,2,1814,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
59.,Sean Conyers,2,1807,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
60.,John McCusker,2,1803,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
61.,Alex Kwan,2,1799,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
62.,Joe Criscione,2,1792,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
63.,Paul Bonilla,2,1792,Tri-C Karters
64.,Artie Carpenter,2,1783,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
65.,Emily Maddison,2,1782,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
66.,Dylan Albiani,2,1771,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
67.,AJ Myers,2,1770,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
68.,Derek Wang,2,1763,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
69.,Jesse Gwin,2,1759,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
70.,Michael Gutenberger,2,1753,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
71.,Dustin Stross,2,1752,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
72.,Roman Treiak,2,1737,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
73.,Nick Grosze,2,1735,Dallas Karting Complex
74.,Thomas Appleton,2,1730,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
75.,Dev Gore,2,1717,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
76.,Marisa Campbell,2,1716,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
77.,Reny Follett,2,1687,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
78.,Spencer Bogar,2,1674,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
79.,Carson Kapica,2,1664,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
80.,Paul Vaccaro,2,1630,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
81.,Max Mulkey,2,1619,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
82.,Mason Marotta,1,925,Tri-C Karters
83.,Chase Hadean,1,922,
84.,Jeremy Doll,1,911,
85.,Elliot Finlayson,1,907,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
86.,Brennan Harrington,1,904,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
87.,Everett Thomas,1,904,
88.,Nick Rivellini,1,899,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
89.,Madison Snow,1,896,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
90.,Tyler Gronowski,1,896,Rotax of the Rockies
91.,Sam Watson,1,893,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
92.,Kevin Barbesino,1,889,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
93.,Austin Kumbrell,1,884,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
94.,James Swygert,1,884,PowerAde Karting Championship
95.,Chuck Cornwell,1,877,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
96.,David Zippie,1,877,Rotax of the Rockies
97.,Tyler Brooks,1,877,Tri-C Karters
98.,Andy Seesemann,1,860,Tri-C Karters
99.,Diego Pelosi,1,851,
100.,Alex Noonan,1,845,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
101.,Randy Sampson,1,822,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
102.,Salvo Sparacio,1,819,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge

DD2/DD2 Masters

DD2/DD2 Masters #1 – Lance Lehrman
Detroit, Michigan
Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
DD2 Masters driver Lehrman has made the jump to the number one spot to begin the 2013 season. Last year, in his first season racing in the DD2 category, he finished 10th in the final EKN US Rotax Driver Rankings. He is the current point leader of the Burger King Rotax Max Challenge after two events.

Point Breakdown
Burger King Rotax Max Challenge #1,3,901
Burger King Rotax Max Challenge #2,1,908
Burger King Rotax Max Challenge #3,1,903
Burger King Rotax Max Challenge #4,1,903

Total Points: 3615
Avg. Points: 903.8
Avg. Finish: 1.5

DD2/DD2 Masters Driver Rankings
1.,Lance Lehman,4,3615,Dallas Karting Complex
2.,Evan Polisky,4,3604,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
3.,Alex Tartaglia,4,3599,Dallas Karting Complex
4.,Nathan Mauel,4,3599,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
5.,CJ Cramm,4,3563,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
6.,Jeff Smith,3,2709,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
7.,Scott Falcone,3,2697,Rotax of the Rockies
8.,Mike Wherley,3,2696,Dallas Karting Complex
9.,DJ Ortiz,3,2692,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
10.,Troy Owens,3,2669,Dallas Karting Complex
11.,Brent Harper,3,2666,Dallas Karting Complex
12.,Darrell Hinshaw,2,1824,Dallas Karting Complex
13.,Derek Wang,2,1816,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
14.,Brad Nyman,2,1812,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
15.,Rene Martinelli,2,1809,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
16.,Joey Wimsett,2,1806,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
17.,Matt Chambers,2,1806,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
18.,Charles Duncan,2,1786,Rotax of the Rockies
19.,David Edwards,2,1777,Dallas Karting Complex
20.,Dan Lubin,1,919,Dallas Karting Complex
21.,Danny Zajac,1,906,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
22.,John Nyman,1,903,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
23.,Paul Bonilla,1,903,Tri-C Karters
24.,Nelio Bernes,1,896,
25.,Jason Morski,1,873,Dallas Karting Complex

Masters Max

Masters Max #1 – David Killian
Metairie, Louisiana
NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
The NOLA Motorsports Park is the home of the 2013 Rotax Grand Finals, and Killian is the top driver at the track in the Masters Max category. After six rounds of racing this season, he leads the championship standings, and now holds the number one position in the US Rotax Driver Rankings program.

