Rules and Invitational Structure Set for Rotax Grand Finals Micro & Mini Max Invitational

68 spots to November event at NOLA Motorsports Park open to Canada, Mexican U.S. drivers

Earlier this month, the MAXSpeed Group announced the first four spots available for the Micro and Mini Invitational Rotax MAX Challenge to be run alongside the Grand Finals this November 13-16 at the spectacular NOLA Motorsports Park, just outside of New Orleans, LA. With all the buzz surrounding the event, the main question people were asking was, “How do we get an invitation?”

Today we are pleased to announce the entire invitation process as well as the rules structure associated with the event. There are 34 spots available for each category for a total of 68 drivers. Of these 68, 14 will come from the International series; the Challenge of the Americas (2), Florida Winter Tour (2), Can-Am Challenge (4) and the Pan-American Challenge (6). The Canadian series will receive six invitations each for a total of 18 and four spots will be awarded through two Mexican Challenges still to be determined.

In the United States, six invitations have been set aside for the US Grand Nationals in Mooresville, NC and the remaining 24 invitations have been reserved for the 12 Regional United States Rotax Max Challenge programs. With this type of structure, everyone within the North American Rotax community will have an equal opportunity to qualify for this special event.

In addition to announcing the qualifying structure, MAXSpeed has also released details concerning the rules in regards to the licensing, equipment, pricing and age structure. More details can be found through the website or by downloading the Rules Structure document PDF which can be found HERE

As always, stay tuned to for continuing updates on the Mico & Mini Invitational. For additional news and photos, be sure to “like” us on Facebook at


International Series Micro Max Tickets Mini Max Tickets
2013 Challenge of the Americas 1 1
2013 Florida Winter Tour 1 1
2013 Can-Am Rotax Max Challenge 2 2
2013 Pan American Rotax Max Challenge 3 3


Canadian Series Micro Max Tickets Mini Max Tickets
Western Canadian Challenge (WCC) 3 3
Eastern Canadian Karting Championship (ECKC) 3 3
ASN Canada-FIA National Karting Championships 3 3


Mexico Series Micro Max Tickets Mini Max Tickets
TBD 1 1
TBD 1 1


United States Rotax Max Challenge Micro Max Tickets Mini Max Tickets
United States RMC Grand Nationals 3 3
Northeast Rotax Max Challenge 1 1
Jet Karting @ Michiana 1 1
Redline Oil Karting Championship 1 1
Rotax of the Rockies 1 1
South Florida Rotax Max Challenge 1 1
North Florida Rotax Max Challenge 1 1
Bondurant Rotax Max Challenge 1 1
PowerAde Rotax Max Challenge 1 1
Burger King Rotax Max Challenge 1 1
Tri-C Karters RMC 1 1
Momentum Racing Championship Series 1 1
Msquared Racing RMC at Miller Motorsports Park 1 1

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