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Series News: SKUSA Pro Tour – Series Benefits

Superkarts! USA Pro Tour 2013 logo SKUSAThinking about running the SKUSA Pro Tour this year, but you haven’t entered the SpringNationals, which are just 8 days away in Tucson, Arizona? Here are some reasons for jumping on-board with the fastest growing and most popular national karting series in the United States:

1. BIG MONEY – SKUSA will have over $100,000 in cash and prizes to dole out during the 2013 Pro Tour, including $10,000-to-win for eligible drivers in the S1 and TaG Senior categories at the SuperNationals. At the SpringNationals and SummerNationals, any other class that tops 30 entries will race for a $1000 weekend purse.

2. TRACK TIME – If you’re looking for track time, and you’re tired of short qualifying sessions and minimal race laps, you need to look at the SKUSA ProKart Challenge and SKUSA Pro Tour. Each day, we’re going to make sure you’re on-track for 60+ laps. We offer up a morning warm-up, a long qualifying session, two heat races and a 20-lap main event (track specific), so you get tons of wheel-to-wheel racing. We’re all about value, and on the Pro Tour, you’ll never want for more track time.

3. GREAT ATMOSPHERE – There is just something different about a Superkarts! USA racing weekend. The staff is focused on unparalleled customer service, rock music is piped through the paddock during the days leading up to the event, weekend BBQs help set the tone for camaraderie and fun, and everyone is there to race hard and have an enjoyable experience. The attitude of great times comes from the ownership, and it permeates the entire paddock!

4. TOP COMPETITION AND A TRUE LADDER SYSTEM – The SKUSA Pro is stacked with incredible talent from top to bottom and features two direct ladder system programs in Stock Moto and TaG racing. If you want to raise your game, attend the SpringNationals to kick off your season. You won’t ever again be intimidated by the competition at your home track…you’ll already have faced off against the best!

5. BIGGEST MASTERS PROGRAM IN THE COUNTRY – There isn’t another racing program in the sport where Master-aged drivers are treated with such respect and excitement. On the Pro Tour, they are stars. The S4 and TaG Master classes are incredibly competitive on the Tour and the fields are deep. Both classes will likely have over 30 drivers in the field.

6. SUPERNATIONALS PRIORITY PRE-ENTRY PROGRAM – Are you hoping to run in the SKUSA SuperNationals in Las Vegas this November? Well, it’s not that easy. The race has become the most popular event in North America, and it’s getting harder to get into. Each year, SKUSA has a waiting list for a number of the classes, but you can bypass this list if you have run both the SpringNationals and the SummerNationals, which will give you the chance to be part of the group of lucky racers who will get a two-week window in which to enter before registration opens to the public.

7. CIRCLE OF CHAMPIONS – The SKUSA Pro Tour is the ONLY series in the US that takes care of its champions with fully-sponsored programs for the following year. The SKUSA Circle of Champions honors the Pro Tour champions by providing them with sponsored entry fees, race tires, fuel and oil for their season to reign as the #1 plate holders.

8. GUARANTEED SUPERSUNDAY STARTING SPOTS – We all know how hard it is to make the main event on SuperSunday at the SuperNationals. With 80+ drivers in many classes, gunning for just 40 spots on the grid, it’s cutthroat. One mistake could put you in the Last Chance Qualifier. However….for the top-three in the Pro Tour points, a free pass to SuperSunday is part of the reward for a job well done. If you’re in the hunt for the title and in the top-three in points following the SummerNationals, you will get to start at the back of the main event, regardless of what happens during the heat races or the LCQ. When you think about your investment in attending the Las Vegas spectacular, it’s impossible to put a true value on the Guaranteed SuperSunday Starting Spots!!!

We hope to see you all in Tucson for the SpringNationals on April 12-14. To enter, simply head to:


The classes are filling up and the action will be exciting!

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