Point Breakdown
NOLA Sprint Kart Championship #1,2,899
NOLA Sprint Kart Championship #2,1,914
NOLA Sprint Kart Championship #3,6,871
NOLA Sprint Kart Championship #4,5,877
NOLA Sprint Kart Championship #5,2,908
NOLA Sprint Kart Championship #6,2,908

Total Points: 5377
Avg. Points: 896.2
Avg. Finish: 3.0

Masters Max Driver Rankings
1.,David Killian,6,5377,NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
2.,Chris McGinley,6,5361,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
3.,Jace Crosby,6,5348,NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
4.,Adam Pettit,5,4571,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
5.,Jason Leslie,5,4524,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
6.,Todd Meyer,5,4507,NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
7.,Matt Busby,5,4477,NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
8.,Jean Paul Lanaux,5,4469,NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
9.,Jeffrey Clyde,5,4426,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
10.,Chad Hartzell,4,3672,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
11.,Salvo Sparacio,4,3649,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
12.,Dave Gildersleeve,4,3645,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
13.,Jeff Smith,4,3626,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
14.,Rob Maier,4,3615,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
15.,Larry Hayashigawa,4,3610,Tri-C Karters
16.,Tyler Brooks,4,3610,Tri-C Karters
17.,David Pergande,4,3608,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
18.,Geoff Wise,4,3607,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
19.,Mike Wilhelm,4,3600,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
20.,James Dix,4,3599,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
21.,Steven Clark,4,3587,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
22.,Marshall Martin,4,3562,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
23.,Henry Zajac,4,3535,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
24.,John Breidinger,4,3533,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
25.,Michael Neopolitan,4,3508,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
26.,Jacob Zamora,4,3477,Tri-C Karters
27.,Scott Downing,4,3474,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
28.,Scott Roberts,3,2734,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
29.,Andy Seesemann,3,2727,Tri-C Karters
30.,Dan Pingston,3,2716,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
31.,Paul Kandris,3,2709,Pudget Sound Go Kart Association Club Series
32.,Rob Salthouse,3,2702,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
33.,Bob Olson,3,2648,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
34.,Les Nanson,3,2624,Tri-C Karters
35.,John Southerland,3,2597,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
36.,Mike Daniel,2,1838,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
37.,Scott Ripslinger,2,1816,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
38.,Dayna Ward,2,1811,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
39.,Dean Boyd,2,1811,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
40.,Richard Fine,2,1811,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
41.,Wright Hungus II,2,1811,Rotax of the Rockies
42.,Phil Holmes,2,1807,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
43.,Stuart Lanza,2,1799,PowerAde Karting Championship
44.,Antinio Sparcio,2,1796,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
45.,Russ Johnson,2,1793,Rotax of the Rockies
46.,Dave Ahrens,2,1779,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
47.,Kevin Coy,2,1759,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
48.,Dave Innes,2,1747,Rotax of the Rockies
49.,Mike Manov,2,1746,Rotax of the Rockies
50.,Dennis Ward,2,1737,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
51.,Michael Camarra,2,1724,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
52.,Peter Toft,2,1720,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
53.,Jim Sabiwas,2,1714,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
54.,Bob Hurst,1,916,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
55.,Justin Peck,1,906,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
56.,Jonathan Brown,1,903,Portland Karting Association Club Series
57.,Charlie Warrell,1,902,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
58.,Bobby Greene,1,896,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
59.,Scott Haase,1,884,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
60.,Austin Smith,1,873,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
61.,Richard Hensley,1,864,Rotax of the Rockies
62.,Billy Scott,1,863,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
63.,Kelly Heil,1,860,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
64.,Ramsey Potts,1,858,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
65.,Paul Bonilla,1,826,Tri-C Karters

Junior Max

Junior Max #1 – McKay Snow
Salt Lake City, Utah
MSquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
Now entering his second year in the Junior ranks, Snow has soared to the top to begin the season. The Utah driver finished 46th last season, but four victories in his first seven races have put him number one in the EKN US Rotax Driver Rankings. McKay finished out 2011 within the top-10 of the Mini Max standings, so he his no stranger to the top of the order.

