‘Become One’ Holds Premiere at Lone Star Grand Prix

Karting documentary prepares for public debut and availability

What started in May of 2012 as an idea came to life on Friday evening in Lockhart, Texas at the Home Town Cinema, when the ‘Become One’ karting documentary premiered to a large audience just prior to the start of the Lone Star Grand Prix this past weekend. The creation of John Shofner and his dedicated crew is a documentary on the sport of karting, as John and his Shofner Films staff visited a number of karting events throughout the 2012 season with the sole purpose of producing a film that would introduce the sport to people around the world.

The project began officially with the support of industry members and karting enthusiasts, as they stepped up to raise money to fund the project. Through his Kickstarter page (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1415102938/become-one-karting-documentary), over $40,000 was pooled to help support the financial costs of producing a film of this nature. The list of industry members who stepped up to back the dream included eKartingNews.com, Superkarts! USA, DRT Racing, One RaceGear, Bondurant SuperKart School, HPD/Honda Racing Development, MG Tires and many others.

The premier of the ‘Become One’ film was held in conjunction with the Lone Star Grand Prix, taking place on the Friday evening with EKN’s Rob Howden on hand. Things didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped over the final day, as Shofner had to battle through some major production issues to get the Blue-ray disc to the theatre on time. As a result, the curtain call was postponed slightly, until a little later in the evening. It was well worth the wait.

There were also a couple issues with the projector and the formatting, but the imagery and the content was there. The film is the most incredible piece of karting promotion that I’ve seen in my 20 years in the sport. The footage is incredible, and the interviews with promoters, racers, parents and shop owners perfectly support the message and add personality to the presentation. There’s so much real emotion in there. I can’t wait to be able to watch the film at home on my big screen. This is the film that you are going to be able to use to show your friends who just don’t quite get what you do. You tell them about karting, and they still can’t get past the images of rental putt-putt karts or the indoor version of the equation. Once they sit down and see this film, they’ll have a feel for the excitement, the passion, the people, the commitment, the physical demands and the thrill that karting provides us all. This film will educate the masses. It’s that good.

The film will be made available to everyone by April 1. The people who stepped up and supported the film on Kickstarter will be provided with their download copy by March 15. For the rest of the karting community and the public, Shofner is working a film distribution website that will handle the sales of the film download, as well as products like the movie poster and the ‘Become One’ hat. Stay tuned to EKN for more information, and a One-on-One interview with John about the trials and tribulations of producing this important film. To keep you entertained, here is the trailer once again for your viewing pleasure.

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