Point Breakdown
Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge #2,5,907
MSquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge #1,1,911
MSquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge #2,1,908
Rocky Mountain ProKart Challenge #1,2,905
MSquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge #3,1,914
MSquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge #4,1,914

Total Points: 5459
Avg. Points: 909.8
Avg. Finish: 1.83

Junior Max Driver Rankings
1.,McKay Snow,7,5459,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
2.,Jared Cordova,6,5453,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
3.,Logan McDonough,6,5419,NOLA Sprint Kart Championship
4.,Joey Essma,7,5414,PowerAde Karting Championship
5.,Danny Nyman,6,5400,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
6.,Grant Copple,7,5398,Rotax of the Rockies
7.,Mitch Goldfarb,6,5348,PowerAde Karting Championship
8.,Jarret Voorhies,7,5333,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
9.,Bradley Zilisch,6,5297,PowerAde Karting Championship
10.,Mason McGinty,6,5275,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
11.,Jim McKinney,5,4555,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
12.,Ian Morse,5,4545,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
13.,Michael Avansino,5,4517,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
14.,Mike Gregory,5,4489,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
15.,Vincent DePalma,5,4479,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
16.,Drew Anderson,5,4414,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
17.,Matt Solarczyk,5,4393,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
18.,Michael Bilyy,5,4366,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
19.,Kailtyn Melton,5,4352,PowerAde Karting Championship
20.,Alex Sullivan,5,4328,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
21.,Naomi Willis,5,4317,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
22.,Ashley Rogero,4,3748,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
23.,Armin Cavkusic,4,3731,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
24.,Enzo Prevost,4,3693,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
25.,Jesse Woodyard,4,3651,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
26.,Jaden Conwright,4,3609,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
27.,Annie Breidinger,4,3608,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
28.,Michael Michoff,4,3607,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
29.,John Raymond,4,3591,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
30.,Toni Breidinger,4,3589,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
31.,Grace Humphris,4,3581,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
32.,Thomas Beaudoin,4,3578,Dallas Karting Complex
33.,Max Fedler,4,3571,Rotax of the Rockies
34.,Colin Russell,4,3532,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
35.,Chase Acklam,4,3526,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
36.,Alec Faubion,4,3470,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
37.,Miguel Ruiz,4,3467,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
38.,Francesco Marsico,4,3449,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
39.,Justin Yanez,4,3440,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
40.,Kyle Greenhill,4,3440,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
41.,Mason Cohen,4,3439,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
42.,Carter Heflen,4,3432,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
43.,Zach Pettinichi,4,3422,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
44.,Joel Norman,4,3411,PowerAde Karting Championship
45.,Adam Tams,3,2770,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
46.,Austin Garrison,3,2770,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
47.,Jack Weprin,3,2770,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
48.,Anthony Gangi Jr.,3,2730,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
49.,Brian Lockwood,3,2726,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
50.,Thomas Issa,3,2715,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
51.,Jake Preston,3,2714,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
52.,Quentin DeBoever,3,2707,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
53.,William Myers,3,2706,Jamaica
54.,Job Kandris,3,2700,Pudget Sound Go Kart Association Club Series
55.,Bruno Carneiro,3,2697,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
56.,Hunter Brayton,3,2695,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
57.,Noah Grey,3,2693,Tri-C Karters
58.,Olivia Nish,3,2665,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
59.,Dalton Dow,3,2634,PowerAde Karting Championship
60.,Joey Morton,3,2609,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
61.,Andi Small,3,2605,PowerAde Karting Championship
62.,Michael McCarthy,3,2594,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
63.,Cole Franchini,3,2587,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
64.,Matt Maurer,3,2586,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
65.,Julien Stone,3,2563,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
66.,Becker Reardon,3,2560,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
67.,Gavin Reichelt,3,2539,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
68.,Miles Maki,3,2533,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
69.,Gabby Scharlach,3,2525,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
70.,Luke Selliken,2,1884,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
71.,Trenton Estep,2,1850,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
72.,Robert Megennis,2,1835,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
73.,Austin Osborne,2,1822,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
74.,Justin Gordon,2,1808,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
75.,Kameron Chandler,2,1803,PowerAde Karting Championship
76.,Sara Houston,2,1799,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
77.,Nathan Adds,2,1794,Dallas Karting Complex
78.,Ethan Baitup,2,1792,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
79.,Lindsey Freier,2,1792,Rotax of the Rockies
80.,Marco Eakins,2,1780,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
81.,Connor Jevens,2,1775,PowerAde Karting Championship
82.,Hunter Bogar,2,1769,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
83.,Casey Straub,2,1761,
84.,Austin McCusker,2,1760,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
85.,Hunter Folsom,2,1760,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
86.,Scott Huffaker,2,1757,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
87.,Jarrett Jones,2,1747,PowerAde Karting Championship
88.,Kyle Wick,2,1742,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
89.,Ryan Bjerke,2,1742,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
90.,Addison Chase,2,1720,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
91.,Michael Hellen,2,1719,PowerAde Karting Championship
92.,Kayla Stuart,2,1710,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
93.,Ryan Norberg,2,1707,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
94.,Chase Dow,2,1682,PowerAde Karting Championship
95.,Sierra Smith,2,1680,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
96.,Brittany Zamora,2,1667,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
97.,Blaine Rocha,1,944,
98.,Kyle Kirkwood,1,944,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
99.,Olivier Bellanger,1,931,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
100.,Juan Manuel Correa,1,930,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
101.,Jake Boyle,1,919,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
102.,Matt Thomas,1,911,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
103.,Christian Brooks,1,910,Tri-C Karters
104.,Walker Hess,1,905,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
105.,Rey Ferreyro Jr.,1,892,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
106.,Connor Tebbe,1,891,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
107.,Jake Graser,1,884,Rotax of the Rockies
108.,Grant Dawlett,1,883,Dallas Karting Complex
109.,Roman Madrigal,1,871,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
110.,Johnathan Teixeira,1,863,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge

Mini Max

Mini Max #1 – Wyatt Schwab
West Chester, Pennsylvania
Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
Finishing strong last year, Schwab is looking to improve on where he sits at the halfway point of the season. Schwab has already matched his point total from last year, finishing 16th in the final standings. With four wins already, more wins as the season progresses can only mean his point total will increase, as will the chances he finishes out the season where he started…first.

Point Breakdown
Compressed Air Equipment F1 #1,1,911
Compressed Air Equipment F1 #2,1,914
Northeast Rotax Max Challenge #1,2,905
Northeast Rotax Max Challenge #2,3,904
Compressed Air Equipment #4,1,911
Compressed Air Equipment #5,1,911

Total Points: 5456
Avg. Points: 909.3
Avg. Finish: 1.5

Mini Max Driver Rankings
1.,Wyatt Schwab,6,5456,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
2.,Joseph Lamberth,7,5451,PowerAde Karting Championship
3.,Dhyllan Skiba,7,5390,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
4.,Sam Louis Tisdale,7,5312,PowerAde Karting Championship
5.,Pierce Tetlow,6,5282,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
6.,Emory Lyda,6,5252,PowerAde Karting Championship
7.,Colin Owens,6,5247,Rotax of the Rockies
8.,Braden Brown,6,5211,PowerAde Karting Championship
9.,George Stojakovic,5,4543,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
10.,Blake Hunt,5,4462,PowerAde Karting Championship
11.,Nicky Badame,5,4432,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
12.,Alexander Schoel,5,4388,PowerAde Karting Championship
13.,Alejandro Jaramillio,5,4298,Dallas Karting Complex
14.,Horatio Fitz-Simon,4,3691,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
15.,Neil Verhagen,4,3681,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
16.,Jack Miller,4,3647,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
17.,Max Hewitt,4,3645,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
18.,Derek Deslauriers,4,3637,Rotax of the Rockies
19.,Nicholas Brueckner,4,3626,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
20.,Sean Groenstein,4,3608,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
21.,Michael D’Orlando,4,3603,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
22.,Sophia Price,4,3598,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
23.,Jacob Ruppe,4,3574,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
24.,Parker Chase,4,3570,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
25.,Colin Mullan,4,3563,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
26.,Riley Dickinsion,4,3560,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
27.,Matteo Sandoval,4,3544,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
28.,Michael D’Herde,4,3485,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
29.,Dakota White,4,3479,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
30.,Pierce Dawlett,4,3420,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
31.,Sting Ray Robb,3,2781,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
32.,Tomas Mejia,3,2735,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
33.,Devin Boutot,3,2721,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
34.,Kaylen Frederick,3,2712,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
35.,Michael Benyahia,3,2712,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
36.,Jason Brooks,3,2678,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
37.,Cody Dempster,3,2677,Rotax of the Rockies
38.,Camp Clifford,3,2675,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
39.,Valdemar Erilsen,3,2652,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
40.,Duncan Biles,3,2651,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
41.,Edward Portz,3,2632,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
42.,Nicky Persing,3,2607,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
43.,Dylan Gennaro,3,2591,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
44.,David Rafailov,2,1839,Rotax of the Rockies
45.,Aidan Keel,2,1837,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
46.,Joshua Sirgany,2,1825,Jamaica
47.,Joshua Fine,2,1816,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
48.,Zoey Edenholm,2,1811,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
49.,Jonathan Shone,2,1802,Tri-C Karters
50.,Hunter Melahn,2,1796,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
51.,Amelia LaRoque,2,1793,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
52.,Cole Thompson,2,1793,Rotax of the Rockies
53.,Brandin Warwas,2,1792,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
54.,Theo Chick,2,1792,PowerAde Karting Championship
55.,Justin Sirgany,2,1789,Jamaica
56.,Brody Shucard,2,1784,Rotax of the Rockies
57.,Gracie Trotter,2,1782,PowerAde Karting Championship
58.,Jake Kneeper,2,1778,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
59.,Mason Morgan,2,1778,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
60.,Mathew Morgan,2,1778,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
61.,Everest Fedler,2,1760,Rotax of the Rockies
62.,Conner Wick,2,1758,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
63.,Austin Ray Chalman,2,1756,Rotax of the Rockies
64.,Heather Hadley,2,1733,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
65.,Preston Anderson,2,1721,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
66.,Lawson Nagel,2,1703,Dallas Karting Complex
67.,Ryan Peterson,2,1669,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
68.,Taylor Kuehl,1,899,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
69.,Terrin Odom,1,896,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
70.,Katie McDaniel,1,886,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge

Micro Max

Micro Max #1 – Hannah Greenemeier
Parker, Colorado
Rotax of the Rockies
The youngest pilots of the Rotax Max Challenge start out in Micro Max, and Greenemeier is looking to climb up the ladder quickly. The Colorado driver has been all over the country racing, and has spent a good portion in North Carolina racing at the site of the United States Rotax Grand Nationals – GoPro Motorplex. Her top-three results there mixed in with more at her home region, Greenemeier has started out the season on top.

Point Breakdown
GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge #1,2,919
GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge #2,3,915
GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge #3,3,912
Rotax of the Rockies #1,1,922
GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge #4,3,909
Rotax of the Rockies #2,2,910

Total Points: 5487
Avg. Points: 914.5
Avg. Finish: 2.33

Micro Max Driver Rankings
1.,Hannah Greenemeier,9,5487,Rotax of the Rockies
2.,Diego LaRoque,7,5450,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
3.,Pauly Massimino,7,5424,PowerAde Karting Championship
4.,Livia Iocona,6,5362,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
5.,Tyler Maxson,6,5282,PowerAde Karting Championship
6.,Bryson Ruff,7,5268,PowerAde Karting Championship
7.,Dylan Tavella,5,4625,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
8.,Justin White,5,4538,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
9.,Matt Crowell,5,4517,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
10.,Dante Tekampe,5,4468,PowerAde Karting Championship
11.,Chloe Chambers,5,4457,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
12.,Paden Hall,5,4443,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
13.,Robert Mather,5,4423,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
14.,Connor Zilisch,5,4366,PowerAde Karting Championship
15.,Wade Westlake,5,4292,PowerAde Karting Championship
16.,Harry Coulton,4,3686,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
17.,Aiden O’Neill,4,3670,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
18.,Emiliano Richards,4,3670,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
19.,Maxwell Waithman,4,3670,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
20.,Payton Durrant,4,3629,Msquared Racing Rotax Max Challenge
21.,Alex Verhagen,4,3623,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
22.,Gino Sandoval,4,3606,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
23.,Lucas Smalec,4,3601,JET Karting Rotax Max Challenge
24.,Nicholas D’Orlando,4,3600,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
25.,Dustin Salaverria,4,3597,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
26.,Ethan Arndt,4,3596,Burger King Rotax Max Challenge
27.,Jeremy Fairbairn,4,3557,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
28.,Race Godeloson,4,3531,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
29.,Cash Tiner,4,3506,Dallas Karting Complex
30.,Kyle Dickerson,4,3457,North Texas Karters Rotax Max Challenge
31.,Hayden LeFever,4,3448,Dallas Karting Complex
32.,Tyler Gonzales,3,2789,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
33.,Jordan Heffner,3,2734,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
34.,Bryce Haines,3,2705,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
35.,Chase Oliveri,3,2682,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
36.,Jonathan Portz,3,2673,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
37.,Alexis Apodaca,3,2670,Rotax of the Rockies
38.,Max Wright,3,2662,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
39.,Alfonso Lombardo,3,2638,Compressed Air Equipment F1 Karting Championship
40.,Max Ellgen,3,2637,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
41.,Austin Portalski,3,2630,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
42.,Hayden Hochhalter,3,2630,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
43.,Blake Portalski,3,2602,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
44.,Sofie Eriksen,3,2592,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
45.,Grant Langon,3,2582,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
46.,Tommy Traylor,3,2559,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
47.,Liam Letzsch,2,1835,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
48.,Filip Niemkiewicz,2,1832,Rotax of the Rockies
49.,Valerie Pieger,2,1825,
50.,Kai Palomino,2,1814,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
51.,Corbin Emery,2,1805,Rotax of the Rockies
52.,Sebastian Montoya,2,1802,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
53.,Humberto Porrata,2,1781,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
54.,Mark Fineis,2,1780,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
55.,Cole Thompson,2,1779,Rotax of the Rockies
56.,Giano Taurino,2,1774,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
57.,Ellie Musgrave,2,1768,Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge
58.,Palmer Mahoney,2,1759,Rotax of the Rockies
59.,Dillon DeFonce,2,1744,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
60.,Mark Lerner,2,1744,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
61.,Reece Gold,2,1744,Momentum Racing Rotax Max Challenge
62.,Rayce Dykstra,2,1740,Rotax of the Rockies
63.,Sylvie Small,2,1734,Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge
64.,Maddison Folsom,2,1687,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
65.,Luke Fineis,1,924,GoPro Motorplex Rotax Max Challenge
66.,Giovanni Bromante,1,911,Northeast Rotax Max Challenge
67.,Derek Carmenate,1,910,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
68.,Logan Stretch,1,903,
69.,Josh Pierson,1,896,Portland Karting Association Club Series
70.,Tommy Beyersdorf,1,877,PowerAde Karting Championship
71.,Abby Keyes,1,876,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
72.,Travis Devendorf,1,876,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge
73.,Aryton Ori,1,854,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
74.,Tait Blum,1,846,Red Line Oil Karting Championship
75.,Jake Knepper,1,836,North Florida Rotax Max Challenge
76.,Ashton Chilton,1,826,South Florida Rotax Max Challenge

EKN United States Rotax Driver Rankings
The points are tabulated similar to the regular EKN Driver Rankings for TaG and Stock Moto. Each race will have a base-ranking of 9 with the added variable of field size. A percentage of one weighting point is added for the size of the field. The sum becomes the overall ranking for any race. Following a race, drivers receive points based on their finishing position with 100 points earned for a win. Each subsequent position drops by one point with 99 points given to the second place driver and so on throughout the field. These points are then multiplied by the overall ranking to produce a driver’s final point total from each event. Using a driver’s best six races, we calculate each driver’s overall score and subsequent ranking.

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